Starting date:October 20, 2017Posting date:October 20, 2017Type that communication:Consumer Product RecallSubcategory:ToysSource of recall:Health CanadaIssue:Product SafetyAudience:General PublicIdentification number:RA-64882
Product description

This recall requires Spirit Flarp Noise Putty. The product displays the SKU number 01242445.

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Hazard identified

The product gift a danger to children since it has boric acid. Boric acid deserve to be toxic to children if licked or swallowed. Youngsters are more sensitive to boric mountain toxicity than adults. High levels of boric acid ingestion may have actually long-term results on a child"s development and your future reproductive health.

The Canada consumer Product safety and security Act prohibits the manufacture, importation, advertising or sale of a toy the does not fulfill the requirements collection out in the playthings Regulations and other applicable regulations under the Act. The toys Regulations state that toys have to not save on computer boric mountain or salt of boric acid whereby the acid or that salts have the right to become obtainable to a child throughout use.

For much more information, monitor the attach to wellness Canada July 22, 2016 boric mountain advisory.

for tips to assist consumers storage Halloween safely, see the complying with Health Canada"s publications: Halloween Safety and Reminding Canadians to have actually a for sure Halloween.

as of October 12, 2017, the firm has obtained no report that injuries in Canada.

Number sold

about 4,237 systems of the impacted products were offered in Canada.

Time period sold

The recalled products were sold from respectable 2014 come October 12, 2017.

Place the origin

made in China.


Spencer Gifts, LLC./ soul Halloween

6826 Black steed Pike

Egg harbor Township

New Jersey


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What you have to do

Consumers have to not usage the recalled products and should one of two people dispose of castle or return them to a heart Halloween store.

For additional information, consumers may call Spirit Halloween in ~ toll-free 1-866-586-0155 in between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, EST, Monday to Friday or visit the firm"s website.

Please keep in mind that the Canada consumer Product safety and security Act prohibits recalled commodities from gift redistributed, marketed or even given far in Canada.

health Canada would choose to remind Canadians come report any type of health or safety occurrences related come the use of this product or any kind of other consumer product or cosmetics by filling the end the customer Product occurrence Report Form.

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This recall is additionally posted top top the OECD global Portal top top Product Recalls website. You have the right to visit this site for more information on other international consumer product recalls.