Louis Tomlinson climbed to call after contending on The X factor in 2010, becoming component of One Direction alongside Liam Payne, take care of Styles, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. The five of them go on to be among the best boybands in the world, releasing five albums and going on world tours prior to taking a hiatus in 2016.

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Since then, Louis has embarked ~ above a successful solo career, publication debut album 'Walls' in January 2020 - and also he's already working on a follow-up! discover out every little thing you have to know around Louis Tomlinson right here.

Here's whatever you should know about Louis Tomlinson...

How old is louis Tomlinson?

Louis william Tomlinson to be born ~ above Christmas night in 1991, making him 29-years-old. Luigi is the earliest member the One Direction, gift 13 month older than 2nd eldest Zayn Malik.

Louis Tomlinson's star authorize is Capricorn. Apparently, common Capricorns live by the motto, ‘Slow, steady and win the race.’

Where is luigi Tomlinson from?

Louis was carried up in Doncaster, southern Yorkshire. Various other famous people who hail indigenous the town include Jeremy Clarkson, Kevin Keegan and Brian Blessed!

MakeAWishUK louis has actually reached out to Harrysson and also sent him many bits my love is precise going to burst thank you for constantly being there for my valuable boy!'

In an interview through us, luigi revealed what that misses around being v the One Direction boys. He additionally opened up around his single 'Two the Us', which had a really emotional video. The video clip followed Richard who was up for anything regardless of losing his wife in the exact same month Louis shed his mum.

During the interview, Louis to be asked, if he could be an additional celebrity because that the day, who would the be? luigi admitted the would most likely be his friend and also former One Direction member Niall Horan.

Following the release of Stranger things 3, the pair had actually a Twitter exchange in i beg your pardon Louis available to watch Stranger things with Niall, in spite of not gift a fan. Louis explained, Niall provided to be scared of the series, for this reason he would 'grin and also bear' the to watch it through his friend. Aww!

Is luigi Tomlinson quiet friends with One Direction?

Louis additionally told united state that he's quiet really great friends with his 1D pals. Speak to us in September 2019 shortly after Liam's birthday, louis said, "I speak to that a pair days ~ his birthday actually. I’m no going to lie, ns was in reality really liven on the day, ns missed his birthday however to be fair come Liam, he’s appropriate sound.

"I simply rang that the following day, explained and also he to be cool, and also Liam’s probably the one I’ve talked to most recently before his birthday. I’ve been chatting to him a little on the phone once I’ve had some time in LA and also I’ve been acquiring up suitable jetlagged, for this reason I give Liam a ring simply to capture up with him.

"I witnessed Niall in ~ Glastonbury. I have not checked out Harry for a while but I’ve been in contact v him, girlfriend know, recently so - it’s appropriate nice. Proper nice."

Is luigi Tomlinson walk on tour?

Like everyone else, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Louis had actually to reschedule his tour dates. That is currently playing mirrors in Glasgow, Manchester, London and also Doncaster.

What is louis Tomlinson's network worth?

Louis Tomlinson is precious an approximated £47 million, many thanks to the singer's time in One Direction and also his solo material. Louis appeared on the warmth Rich perform in 2021.

What walk Louis Tomlinson have actually on his rider?

Louis Tomlinson revealed to use that he has actually a very simple rider because that his shows. He told united state that the likes to have actually Yorkshire Tea teabags. The pop star, that was born in Doncaster, claims tea and some good sweets or coco will carry out him!

"I'm no going to lie, I've never had actually a good rider," that explained, "I realised, pretty early on, it go out my mind - the idea of a rider. The only thing that's ever before on mine rider, honestly, and it's effectively stereotypical, is Yorkshire tea teabags.

"That's accurate it!"

Louis Tomlinson top top The X Factor

Louis an initial auditioned for The X aspect in 2009 however didn't gain through the producer's audition, however that do him more determined to return in 2010 as a solo artist at the age of 19. He then met his future bandmate Harry formats in the toilets at The X element auditions in Manchester.

