Main Difference – Tuff vs. Tough

When explicate something, tough way hard and strong; it means, the thing is able come endure hardships. When describing something, tuff means, the thing is stylish or cool; it can imply the characteristics like attractiveness, stubbornness, etc.

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Tuff and also tough are homonyms, i.e. Castle have similar pronunciations. However, they cannot be supplied interchangeably, as there is a difference between their meanings. This write-up attempts to highlight the difference in between tuff and tough in stimulate to analysis this difference in depth.

Tough – definition and Usage

The word tough is stated to be acquired from the dutch term ‘taai’. This word deserve to be viewed as an adjective, noun and adverb, but is typically used together an adjective. In a basic sense, tough way strong and also hard. Given below are part meanings and examples to define the consumption of this word. 

Tough, as adjective, implies,

Hard, strong and durable, once describing a problem or object.

“He want it to be made out from a difficult material.”

“Tough, elastic fibers extended its surface.”

Difficult to chew (when explicate food)

“The hastily cooked steak to be tough.”

Able come endure pain, hardships

“The old male was challenging as old boots.”

Unyielding, stubborn, solid and at risk to violence

“He is a tough man to live with.”

Demonstrating a strict and also rigid approach

“You need to be tough with children.”

Express sympathy as soon as someone is in a difficult situation

“Poor girl, it’s challenging on her.”

“It’s difficult losing a father.”

Tough as an Adverb

As one adverb, challenging is provided in the an interpretation of “in a difficult manner.”

Tough together a Noun

In unshened language, Noun difficult refers come a rowdy or a ruffian.

“He was beaten through a gang of toughs from Queens.”


He is difficult as old boots.

Tuff – meaning and Usage

Tuff as a Slang

Tuff is sometimes used as a slang because that tough. In slang, the word tuff means stylish, unique and cool.

“She is a tuff gal.”

“You ain’t tuff, and you never ever will be.”

In slang, tuff also means stylish, unique and cool.

“Yo, that song is tuff.”

Meaning that Tuff in Geology

In Geology, tuff additionally refers to a light, porous absent made from compacted volcano ash.

“Tuff and travertine room calcareous deposits uncovered in volcanic districts.”

“Like the remainder of the cluster, the island is of volcano origin, with tuff, trachyte and obsidian among its plain rocks.”


It’s a tuff bike 

Difference in between Tuff and also Tough


Describing one object

Tough: When describing an object, tough means hard and also strong.

Tuff: when describing an object, tuff means stylish or cool.

Describing people

Tough: once describing people, tough means ‘able come endure hardships’ or ‘have determination and confidence to handle complicated situation’.

Tuff: as soon as describing people, tuff could imply the features like attractiveness, stubbornness, etc.

As a Noun

Tough: together a noun, tough refers to a ruffian

Tuff: together a noun, tuff refers to a rock composed of volcanic ashes.


Tough: challenging is offered in formal and informal usage.

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Tuff: Tuff is mainly used in slang.


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