Bangkok is everything you"d expect from the funding of Thailand: it"s noisy, crowded, colorful, exciting, infuriating, and smile-inducing. There room temples, old sites, and also other attractions to be visited, as well as contemporary shopping malls that have actually a kitschy yet high-end ambience. Bangkok can be overwhelming, however it"s also a fascinating city that represents south east Asia"s tension in between the developed and also developing worlds.

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Bangkok also serves as a gateway to numerous other parts of Thailand. Indigenous here, you have the right to hop a brief flight to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and other renowned destinations. Friend can likewise board a train or hop top top a bus for little money, and also visit nationwide treasures such together Ayutthaya, Lopburi, and many other gems approximately the country.

Discover the ideal things to do in this bustling city v our perform of the optimal attractions in Bangkok.

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Note: some businesses may be temporary closed due to recent global health and also safety issues.

1. Admire the beauty, beauty of the cool Palace

Grand Palace

If you only visit one significant historical tourist attraction in Bangkok, this must be the one. The imperial compound lives up come its name, through spectacular structures that would placed the most decadent modern-day monarchs come shame. It"s also the house of Wat Phra Kaeo, which houses the Jade (or Emerald) Buddha.

Built in 1782, the grand palace was the imperial residence because that generations and is still offered for crucial ceremonies and also accommodating top of state. Dress modestly when visiting the grand Palace, which basically way covering her arms and also legs and avoiding any type of sloppy attire.

Grand palace

To avoid any kind of hassle and to make the most of your visit, take the cool Palace and also Wat Phra Kaew Tour. This is a half-day visit tour, either morning or afternoon, through pickup from her hotel and also a local guide to placed what you space seeing in context. Without a guide, it"s straightforward to miss vital features or not totally understand the relevance of what you room seeing, and the hotel pickup provides the totality experience that much simpler.

Location: Na Phra Lan Road, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon

2. Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Located immediately south of the Grand royal residence precinct, Wat Pho makes great addition to your royal residence tour, provided your feet room up for more walking.

The holy place was constructed by King Rama I and is the earliest in Bangkok. It has actually long been taken into consideration a ar of healing, and also was renowned centuries ago for that pharmacy and as Thailand"s very first "university"-both created by King Rama III. Friend can obtain a Thai or foot massage in ~ the traditional medical school on the premises, however the prices space significantly higher than what girlfriend will discover at massage parlors elsewhere in the city.

Today Wat Pho is finest known for the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, wherein you"ll find a frosting so large (45 meter long and also 15 meters high), it can not be regarded in its entirety but only evaluate in sections. The soles of the feet, inlaid with a myriad of priceless stones, are particularly beautiful. Look likewise for the lengthy earlobes signifying noble birth, and also the lotus-bud configuration of the hand to symbolize purity and beauty.

Address: 2 Sanamchai Road, Grand royal residence Subdistrict, Pranakorn District

3. Wat Arun

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is something of a triumphant complex, dating ago to the moment of old battles between the former Siam and Burma. Having actually fallen come the Burmese, Ayutthaya was decreased to rubble and ashes, but General Taksin and also the remaining survivors vowed come march "until the sun increased again" and to develop a temple here. Wat Arun, the temple of the Dawn, was that temple. It is where the new king later constructed his royal palace and a personal chapel.

If girlfriend climb to the optimal of the prang just before sunset, you will certainly be rewarded through an unforgettable watch as the sun sinks end the Chao Praya River. Even if girlfriend don"t plan on doing any type of climbing, sunset is really the time to take it in this location in all its glory.

Address: Arun Amarin Road, Bangkok

4. Wat Traimit, holy place of the gold Buddha

Wat Traimit, temple of the gold Buddha

Sheer lucky (or absence thereof) provides this attraction special. During the 1950s, the eastern Asiatic agency purchased the land roughly the temple.

A condition of the sale to be the removed of a plaster statue of Buddha, yet the statue verified too heavy for the crane being used. The cable parted and also the number was dropped, gift left overnight whereby it fell. It taken place to be in the merganser season, and also when following morning part monks go past, they noticed a glint of gold shining v the plaster. The coating to be removed, revealing a 3.5-meter Buddha cast from 5.5 lots of hard gold.

All do the efforts to map the origin of this priceless statue have actually so much failed, yet it is presume to day from the Sukhothai period, when marauding invaders threatened the country and its treasures, and also it became common exercise to conceal an important Buddha figures beneath a coating that plaster. Nobody knows just how it concerned Bangkok, yet here that stands, available for the admiration of visitors from everywhere the world.

5. Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat, nearby to the Great Swing, is among the oldest and also most beautiful that Bangkok"s buddhist temples. Three kings had actually a hand in the construction: the was begun soon ~ the coronation the Rama ns (founder of the Chakri dynasty) in 1782, continued by Rama II, and also completed 10 years later by Rama III.

Wat Suthat

Apart from its exciting architecture, the temple boasts part exceptionally interesting wall surface paintings. Wat Suthat is less renowned than some of the various other temple complexes in the city, so you"ll reap a more peaceful and intimate endure here.

