Lists and describes the mechanisms through which the lung is protected from the contaminants in inspired air.Describes the “air-conditioning” function of the upper airways.Describes the filtration and also removal of particles from the influenced air.Describes the removed of biologically active material native the motivated air.Describes the reservoir and also filtration attributes of the pulmonary circulation.Lists the metabolic functions of the lung, including the dealing with of vasoactive products in the blood.

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The main function of the respiratory mechanism in general and of the lung in certain is gas exchange. However, the lung has actually several various other tasks. This nonrespiratory features of the lung encompass its very own defense versus inspired particulate matter, the storage and also filtration the blood because that the systemic circulation, the dealing with of vasoactive building materials in the blood, and the formation and also release the substances used in the alveoli or circulation.


Every day about 10,000 together of waiting is inspired into the airways and also the lungs, bringing that into contact with around 50 come 100 m2 that what might be the most vulnerable tissues the the body. This influenced air consists of (or might contain) dust, pollen, fungal spores, ash, and other commodities of combustion; microorganisms such together bacteria; corpuscle of building material such as asbestos and also silica; and hazardous chemicals or toxic gases. Together one reviewer (Green) put it, “Each work a surface as large as a tennis court is exposed to a volume the air and contaminants that would fill a swimming pool.” In this section, the mechanisms through which the lung are defended from contaminants in motivated air, and also from product such as liquids, food particles, and bacteria that may be aspirated (accidentally motivated from the oropharynx or nasopharynx) right into the airways, room discussed.

The temperature and the humidity the the ambient air differ widely, and also the alveoli should be safeguarded from the cold and also from dry out. The mucosa of the nose, the sleep turbinates, the oropharynx, and also the nasopharynx have a affluent blood supply and also constitute a big surface area. The sleep turbinates alone have a surface ar area stated to be around 160 cm2. As inspired air passes v these areas and continues v the tracheobronchial tree, that is heated to human body temperature and also humidified if one is breathing v the nose.

Because the olfactory receptor are situated in the posterior nasal cavity rather than in the trachea or alveoli, a person have the right to sniff to attempt to detect potentially hazardous gases or dangerous material in the motivated air. This rapid, shallow inspiration brings gases into contact with the olfactory sensors without bringing them right into the lung. Of course, not all hazardous gases have actually an smell that deserve to be detected, for example, carbon monoxide.

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