Although he survived to bootcamp after singing a variation of plain White T’s ‘Hey over there Delilah’ and getting a clean sweep of yeses indigenous the judges, the wasn't able to progression as a solo artist.

However, judge Nicole Scherzinger suggested that he go v in a group with some other rejected solo boys, and he was put together with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and also Harry Styles.

They went with to Judges' Houses, to sing an acoustic variation of 'Torn' through Natalie Imbruglia through Simon Cowell himself commenting that the group "were confident, fun, like a gang of friends and also kind of fearless together well."

They were Simon's critical act was standing on the series, yet finished in 3rd place behind Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson.

When One Direction formed, Louis’s large ambition to be to go "straight to the top." proof that desires come yes, really! He likewise once claimed that if he could give anyone a tip when auditioning for The X variable it would certainly be "just it is in yourself and really try and gain your personality through in her song choice and interview."


Louis Tomlinson in One Direction

After coming 3rd on The X Factor, the boys were signed to Simon Cowell's brand Syco in a report £2 million contract and also immediately began working on their debut album. Lock took component in The X element Live tour in 2011, and also released your debut single 'What makes You Beautiful' in September that year, i beg your pardon debuted at Number 1.

The debut album 'Up every Night' to be released in November 2011, and Louis’s favourite monitor on ‘Up all Night’ is the Ed Sheeran-penned monitor ‘Moments’. The track shows up on the deluxe version of the record.

They released second album 'Take Me Home' precisely one year later. Your documentary and also concert movie One Direction: This Is united state was released in respectable 2013 and grossed $68.5 million worldwide.

Third album 'Midnight Memories' was released in November 2013, and also fourth album 'Four' come out in November 2014. Simply prior to the relax of their fifth album 'Made in the A.M.' in November 2015, the band announced in August the they would be acquisition a hiatus, following the exit of Zayn Malik in March.

What was Louis Tomlinson favor in One Direction?

According come his bandmates, Louis has the smelliest feet in One Direction! Niall as soon as said, "Louis attract plimsolls through no socks so his feet get really sweaty and also the sweat is captured. If we space on a bus or something and also he takes lock off us all pretty lot start gagging." regardless of having smelly feet, luigi is a large fan the shoes! His favourite species are chinos and also Toms and he's a dimension 10.

Louis additionally revealed in one interview v us that Niall is the one human in the people he would swap body with, "I’ll go close to house Niall Horan, he doesn’t worry around anything in the world, ireland accent I’m no too bad I spend a the majority of time with Niall."

Louis was given a informing off by police when filming the ‘What makes You Beautiful’ video clip Los Angeles in July 2011 because that his erratic driving. Afterwards, that explained, "I got pulled over by the us police. They believed I was almost everywhere the place. The officer goes, 'Listen, man, I can shut this thing down if you bring on driving like this. You're driving prefer a maniac.' and I to be like, 'Man, placed the gun down. Ns don't want no trouble.'"

He likewise says the he and also his 1D bandmates are choose brothers. Admitting that they periodically bickered in the band, Louis called Digital Spy, "Because we're approximately each various other so frequently it's like arguing with her siblings. You loss out v them, walk away and also have a little bit of a paddy, then come back and get over it."

Louis no rumours, specifically when lock involve Harry and also himself. In a Tumblr interview the explained, "Me and also Harry are ideal friends, people look into our every move. It is actually affecting the means me and Harry space in public, We desire to joke roughly but there appears to be a different rumour every time we do anything."


Louis when said the he likes snuggling increase in bed with one of the One Directioners... HARRY! he said, "A couple of weeks ago I made a cup that tea, climate went and got in bed through Harry and we watched a present called something prefer The peak 50 Boybands Of every Time." Nice!

