Hey smart drivers, Rick v Smart drive Test, talking to you today around blind spots and the prominence of blind spots as soon as you"re learning exactly how to drive.

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As well, we"re going to talk around the fundamentals the learning how to drive.

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Seeing right into the blind Areas

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Now talking about blind spots, blind spots room paramount in learning exactly how to drive.

When you first start learning exactly how to drive, that is crucial to know the blind spots about your vehicle.

And no doubt, the best blind point out on your auto are on the passenger side of the vehicle and to the behind of the vehicle.


And I"ve type of hid this blind spot details in an additional video, the curb parking video.

And so what I"ve excellent is I"ve relocated that info out, and also you"ll watch that I actually shot that in the winter time.

So now I"m walking to display you that blind spot information and also show you the prestige of knowing blind point out information and getting a sense of wherein your automobile is in space and place.

And among the reasons that you"re going come have difficulty parking and also doing various other slow-speed maneuvers is since of these blind spots around your vehicle.

And the means that you obtain to recognize these blind spots approximately your auto is by walking out and also getting several of those one-meter tall, 36-inch pylons and practicing slow-speed maneuvers in a parking lot with these pylons.

And do the efforts to get as close together you can to them there is no hitting, and that will offer you an expertise of wherein your auto is in an are and place.

So we"re going to talk about that today, and give girlfriend some much more information around blind spots and also the fundamentals of learning how to drive.


So pole around, we"ll be right earlier with that information.

Smart drive Test

Hi there clever drivers, welcome back, Rick v Smart drive Test talking to you today about blind spots and also the prestige of remote spots in learning exactly how to drive, particularly when you really, really an initial get started, like first lesson.

You need to recognize the blind spots roughly your vehicle, the remote spots, the locations you cannot see approximately your auto when you"re sitting in the driver"s seat.

And those blind spots room going come be best to the behind of the vehicle, practically 20 feet top top a small, mid-sized vehicle; and they"re going to be about eight feet out on the passenger side.

So those room the greatest blind spots around your vehicle.


And when you"re learning how to drive, you need to start working in a parking lot, and also I really strongly indicate that you walk out and get several of those 36-inch, one-meter-tall pylons.

You can rent them native the regional rental shop, rental them for much less than $10 for a day, and do part really good work and also get a feeling of wherein your automobile is in space and place, due to the fact that that"s the fundamentals the learning just how to drive.

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What is your spatial relationship?

In other words, where room you ~ above the roadway and in relationship to various other traffic?

It"s the exact same as music.

If you"re learning exactly how to play a musical instrument, because that the piano, because that example, you have to know wherein your fingers are in relation to the keys and where the various notes are on the keyboard.

So what you"re law is you"re learning spacial relativity in relationship to other things and also your fingers and those varieties of things.

It"s the exact same thing v a car.

You have actually to figure out wherein your automobile is in relationship to other fixed objects and other road users ~ above the roadway.

And think that it favor martial art or boxing or any other kind of sport, especially boxing.



At the start of any kind of boxing match, they"re walk to offer you the with of the boxers, since the boxer v the longer reach, their arm"s sticking out, this is the with here, the will offer that boxer an advantage.

And you need to number out range of your enemy so the you"re going come be much more successful in a boxing match or a fight if you"re act martial arts.

And driving a car and also learning a car and learning the remote spots about your vehicle is no different.

You can see the two police cruisers behind me here.

The automobile is walking to have smaller blind spots than the huge SUV.

So know that the larger the vehicle, the bigger the remote spots roughly your vehicle.

The larger the vehicle, the enlarge the remote spots.

So understand that if you"re driving a greater class vehicle, you"re walking to have bigger blind spots about your vehicle, and as you gain up to tractor-trailers, they"re going to it is in enormous.


Now for those of you learning exactly how to drive a passenger vehicle, that is vital to recognize these enlarge vehicles have much, lot bigger blind spots.

Transport Trucks and also Other large Vehicles

And as soon as they"re making turns and also those species of things, it"s important to stay earlier and provide them lots of room.

Or if they"re backing right into a dock turn off a roadway or something choose that as well, stay back, due to the fact that oftentimes, lock can"t view you, especially if it"s ~ above the remote side that the vehicle.

The remote side is the passenger side of the vehicle.

So if you"re over there, know that you"re in risk if you"re in a passenger vehicle and there is a big commercial auto that"s trying to move roughly or an RV or something prefer that.

So understand that this vehicles behind me here, if you"re driving close to them once you"re learning exactly how to drive, stay ago from them.

That way they have much better chance of see you and you being seen.


So that"s one of the secrets to driving around large vehicles, whether it"s one of these huge cement trucks behind me, a tractor-trailer unit, one RV unit, or vehicles that space towing trailers.

All these larger vehicles have actually much bigger remote spots, and also it"s crucial to provide them a wide berth once you"re learning how to drive and as you proceed through her driving career.

So blind spots roughly your vehicle, I"m walking to present you this older clip that ns shot months earlier in the winter time here, and also show you specifically the remote spots around my mid-size SUV.

And as I said, the enlarge the vehicle, the bigger the remote spots.

How large are the Blind areas Really?

And your challenge is once you"re learning just how to drive, when you"re learning exactly how to carry out slow-speed maneuvers is figuring the end those remote spots.


And specifically when you"re parking along a curb, you have actually to gain the auto six to ripe inches native the curb when you"re parallel parking.

Or you"re simply straight curb parking or wherein the vehicle is in an are and ar when you"re turning back bay parking, backing right into a parking space, and also you require to understand where the remote spots are about your vehicle.

