To uncover the area of a region of a closed plane figure, we draw the figure on a centimeter squared file and then counting the variety of squares attached by the figure.

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We know, the square is a rectangle who length and also breadth space equal. In a square all 4 sides are equal.



In a square the size is equal to breadth.

Hence, area of a square = next × side

The variety of 1 cm squares attached = 4

Area = 4 sq cm

4 = 2 × 2

Hence, area = side × side

Unit of Side

          Unit of Area


square mm (sq mm) or mm2


square centimeter (sq cm) or cm2


square m (sq m) or m2


square km (sq km) or km2

Note: write finding the area the a offered figure, make certain that the political parties (length or breadth) are in the exact same unit that length. If lock are offered in different units, readjust them come the exact same unit.


Look in ~ the above figure. You deserve to see the the area that a square having sides 2 centimeter each is equal to the area the 4 squares of political parties 1 centimeter each = 4 cm2. It can likewise be expressed as 2 centimeter × 2 centimeter = 4 cm2. Area that a square is 2 times of its every side.

Solved examples to find the area the a square once side is given:

1. Find the area the a square of side 8 cm.Area of a square = length (l) × length (l)                       = 8 × 8 sq. Cm.                       = 64 sq. Cm.

2. find the area the a square of next 11 m.

Area that a square = length × length                       = 11 × 11 sq. M.                       = 121 sq. M.

3. discover the area that a square of side 49 cm. Area that a square = length × length

                       = 49 × 49 sq. Cm.                        = 2401 sq. Cm.

4. Find the area the a square of side 50 m. Area that a square = size × length

                       = 50 × 50 sq. M.                       = 2500 sq. M.

5. find the area the a square photo framework whose next is 20cm.

Area of the photo framework = 20 centimeter × 20 cm

                                   =400 sq. Cm

Questions and Answers on Area the a Square:

1. Find the area the the squares through the given side.

(i) 4 cm

(ii) 2.5 cm

(iii) 8 m

(iv) 90 mm

(v) 13.4 km


(i) 16 sq. Cm

(ii) 6.25 sq. Cm

(iii) 64 sq. M

(iv) 8100 sq. M

(v) 179.56 sq. Km

2. Find the area the the squares whose next is:

(i) 4 cm

(ii) 20 cm

(iii) 6 m

(iv) 200 m

(v) 12 cm

(vi) 40 cm


(i) 16 sq. Cm

(ii) 2500 sq. Cm

(iii) 36 sq. M

(iv) 40000 sq. M

(v) 144 sq. Cm

(vi) 1600 sq. Cm

Word troubles on Area the a Square:

3. The area that a badminton court is 140 square m. If thebreadth the the court is 7 m, then discover its length.


20 m

4. The display board of class VII A is in the shape of asquare. If the size of its next is 60 cm, then discover its area.


3600 sq. Cm


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