In 2009 a six-year-old girl referred to as Rhema Marvanne take it the net by storm through her angelic voice. She had an remarkable singing voice because that a young girl of her age.

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It wasn’t just that she was exceptionally skilled. She voice can mend a broken heart and also holding ago the tears was difficult for anyone who listened.

She went viral as quickly as she father started uploading her videos. Due to her incredible talent, she wasn’t simply a renowned singer in the U.S., but became a worldwide phenomenon.

Peoplefrom almost everywhere the worldwanted she to involved sing at their talent shows since of her incredible vocal range. For three years, you couldn’t to escape her powerful voice top top Youtube or Facebook, but then without warning, she just vanished from the public eye. What happened?

Tragic ns At very early Age

Rhema to be born ~ above 15 September 2002 to Wendi Marvanne and Atethan Voraritskul (more generally known together Teton). She was born at Trinity Hospital in Texas to devout-Christian parents.

At the moment of her birth, she only weighed 2.1 kg. She had to be maintained in the intensive treatment unit for 3 weeks simply for observation.

She to be an just child and was really attached to she mother. As soon as Rhema was 3 years old, Wendi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Rhema and also her mother

Her parents made decision not to hide her mother’s condition from the small child. She regularly visited she at the hospital and also even supplied to save praying if holding she hand. She experienced the pain her mother sustained in chemotherapy, and that only made her confidence stronger.

Sadly top top 8 November in 2008, Wendi left the world in the existence of she husband and her daughter. Castle both saw her take she last breath. Rhema was just six in ~ the time, however this experience matured her beyond her age.

After her mother’s passing, she father placed her in singing classes to come to be a trained singer. Wendi herself to be a singer/songwriter, and her favourite music to be Gospel. Teton wanted Rhema to flourish up while having a link with her mother.

This was her way of honoring she mother and also pick up wherein she left off. She to be proud to it is in a Gospel singer and also believed the music has actually the strength to attach with people.

The rise Of The Gospel Singer

When Rhema to be six, her father started uploading her videos the her power on YouTube. That did that to share her beautiful voice through his friends and also family.

Little go he know that this would certainly launch her career and and do her a famed singer at together a young age.

She videotaped her first song at the age of seven. The track was “Amazing Grace” the was her mother’s favorite song. Ethan put up behind-the-scene footage of the song’s recording whereby Rhema have the right to be watched effortlessly hitting those high notes.

In an interview, she revealed she chose this tune to be her first because this was her mother’s song. Also, she feeling this song truly suited her together her mom was amazing and also graceful.

As shortly as the video clip was posted, that went viral. Fans started demanding an ext of her songs. She covers became a component of numerous people’s Christmas playlist. The media additionally took notice of her powerful voice, and soon Rhema started obtaining calls from every the significant reality shows.

This to be a time as soon as talent supplied to gain highlighted, and also the worst pop singer wasn’t provided an award.

Her first public appearance to be on Maury Povich display Most Talented kids 2010. This only fueled public interest in she voice, and she came to be known together “The Mesmerizing Gospel Singer.”

She started obtaining offers from around the world, which caused her singing on the oriental singing reality present “Star King.”

For the next two years, she got invited everywhere to sing, it is in it celebrations or timeless gatherings. The crowd couldn’t get sufficient of her blissful singing. She was just as good in actual life as she remained in the videos. Even an extreme selection was a comfortable variety for her.

She performed at the Nashville Symphony and vowed everyone. Her next talk show appearance was on The now Show, whereby the master couldn’t avoid admiring her.

She made everyone cry through her powerful yet emotional performance for the victim of the ft Hood shoot at your memorial service.

It was already easy come spot that she to be a prodigy.

What human being loved about her to be she sang in praise of the Lord, and also any depression person might rejoice just by hearing she voice. Her father developed two albums for her gospel music, wherein she completely captured the heart of Christianity. Because that one album, they covered songs Christmas songs.

Her fans to be excited to view what her future would certainly hold; castle expected an ext albums and covers once they learned the shocking news.

In 2012 Rhema uploaded she last singing video. It to be a sheathe of Celine Dion’s “My Heart will certainly Go On.” after ~ this, she totally disappeared from the limelight, never to be heard the again.

Troubles of Rhema’s Father

Rhema was a renowned singer, but she didn’t release any type of statement prior to bidding farewell come her to sing career. For years fans couldn’t understand why she left so abruptly. After part years passed, wild conspiracy theories began circulating the internet.

Some guessed the she must have lost her to sing voice as soon as puberty struck, when some stated the pressure of fame acquired to her, and also she ended up being a depression person.

While every the theories were being thrown around, nothing developed a precious answer.

Until someone started digging deep and also found the end that she father’s run-ins through the law might have been the reason behind her singing career’s notice ending.

Her father to be the driving force behind she career. Till 2012, when world discovered the Teton had been arrested many times. The long list that charges versus him ranged native sexual assault to DUIs.

His actions even got so problematic that he lostcustody the his onlydaughter.

CPS Children’s Court that Dallas County offered custody to her uncle and also aunt, with whom she is believed to be living now. ~ they gained her, castle pulled her from the general public eye and also gave her a typical childhood, the one she to be being deprived the earlier.

They even adjusted her surname to gain her into school there is no anybody obtaining a noise of she being that famous singer.

She was hardly ten year old at the time, and her family wanted she to have a fresh start.

Where is Rhema Marvanne Now

Even in 2021, after ~ a decade has actually been passed, she fans space still looking for Rhema Marvanne.

She was completely M.I.A for around eight totality years after ~ releasing she last video. In September 2020, after ~ a long hiatus, she provided her fans part updates on she real-life situation. She uploaded a recent photograph of herself and thanked she fans because that their continuous loyalty.

Although she didn’t disclose the precise reason for her leaving the spotlight, she did say that things got crazy because that her, and she had actually to disappear.

She stated a the majority of things have adjusted for her, but she is tho a specialized Christian.

In her one current post, she also disclosed that her father used to placed words in she mouth, i beg your pardon she would repeat, and also people would gain awestruck by her “emotional intelligence.”

When her followers asked if she would ever return come singing, she replied by not offering a an extremely promising answer. She hinted at she career being extremely regulated when she was a child, so now she values that liberty over noþeles else.

She quiet likes to sing as it makes her feeling closer to her mother, yet now she does that in private only.

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Despite every little thing that’s to be said around her, she will be remembered for her tremendous voice. We hope that one day, we will all get to hear that again.