Chsnucongo.org surname ammonium bromide Chsnucongo.org id CHsnucongo.org:85364 meaning An ammonium salt created of ammonium and also bromide ions in a 1:1 ratio. Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the Chsnucongo.org Team. Submitter Philippe Rocca-Serra Supplier details Download Molfile XML SDF >","more structures >>

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Formula BrH4N
Net charge 0
median Mass 97.94200
Monoisotopic mass 96.95271
InChI InChI=1S/BrH.H3N/h1H;1H3

Chsnucongo.org Ontology
Outgoing ammonium bromide (CHsnucongo.org:85364) is a ammonium salt (CHsnucongo.org:47704) ammonium bromide (CHsnucongo.org:85364) is a bromide salt (CHsnucongo.org:22925)

Registry number varieties resources
12124-97-9 CAS it is registered Number ChemIDplus
12124-97-9 CAS it is registered Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
13202152 Reaxys registry Number Reaxys


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