Dear Abdul, follow to Choi et. Al. (2014. J. Oleo Sci. 63 (7), 653-660), viscosity the palm oil ranges approximately between 32 to 36 mPas.

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Density, follow to Esteban et. Al. (2012, Biomass & Bioenergy 42, 164-171) is 0.8996 g/cm3 at 40ºC (right over melting point of palm oil).

Martell Brighten
I am trying to style a counter-current warmth exchanger that provides saturated steam at 100C to warmth a procedure fluid from 18C to 40C of recognized mass flow. I need to recognize the mass flowrate of steam required however this is additionally dependent on the condensate outlet temperature.
A. Settle the outlet temperature in ~ 18C (Assuming the steam condensates and also reaches the procedure fluid inlet temperature.
Amrat Waghani
After rejection indigenous a journal,can ns resubmit a research document in the same journal after addition of couple of new experiments ?
Taruna Pandey
How to do calculations because that hydrothermal synthetic of zeolites: fixed of reactants, Si/Al molar ratio, final weight that zeolite?
Seby Varghese
I need to understand just how calculations are done because that the synthetic of zeolites( If possible for - Zeolite 4A )?
i) exactly how to keep Si/Al molar proportion to produce a solitary same zeolite because that different species of reactants ? (for instance how to keep Si/Al ratio if us use various sources of silica for making zeolites)
What is the equation behind the air flow vs. Push of an AHU fan?also what is the most accurate means to calculate the energy use of an AHU fan?
If I desire to calculate the power use of an AHU fan, understanding the preferably airflow, fan efficiency, and also static pressure, what would certainly be the most accurate way?
I obtain a the majority of requests top top this website from civilization who desire the complete text of other I have published, especially journal articles. Once is it OK come comply? execute I have to ask the editor ?
In in vivo animal experiments, what is the prestige of performing sub-acute medicine toxicity? I have performed acute medicine toxicity with 2000 and 300 mg/kg body load of mice. Is sub-acute toxicity important?
Can anyone tell me what is the difference in between solar irradiation and solar radiation? Both have comparable or slight differences.

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Not every the solar power that autumn on the parabolic trough collector is been utilized. Some space being scattered when others room absorbed.
This paper presents the examination of structural behavior of hybrid fibers in oil palm covering (OPS) and palm oil fuel ash (POFA) reinforced concrete beam. Four-point bending check was carried out on five beams with miscellaneous fiber volume fraction ranging indigenous 0 % come 2.0 %. Based on the results obtained, it was observed that fibers have the capability...