Definition noun, plural: Petri dishes A circular food made the glass or plastic and with a loose-fitting cover, provided in culturing cell Supplement In cell and microbiological techniques, Petri key are one of the most usual equipment in laboratories. They are round shallow transparent dishes made of glass or plastic. They come v a lid that rests loose at the top and also sides. The (borosilicate) glass species are made especially to resist sterilization approaches (e.g. By autoclaving) and for reuse. Those that are made that plastic or other fabricated materials room disposable. The newest ones have metal ring beneath come allow much more efficient storage, avoiding slipping and falling off when kept one on optimal of the other.1 The name comes from a German bacteriologist, J. R. Petri. Petri key are used in the laboratory mostly for cabinet cultures. One agar is usually provided as a culture medium for farming cells, such together microbial cells. The transparent feature of the food is vital for observing the components without lifting the cover. That also permits exposure of the contents to light. Come The looseness the the cover enable the content to allow air exchange by diffusion, thus, permitting wait but staying clear of contamination of the contents by other microorganisms.2 Variant(s):

Petrie dish


Petri plate cell-culture dish

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