Address: Bamrung Muang Road, Sao Chingcha, Phra Nakhon

In the center of the liven square in prior of Wat Suthat stands among Bangkok"s most eye-catching sights: the 27-meter-high teak framework of the so-called large Swing. Developed in the 1700s to be used as component of timeless Brahmin (Hinduist) ceremonies, the totter was later damaged through lightning and became simply decorative.

This offered to it is in the emphasis of a spiritual ceremony held each year in December after the rice harvest. Groups of three took transforms to balance on a dangerously small board and also be swung 25 meter or an ext off the ground "up to Heaven," at which point they would certainly attempt to record a bag of silver- coins in your teeth. King Rama VII prohibition the dispute in 1932, complying with a variety of fatal accidents.

History buffs will desire to dedicate at least fifty percent a sightseeing day to the national museum. Till the mid-1970s, this was Thailand"s just museum, which defines why its collection is so large and diverse.

Fortunately, just around every exhibition is labeling in Thai and English and guided tours are additionally offered in English, so girlfriend won"t miss out on any kind of of the country"s fascinating ancient and modern-day history.

National Museum & Wang Na palace

King Rama I"s Wang Na Palace, situated within the grounds of the museum, remains basically as the was, and also stands together a testimony to Thai history. Visitors deserve to see regalia, religious and ceremonial artifacts, ceramics, games, weaponry, musical instruments, and the Viceroy"s throne, as well as an exceptional collection the Buddha numbers arranged according to period.

Address: Na Phra the Road, Bangkok

This sprawling semi-outdoor weekend sector is the largest in the world and one that the optimal things come do once visiting Bangkok. Shoppers can uncover everything from jewel and spiritual icons to pet supplies, record lamps, and also delicious street food here. Chatuchak market is house to over 15,000 stalls giving just around anything you can dream up-even better, any souvenir you could want is probably accessible here in ~ a lot cheaper price than almost everywhere else in Bangkok.

This is a good place to mingle through locals and also immerse yourself in day-to-day Thai life, so come early and clear your schedule for the rest of the job if you desire to do this location justice.

The market is surrounding to the Kamphaengpecth station (MRT), around a five-minute walk indigenous Mochit Skytrain (BTS) Station and Suan Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park) station (MRT)

Official site:

For an even an ext interesting sector experience, you can arrange a tourism to Damnoen Saduak, a famous floating sector located in Ratchaburi (about 1.5 hours outside Bangkok). The popular of floating markets once earn Bangkok the nickname "Venice the the East."

Keep in mind that floating sectors are now extremely touristic enterprises, for this reason don"t expect an exclusive morning of purchase by boat-but friend will be able to buy fresh and also delicious foods and also interact with locals in an authentic way.

The best method to reach the industry is to join a tour such as the Floating markets Cruise Day expedition from Bangkok, which takes about six hours and also includes pickup best from your hotel and also transport in one air-conditioned coach.

This is Bangkok"s well known backpacker district, a ar jam-packed through guesthouses, food vendors, garments stalls, and also travelers from every corner of the globe. You"ll must tap into your patience when hanging out here, due to the fact that while the is colorful and also exciting in its own way, the crowds and scents and also blaring music deserve to test also the calmest soul.

All that said, Khao San roadway is additionally a an excellent place to pick up a few pairs that baggy fisherman pants, the perennial clip of every backpacker"s wardrobe once trekking v Thailand; browse the treasures in a offered bookstore; and also dig into some delicious Indian food native a ar restaurant.

The historical home the a "self-made American entrepreneur" who disappeared while travel in Malaysia now stands as a relic that an larger time in Bangkok. Jim Thompson settled in Thailand after ~ spending time there together a serviceman approximately the finish of WWII and also quickly came to be a renowned name in the Thai silk industry.

Thompson to be awarded the order of the White Elephant, an essential honor given to foreigners who have made far-ranging contributions come Thailand. Thompson"s home has been turned into a museum supplying insights right into his life and business, and the history of the city and also the Thai silk industry.

Address: 6 Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok

Lumpini Park offers visitors with a environment-friendly oasis amid the traffic and chaos of Bangkok. Hang the end on among several lawn areas, reap the shade of a Chinese pagoda, or take it a watercraft out top top the lake. Lumpini Park is a great place to invest an afternoon enjoying the comparison of the calm park with the skyscrapers increasing all around it.

Note that the park has actually been the website of anti-government protests that have actually occasionally rotate violent in the past, so be sure to examine on the present political situation prior to visiting. Keep an eye the end for the massive oriental water monitors together well-they can often be discovered taking a stroll approximately the lake.

Location: Rama IV Road, between Ratchadamri and also Witthayu (Wireless) roads

Don"t permit the airport-like name fool girlfriend - this purchase mall is one of the best places come visit in Bangkok if you"re trying to find a mix that local and international brands, and also plenty of distinct buys.

