Ever been nosy around hosiery (you know, the what’s what and when come wear it)? Good! We’ve compiled the official guide to all points legwear—from a sheer hose to heavy tights and also the dos and also don’ts that define them.

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Here’s what come know around pantyhose and also tights.

What’s the Difference?


Leggings vs. Tights: though sometimes similar in appearance, leggings and tights space not the same. Those spandex heroes we contact leggings could be what us reach for on weekends however don’t belong beneath flirty frocks and also skirts. Instead, opt because that tights, i m sorry come in range of colour (neutrals like black, navy and charcoal are essential for cooler weather) and even prints (hello polka dot!) that play increase a put-together look when the weather avoids you indigenous going bare-legged.

Pantyhose: The much more sheer and lightweight counterpart to tights is the reigning champion in ~ concealing anything you don’t desire to show off on your legs. The ideal part? They’ll loan clever coverage that’s less detectable and won’t odor from your look.

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So is Pantyhose tho in Style?

Yes! Many amongst us aren’t so fast to adopt the readjust of seasons that brings about those leg-exposing skirts and dresses. The solution? Pantyhose have the right to be a great way come smooth over those gams. Look at for layouts that room as light and neutral-looking as possible, avoiding any versions with opaqueness, white undertones or shimmer. Likewise look for high quality versions with reinforced toe-boxes.

Stylist Tip: Keep in psychic pantyhose is most proper with dressier styles (think the tights v a houndstooth structure skirt in the loss or opaque hose v a wrap dress for a feather event) and also definitely no to be paired with sandals or open-toed footwear.

Leg-Conscious options

Having a handle on hosiery doesn’t necessarily median you’ll want to reach for it in ~ every opportunity—and that’s okay! Hosiery alternatives like maxi and midi length skirts eliminate the need to add coverage to her legs; plus, lock super-easy to style. Wide-leg palazzo pants, gauchos and culottes additionally channel breezy vibes without mirroring too much leg.

Stylist Tip: Have a look that needs a bare leg? nothing panic—reach for a little sunless tanner. Through mousses, sprays and lotions, you’ll be surprised how easy the is to add a little glow to her legs and aid prepare because that a bare-legged look.

So that’s it—the nitty-gritty behind tights hosiery! with the right details there’s no need to tip-toe around this fundamental foundation legwear anymore!