Louis has around 1 minute and 30 secs of solos ~ above ‘Up all Night’ – the second least behind Niall Horan. Louis claims he’ll "never acquire used to" the adoration the receives indigenous fans. He once said, "At the finish of the job we’re law something that we really love and to be appreciated for that is really nice."

Louis told us the one point he misses about being in One Direction, "Probably touring, that’s why i’m excited to perform today and excited to acquire out and spent time touring the civilization as that’s probably the ideal thing around being an artist."

It to be no surprise that despite their hiatus, Louis required to his socials come celebrate One Direction's 10th anniversary in 2020.

Louis, took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of the guys at the an extremely start of your career, writing, 'Our first ever photograph together. The memory we've common together have actually been incredible. Can't think it's been 10 year already. Ns look back incredibly proud. Thanks for everything lads and also love come you the fans as constantly x.'

Louis Tomlinson's solo job music

After his successful solo performance on The X factor in 2018, Louis delighted his fans in March once he to reduce his amazing new single 'Two the Us'.

The song, i beg your pardon is adored by fans, is a tribute to Louis' late mum Johannah Deakin. Johannah left behind seven children, consisting of Louis, at the finish of 2016, when she lost her battle with an aggressive form of leukaemia in ~ the period of simply 42.

Louis' track 'Two that Us' features the lyrics, 'I know you'll be looking down/Swear I'm gonna make you proud/I'll be life one life for the two of us.'

The heartwarming music video clip saw louis team up v 83-year-old Richard environment-friendly to finish a bucket list of adventures that he'd been trying to finish after losing his wife Pat in December 2016 - the same month louis tragically lost his mother, Johannah Deakin.

Thanks to the success the the video, Louis has actually helped to raise a chuck £10,000 because that the Bluebell wood Children's Hospice v the music video, which urges fans to donate come the Sheffield-base charity in a speak to to action on his music video, which additionally promotes the Alzheimer's society and Cancer study UK.

He called us about the video, "He is, honestly, one the many amazing guys I’ve ever met. More than likely the most amazing man. I was so in awe the him, you know. Eighty-four, and also to have actually that outlook top top life. He was an remarkable guy. Really funny together well.

"Just his outlook in general was what ns took indigenous that entirety experience. Friend know, the recently had actually lost his wife yet his outlook to be so positive and also a lot of world are licensed has been granted to dwell and also be sad around those kind of things. But he was the exact opposite. He was so upbeat, therefore fun, and also up because that anything."

Louis Tomlinson's new music

Louis released 'Kill mine Mind' in September 2019. The single was a totally new direction from Louis' previous pop impacts both in One Direction and also the start of his solo career.

Louis Tomlinson's album 'Walls'

Louis released his debut solo album 'Walls' ~ above 31st January 2020. In an interview with us, luigi revealed much more details that his album, saying, "Everything's totally mastered, fully signed off, that was together of around two mainly ago. About three weeks earlier I had actually a listen under to the album peak to bottom. I'm no going come lie, I'm proud that it, I'm yes, really happy through where it perfect off."

He additionally told us, "Lyrically, i always shot and be as honest as possible, for this reason there will be part honesty in the lyrics. And musically, friend know, store it organic and also live, so they're some guitars in there and that."

In July 2020 the announced he would be parting means with Syco Music. The singer likewise confirmed that was very excited because that the future and also would be creating his brand-new album soon, saying, ''I'm yes, really excited because that the future and also to be ago in the studio writing the next album. Can't wait to finally see you all on tour!!'

Louis Tomlinson's family

Louis' parents are Johannah Deakin and also Troy Austin. In 2011, his mum Johannah and also stepdad Mark break-up up and also he took on his stepfather mark Tomlinson’s surname. Speaking about his mum, luigi said, "It have to be so much harder because that her because I’m living this great life and also being so busy every job whereas she’s still in the old life i was in yet without me... It must be really daunting for her no to acquire upset."

Johannah i m so sad passed far in 2016, and Louis paid tribute come his mum on the anniversary of her passing.