Terminal 21 is unique in more ways 보다 one-even by Thailand"s to buy standards. Every floor the the mall has actually been themed come a different international city. Enter at the level the the BTS station and also you"ll it is in in Paris; walk up a floor and it"s Tokyo; another floor and also you"re staring at the above red call booths that London. The Caribbean, mountain Francisco, and Istanbul likewise figure right into the design theme.

Other malls the note include the high-end Siam Paragon, and surrounding Siam Discovery, i beg your pardon has more moderately priced chains, funny cafés, and also the super luxurious Virgin energetic Siam Discovery, self-dubbed "the largest gym in southeast Asia"-here, visitors deserve to rock climb, try anti-gravity yoga, or visit the unique "Sleep Pod" rooms for the ultimate in relaxation.

To really experience Bangkok, you have actually to try the regional cuisine. Friend haven"t really "done" the city without chowing down on grilled meats and also fish, spicy noodles, new fruit, and also curries. If you think you understand Thai food, you"re in for a surprise-whatever you"ve tried prior to is nothing favor the key you"ll uncover here.

You"ll have actually no problem at every finding sellers to tempt you through treats all roughly Bangkok and aid you live through a quintessential Thailand experience, tucking right into a delicious (if mysterious) meal, surrounded by the chaos and heat that the city.

Surprisingly, several of the best street food in Bangkok is top top Khao san Road - both in the tiny stalls lining up the street and in the small shacks and also restaurants just off the main road selling pad Thai, pad see ew, and also mango difficult rice.

The Chao Phraya flow is Bangkok"s heartline. Well-known as the "river that kings," this significant waterway will permit you to discover some the the city"s many stunning temples and monuments from a fully new angle.

In the evening, you deserve to jump ~ above a dinner cruise to see the lit-up city skyline as you sail along the cool Palace and Wat Arun and under the Rama VIII Bridge.

During the day, take benefit of Bangkok"s many ferries and also express boats, i m sorry depart indigenous Sathorn Pier and also will avoid right in ~ the ports of major tourist attractions, including Wat Arun and also Ratchawongse. Local canal watercrafts (khlong Saen Saep) are supplied by the locals to commute to work and also are a good way to watch the actual Bangkok, together the boats zigzag through small canals and also behind residential buildings.

Bangkok is a large city through many locations where visitors can stay and also still have great access come sightseeing, shopping, and dining. Numerous of the top-end hotels are in the historic Riverside area. Not far away, budget-minded travelers and backpackers often frequent the Khao San road area, i m sorry lies in nearby proximity to few of the major sites, consisting of the grand Palace, Wat Phra, Wat Pho, and also museums.

Sukhumvit is a more contemporary area with good shopping and easy access to other parts that the city ~ above the Skytrain. This is a an excellent place to uncover mid-range hotels. Below are some renowned hotels in these vital areas:

Luxury Hotels:

Mid-Range Hotels:

Budget Hotels:

Be all set to Bargain: This uses as much to taxi rides as sector shopping. Taxi vehicle drivers in Bangkok are notorious for overcharging, therefore agree top top a price prior to getting in. You can also insist the they usage their meter, however then watch it very closely to make sure it"s no jumping around, as some have actually been rigged come run faster than castle should. Take benefit of windy Transportation: even with an honest cabbie, rides can get expensive in Bangkok"s traffic. Bangkok has a good public transportation system, with both above-ground and underground trains extending a great portion of the city. Buses have the right to take a while due to the fact that of website traffic jams, however trains provide a quick, easy, and cheap way to gain around. The mechanism is user-friendly, an extremely affordable, and also takes small time to figure out, so take benefit of it while you"re in town. Be prepared for the Brutal Heat. There"s no sea breeze here to aid with the burn temperatures, and also no break from the humidity when you"re wade the roads of Bangkok. So if you"re the end for the day, plan on mixing part indoor shopping along the way for some air-conditioned relief. Remain hydrated at all times and wear lot of of sunblock. Select cotton and linen clothing and also grab one umbrella or hat when you"re in ~ Chatuchak sector for some extra sunlight protection.Watch out for Scams: As mentioned above, taxi drivers often try to overcharge or insist that their meters don"t work. Usage your judgment and walk away from anyone who doesn"t it seems ~ trustworthy. Another scam to watch out for requires a driver or an alleged tour overview who agrees to take you one place and also starts making stops follow me the way, typically at a gem store or a tailor. Drivers get a commission once they bring in tourists, but these locations are often overpriced and also not worth visiting. Urge that the driver take away you to your original destination, or tell castle you"re leaving. This will usually acquire things back on track, however if it doesn"t, you"ll find an additional cab easily enough.

Bangkok & Beyond: No visit come Bangkok is finish without a proper tour of the cool Palace, the previous residence that kings and now a substantial museum. For tips ~ above what to view inside the palace, take a look in ~ our article, experimenting Bangkok"s cool Palace: A Visitor"s Guide. All set to check out outside Bangkok? uncover out exactly how to acquire to well-known Ayutthaya in our article, native Bangkok come Ayutthaya: ideal Ways to acquire There.

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