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What is the administrate of the trinomial below? 0 votes8x^2-14x-15Is there a faster way in uncover the answer rather of subbing every the numbers in?trinomial-factoringquadratic-equationaskedSep 6, 2014in ALGEBRA 2by hana_24Novice

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Product is 8x2 × -15 = -120 x2 (multiply external numbers)

and whose

Sum is -14x (inner number).

We shot some terms and also easily acquire -20x and also 6x.

These room correct since:

(-20x)(6x) = -120x²-20x + (6x) =-14 x

Now compose the original expression replacing -14x with ( - 20x + (6x) ), together follows:

8x²-14x-15= 8x2 + (-20x+6x) − 15

We currently re-group the right-hand side:

8x2 + (-20x+6x) − 15 = (8x2 - 20x) +(6x - 15)

Now element each the the bracketed terms:

(8x2 - 20x) +(6x - 15) = 4x(2x - 5) + 3(2x - 5)

On the right-hand side, we an alert that each term in base is the same, so us can combine them together follows:

4x(2x - 5) + 3(2x - 5) = (2x − 5)(4x + 3)

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