Today it’s all around fame, no it? Well, us couldn’t agree more. The much anticipated fame rework is lastly here.

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Fame reworked:

The call system has been reworked through the goal of producing a device that rewards a character accordingly throughout its life, no matter what kind of playstyle you may have.

General Changes:The majority of fame bonuses currently are separated right into categories through 5 key tiers. The critical tier have the right to be recurring so you will do it be rewarded even if you’ve completed the key goal the a category.Fame bonuses currently all grant a level amount that fame.Certain call bonuses the act as milestones (Maxing and also Dungeon repertoire categories) reward second amount that fame based on a % of your base fame.

Stat Bonuses:

Abilities such as spells, shields and also quivers must now properly increase the shots fired statsThe potions drunk stats will now properly increment no issue where you drink a potionTeleport stats is currently only incremented via player teleportations. Prisms and other teleporting capability no longer increment the counter.Party Level Ups currently are granted to any kind of players that participated in the enemy’s death rather than only the one that lands the deadly shot.

Enemy death Bonuses

11 brand-new enemy kill stats have actually been added on optimal of the existing people (Cubes, Gods, Oryx):Lesser Gods: difficult enemies that inhabits the highlands and enemies the are much more powerful 보다 the remainder within dungeonsEncounters: realm EncountersHeroes: Heroes that OryxCritters: Insect or tiny animalsBeasts: large animalsHumanoid: humans or display screens human prefer attributesUndead: Skeletons, Ghosts and also the likesNature: very closely tied come nature or of pure natural originConstruct: man-made originsGrotesque: HorrificStructure: Breakable walls, decor and also the likes.

Those stats have actually been distributed throughout all killable opponents in the game! you can uncover here a full list of all of those, keep in mind the some adversaries may appear provided twice (for instance a Beast the is additionally a God)

Enemy kills room now distributed to world who participated rather than only the person who handle the critical hit.

Dungeon Bonuses:

Dungeons stats have actually been included to almost every dungeon in the game!Keep in mind that your previous dungeon completion stats have actually been reset v this update.

We stated some bonuses that were being eliminated in the past. Examine them at our vault blog post. Below is the complete list of the bonuses from currently on, including their rewards.


The arrival update

To storage the release of Shards that the Advisor, we’ll likewise make them part of the come event! till the end of the event, alien Biff and Commander Calbrik will be dropping a guarantee 1x Shard that the Advisor, and Wormhole bosses will have the chance to fall 1x Shard that the Advisor. Continue to be on the lookout for much more drop locations coming with later on events!

Agent that Oryx equipment Update:


Along with them, we are releasing Shard that the Advisor, which will certainly stack up to 35 and turn into a arbitrarily Agent of Oryx Ring upon consumption. Additionally, girlfriend can choose to save up 70 and turn castle in because that a Ring of choice at the Tinkerer’s.

Similar come other occasion items, the rings acquire power based on the quantity of certified dealer of Oryx tools you are wearing.


Bounty Hunter’s Dagger

Shots: 1 -> 3Arc Gap: N/A -> 5Damage: 110-160 -> 75-135Rate that Fire: 120 % -> 60 %.

Predator Bow

Damage: 95-140 -> 90-120Arc Gap: 175 -> 174.

Oppressor’s Staff

Projectile Speed: 3.5 tiles/second -> 5 tiles/secondLifetime: 1.6 secs -> 2 secondsAmplitude: 0.8 tile(s) -> 0.6 tile(s)Rate of Fire: 55% -> 75%.Frequency: 1.3 cycle(s)/shot -> 1.5 cycle(s)/shot.

Henchman’s Claymore

Shots: 1 -> 3Damage: 275–305 -> 75-105Arc Gap: NA -> 12 ,Rate that Fire: 80% -> 110%.

Blade of the Assailant

Damage: 120–200 -> 125-180Abilities:

Cursed Spire Spell

Shots: 10 -> 16Damage: 500-600 -> 350-450.

Tome the the Tarnished Gods

Proc Trigger: Below/Above 400 HP -> Below/Above 80% max HP.

Helm of Exalted Might

Proc Chance: 25 % -> 100%.

Brutal Buckler

Proc Trigger: over 700 hp – > over 80 % Max HP.

Seal of the battle God

Cooldown: 3 secs -> 2 secondsProc Duration: 0.4 secs -> 0.6 secondsProc Trigger: when used below/above 400 health and wellness -> when offered above/below 50% Max HPOn Equip stats: N/A -> +4 assault + 4 Defense.

Tyrant’s Toxin

Proc Effect: eliminated the possibility for rate reduction.

Blacklight Artifice

Cooldown: 3 seconds -> 2 secondsProc chance: 33 % -> 50 %Damage: 750 over 5 seconds -> 750 end 3 secondsMP cost: 110 -> 100.

Siege Scepter

Cooldown: 20 seconds -> 8 secondsDamage: 350 -> 450Blast selection 4.5 -> 6 .Armors:

Squadron Sheathing

On Equip: Defense 16 -> 14.

Changed their proc therefore they trigger when struggle under 80% max HP. The proc term was decreased from 8 come 3 seconds.

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Replaced Halloween Nexus with autumn NexusPlease take into account the Dungeon collection bonuses are right now not functioning properly and it will certainly be resolved with the next updateAdding option to rotate on shadows because that itemsImproved transparencyImproved the laser in High tech Terror dungeonOther small changes/fixes.


To Helemaalni from the Tester/UGC team for coming up v the idea and stats because that the AoO RingsAll the testers for their feedback and also suggestions about the alters to the certified dealer of Oryx Equipment

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