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My son is illustration plans because that his brand-new horse barn and knows that having actually the correct dimension stall is critical. Therefore he researched horse stall size to certain his horses have actually the room they require without wasting room and money.

The traditional stall dimension for an average-sized steed is twelve feet by twelve feet. Huge horses, stallions and broodmares need larger stalls. If a steed is over sixteen hands they need a stall fourteen by fourteen feet. Draft horses, stallions, and also broodmares regularly require stalls 16 by sixteen.

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Horse owners often style horse barns to look good. However, if you intend to keep your equine in a stall for extended periods, you must build stalls suitable for your horse.

Choosing the ideal size equine stall

Once you’ve decided to make the action to acquisition a horse, girlfriend will have to decide on just how to steady it. This may include a barn of part sort, and also if so, you will require to number out how huge the stalls in it have to be.


Horse stalls aren’t really a one size fits all kind of arrangement. There space rules the thumb, however they readjust by size and also by what the equine will it is in doing. Stall size additionally depends on exactly how long the horses will be remaining inside.

Rules that thumb

The sector standard size for a steed stall is twelve feet by twelve feet. The traditional is based on the typical horse’s size, i m sorry is about fifteen hands and also a thousand pounds, provide or take it a few. Most of the time, it will work for a equine of that size.


Larger horses need bigger stalls. The next size up, say sixteen to seventeen hands, way you would certainly be looking in ~ a stall that at the very least fourteen by fourteen… and that’s just if it’s because that stabling. The horses in this group are dubbed warmbloods.

Draft horses need at least sixteen by sixteen. So does any horse the is going to be in a secure for long periods the time. Horses prefer being out in the open, and little stalls will certainly equal claustrophobia come our horse friends.


Breeding horses

While backyard reproduction is seriously not recommended, expertise what is required for horses for this objective is necessary. You don’t want to placed a stallion in a small stall. Lock are full of energy and also need speed room.

For a stallion, the stall need to be at the minimum sixteen by 16 or twelve through twenty-four. The exact same is essential for a pregnant mare around to give birth. The extra an are allows the mare to acquire up and also down as required, and also the stallion to have the area he needs.

One point that is often done because that a pregnant mare is to have actually a twenty-four through a twenty-four-foot stall. This stall will have a removable divider to be used for other equines when no in use, and with the partition, it will certainly be a lot less complicated to wean the foal.


Weaning is often done in the fields, with the foal in one field and the mommy in the next ar over. The fence avoids the foal from nursing. However, no all foals are ready to be weaned at a time once the weather is cooperating.

Another benefit of removable partitions, fifty percent the divider have the right to be removed or urgently in half so the foal and also mother deserve to be together, but the foal can’t nurse. There room other ways of managing this problem, yet the divider is advantageous for more than just weaning.

When a equine is okay or injured and also needs to it is in on stall rest, a regular-sized stall will likely drive that nuts. Having actually a bigger stall option will help make the endure a small less stressful because that the horse. That, in turn, will make it less stressful because that you.

Stall height

A lot of civilization focus many of their involves on the width and depth that a horse stall. Elevation is also a consideration, and it changes based on size, as with the various other dimensions. The standard dimension is eight feet v headroom above that. The really ceiling should be at the very least ten feet if not taller.

Why must the stall’s walls be reduced than the ceiling? wait circulation is the primary factor to consider here. Good circulation and ventilation the the barn space essential, not just for the well-being of the animals but likewise for those who job-related in the barn.

You may wonder why the ceiling needs to be so high. Horses are prey animals and also can obtain spooked readily. Once that happens, they may rear or kick v their ago legs. You’ll want the stall to be tall enough so the the rearing equine doesn’t bang its head ~ above something.

That also method that any kind of lighting end the stall has to more than that height. Other equipment can be needed, however make sure there is lot of of headroom, simply in case. Naturally, taller steeds need a greater ceiling.

When it comes to the elevation of the stall walls, the same thing demands to be considered. The walls have to be tall enough that the rearing steed won’t gain hung up on them. Some horses may need a ten-foot wall to safeguard them from the problem.

Don’t forget the prominence of stall doors.


Like everything else around a stall, there space the sector standards, and then there is the equine in question. The sector standard is a four-foot-wide opening. Swinging doors open up to the aisle so the if the steed winds up stuck close come the door, it is less complicated to obtain in over there and help it up.

Massive steeds may need a bigger door. The factor for that is the it requirements to be broad enough for both you and also the steed to enter simultaneously. The opening requirements to be vast enough, not simply for the equine but also for the human taking the horse inside.

We use nylon strap webbing doors for our well-mannered horses. They are straightforward to install and use. The webbing straps allow far better ventilation than solid doors and also give the animal an open up feel.

However, strap doors aren’t an ideal for all horses. Amazon selling the Weaver stall guard; you deserve to clickhereto view what castle look like.

What about the stall flooring?

If you room planning on one earthen floor, you re welcome let me dissuade you uneven you build the barn floor high therefore water doesn’t operation in. Been there, excellent that, and I won’t execute it again.

Of course, the stall in inquiry wasn’t mine, nor did I build it. However, permit me phone call you the it gets nasty. However clay stall floors job-related well once the barn is built high, and proper bedding is put down come absorb urine.

Many equine stalls are made of concrete. Yes, ceiling concrete can be tough on the horse. Raw concrete is hard on horses’ legs and often reasons rubbing sores once they lay down. However, things can be done, such as spanning the surface ar with a rubber mat and also deep bedding material. Concrete floors don’t make urine pits.

When plan your very first barn, make certain to execute some measurements on your horse. You’ll desire to recognize the elevation at the withers, weight, and also width. You’ll also want to have actually an knowledge of the horse’s temperament. The way, girlfriend can construct the best barn for your needs.

Stall wall construction

In our area, barns space often created of cinder blocks. This is ok, other than if the blocks room unprotected, a horse quickly kicks a hole in the bricks. To prevent this, us cover the blocks v two-inch boards indigenous the floor increase to five feet.

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Horse stall walls should be sturdy sufficient to withstand a kick and also the load of your animal leaning against it. It have to not have any exposed nails, wires, or other protrusions that can injure your animal.

I use two by six-inch boards in our barns and also attach them through screws to easily replace damaged ones. Inevitably, a equine will discover a way to break one.


The main considerations when making your horses stall is their comfort and also safety. Listed below is a helpful video that consists the basics of equine stalls and also why a equine needs a roomy stall.

Yes, you have the right to use concrete for stall floors, however you have to take part precautions to do it perfect for your horse. Concrete has actually no give and, end time, can damage your horses’ feet and also legs. To do the surface less complicated on her horse, covering the concrete through a pliable material like a rubber mat and cover that through thick bedding. Concrete has actually some advantages over various other material and also may work well because that you. Here is an short article that walk into more details about using concrete in equine stalls: can Horse Stalls have Concrete Floors? Why Or Why Not