Louis was incredibly close through his mum, and she as soon as told Sugarscape that Louis is a giver and also not a taker. In fact, yes nothing the enjoys an ext than giving his friends and also family presents, "He’s not a materialistic human being himself, however he likes to give people things. The spoils me and also the girls and also he's the happiest doing that."

He likewise has 5 younger half-sisters - one top top his father's side (Georgia), and four top top his mother's side (Charlotte, Félicité, and also twins Daisy and also Phoebe). Sadly, it was announced in in march 2019 the Louis' sisters Félicité tragically passed far after enduring a doubt cardiac arrest, at the age of just 18.

Just work after the relax of his brand new single 'Two that Us' in storage of his late mum, Louis' 18-year-old sister Félicité Tomlinson tragically died after she suffered a cardiac arrest.

A metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed, "Police were referred to as by London Ambulance organization at 12.52pm on Wednesday, march 13 come a residential deal with in SW5 following reports that a mrs in cardiac arrest. In ~ this phase the fatality is gift treated as unexplained. A post-mortem examination will take ar in due course. Enquiries continue."

Is luigi Tomlinson a dad?

He is indeed! In July 2015, it was reported that Louis was expecting a baby with stylist Briana Jungwirth, and also he evidenced the rumours in one interview in august on an excellent Morning America. Their child Freddie power was born in January 2016. He's now four-years-old, and also fans think he's the spitting image of his dad!

In January 2020, to celebrate Freddie's fourth birthday, Louis's ex Brianna Jungwirth uploaded the cutest photo of their kid to Instagram, writing, 'Birthday Boy'.

She likewise shared a tribute come Louis top top Father's work in 2020, share a previously-unseen photograph of the work Freddie was born. She wrote, 'Happy Father’s job Louis. We’ve produced the most special boy and he’s happy to call you his dad.'

What go Louis Tomlinson do before The X Factor?

Louis had a variety of part-time jobs before The X Factor, including working at a local cinema and also as a hospitality waiter at Doncaster Rovers football Club. When he to be younger, Louis wanted to occupational on a farm.

He additionally once revealed the if he wasn’t a multi-million offering pop megastar, he reckons he’d be training to be a drama teacher.

Where go Louis Tomlinson walk to school?

When he very first auditioned for The X Factor, Louis to be a sixth form student at hall Cross school in Doncaster. Louis likewise attended The Hayfield college in Doncaster, yet dropped out when he fail his very first year the A-levels.

Has louis Tomlinson ever before acted?

When the was simply 11-years-old, Louis had a duty as an extra top top ITV drama Fat Friends. His newborn sisters Daisy and also Phoebe starred together babies ~ above the show. Spurred on by his illustration on Fat Friends, Louis attended acting college in his spare time and also eventually had tiny parts in 2006 ITV drama If I had You! and Waterloo Road.

As a student, Louis play the lead duty of Danny Zuko in a high school production of Grease. He claims playing the part gave him the confidence to audition because that The X Factor.

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Does louis Tomlinson have hearing problems?

Louis suffers indigenous a ringing noise in his right ear. Although yet to be officially diagnosed it’s assumed it can be tinnitus which can lead come deafness if untreated. He once said, "I to be going contempt deaf in my appropriate ear. It’s tinnitus, something favor that," prior to joking that it was because of screaming fans.

Is louis Tomlinson good at cooking?

"So, I claimed to her, 'I’ll do you a quite meal'. Honestly, she did every the polite things and said it to be lovely. I, obviously tasted it too, it was awful. It was awful, really poor."

Louis admits he’s a really negative cook. Speak to us in may 2019, louis admitted that whilst he's really romantic, he's not good in the kitchen! "When I very first met mine girlfriend... Ns am a horrific cook, a very, really bad cook. I provide it a go, you understand what ns mean, ok try.

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Despite his lack of skills, he appeared alongside bother in a cooking segment top top This Morning in September 2011.