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The technological literary term because that a kind of book is "genre." The hatchet "genre" involves various varieties of conventions, including style and subject matter, because that example—so, scholars have tendency to talk around how literature works get involved in several genres. While part works, together as famous romances or difficult science fiction ,...

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The technical literary term for a type of book is "genre." The term "genre" requires various types of conventions, including style and subject matter, for example—so, scholars tend to talk about how literature works participate in several genres. While part works, together as popular romances or difficult science fiction, might adhere strictly to one set of generic conventions, Lord the the Flies has elements of several genres.

First, that is a novel. This means that that is a long fictional occupational written in prose (rather 보다 verse). The characters are explained using exposition and additionally engage in dialogue—they room not represented purely by gibbs speaking in dialogue, as in a drama.

Next, Lord the the Flies is sometimes thought about a young adult novel, as it is a story about a team of schoolchildren i m sorry is regularly assigned as reading in schools and also oriented toward a young adult audience, return its complexity and also artistry make it profitable adult reading as well.

Since that was released in 1954 but collection in human being War II, the book can also be considered a historical novel.

Finally, one have the right to argue that it is an allegory, in i m sorry the island and also the children are no the "real" topic of the novel but are instead symbols for forces in the greater, real world.

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Lord that the paris is thought about to it is in a fictitious allegory. An allegory is a work-related of literary works that functions completely as a symbol for some various other idea. The characters, setting, and also other details in the occupational are all icons that function together come develop another idea. 

Critics have said that Lord the the paris may be check out as one allegory in political, social, religious, and psychological terms. Indigenous the political perspective, the novel represents the conflicts in between countries and also militaries during the second world war. On a social level, the novel represents societal and also governmental hierachies and the power struggles that are natural in together hierarchies. Native a religious perspective, the novel may be an allegory for the Garden of Eden. Finally, indigenous a psychological perspective, the novel to represent the in its entirety human struggle with innate evil and desire.