And just for the functions of a driver"s test, understand that when you"re reversing right into a parking an are or turning back bay parking, friend can"t use a turning back camera, so simply know that.

So let"s walk to that older footage here, and I"ll show you the remote spots approximately my mid-size SUV.

Front to back & Around

The first thing you have to know about your vehicle, you have to know around the remote spots around your vehicle.



The blind spots approximately your car are reasonably significant, and also out the front of the vehicle, your blind spot is an ext than 6 feet to be able to see an 18-inch pylon.

If you move that pylon out to the earlier of the vehicle, it"s even much more significant, it"s more than 20 feet before you have the right to see that 18-inch pylon out the earlier of the vehicle.

So there"s a far-reaching blind spot out the back.

The second biggest blind spot on her vehicle—not really surprising—is out on the passenger side.

And it"s practically eight feet from the passenger"s door the end to that 18-inch pylon the you"re may be to view it indigenous the driver"s side.

If you measure the inside of the vehicle, and I have actually a little SUV, it"s 4 feet.

So it"s 12 feet more than 3 1/2 meters the end to the pylon.

So there"s a fairly significant blind clues on the passenger"s side.

And the the smallest blind spot on your vehicle is the end on the driver"s side, i beg your pardon is not surprising, because that"s where you sit in our place in the vehicle.


It"s only around three feet or roughly one meter the end to the 18-inch pylon top top the driver"s side, as you can see here in the image.

Why Parking along a Curb is Tough

Know that the 2nd biggest blind spot approximately your auto is on the passenger side.

Therefore, to get close come a 4 to six-inch curb is going come be rather challenging.

So the first thing you have to do in order to be successful to park follow me a curb, go out and do slow-speed maneuvers.

Get those 36-inch pylons and practice backing approximately corners, backing up on either next of the pylons, and driving follow me those pylons so you get a great sense of space management that the vehicle.


And ns come ago to these slow-speed maneuvers again and also again.

Yes, they space not sexy, they are not sexy in any type of stretch of the imagination.

As I claimed in the introduction, you absolutely don"t want your friends come see.

But if you desire to be an overall far better driver, you obtained to invest time law the slow-speed maneuvers.

And if you don"t desire to journey over the curb as soon as you"re parallel parking, when you"re doing three-point turns, or you"re trying come park along the curb because that the objectives of your driver"s test, you should spend time act slow-speed maneuvers.

I cannot stress that enough.

If girlfriend don"t spend the time in the parking lot law slow-speed maneuvers, you"re not going to be successful parallel parking.

You"re not going to be effective parking along a curb, and also you"re not going to be successful doing three-point turns.


These are the slow-speed maneuvers.

Yes, they are a really small component of a driver"s test.

However, they room the parts of the roadway test that give brand-new drivers the many grief.

So spend the time law slow-speed maneuvers, and also this will translate into all of your driving and also make you a much better driver overall.

So carry out the slow-speed maneuvers, recognize what the blind spots are in her vehicle, and also know the obstacles that you"re up against.

Smart Points to Remember

Quick review of remote spots around your vehicle, it is important to know that there are areas around your car that friend cannot view from the driver"s seat.


And the greatest blind clues on your car are going to be out on the passenger"s side, and they"re walk to it is in the rear of the vehicle.

These are places that you can not see approximately your automobile when you"re sit in the driver"s seat, nevertheless of which side of the auto you"re sit on and where you space in the world.

And the larger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spots.

This police van behind me below is walking to have much, lot bigger blind spots than a mid-size SUV or a little compact car.

So think around these things as soon as you"re walking to perform your road test.

You desire to have actually a auto that you room comfortable with, the you"ve taken most of her driver maintain in, the you"ve learned to journey in.

And you"re comfortable with all of the controls, and also you know where the blind spots are around the vehicle, because, as I"ve claimed before, 7/8 of the driver"s check is in a forward motion.

The 1/8, the slow-speed maneuvers, the parallel parking, the three-point turns, the two suggest reverse turns, those varieties of slow-speed maneuvers room going to offer you the most obstacles in terms of passing your roadway test, because you must understand and also have a sense of where the auto is in space and place.



As I said in the body of the video, you need to understand spacial relativity, whereby your car is in relation to various other fixed objects and also other roadway users top top the roadway.

And no, girlfriend can"t use a back-up camera once you"re backing up to eliminate those remote spots behind your vehicle.

Incredibly helpful, yet you can"t usage it for the functions of a roadway test.

Because the examiner and also authorities room thinking that you will certainly be in different vehicles throughout your control career, and you have to know how to compensate for those blind spots around your vehicle, so originally you cannot usage a back-up camera.

So blind spots, spacial relativity, understanding the places roughly your automobile that friend can"t see when you"re driving and when you"re learning exactly how to drive.

And as I said, fundamentals of driving, look at the cards increase in the edge there and get the exercises the will help you to understand the remote spots about your car and aid you to learn to journey faster.

Because if you invest the time doing the fundamentals of learning exactly how to journey a vehicle, it"s walk to accelerate your all at once learning roughly learning how to drive and also prepare because that a roadway test and also give girlfriend a better sense of the vehicle.


Now just quickly, do the 2 by 4 exercise in the Fundamentals of finding out video.

Go and get several of those 36-inch, one-meter high pylons and try and get as close to them together you can, because it"s much better to hit among those pylons than it is a solved object if you"re out learning exactly how to drive.

And together I said, these fundamentals that driving, finding out the fundamentals, going to the parking lot, are going to accelerate her learning and make friend a much better driver overall.

Question because that my clever drivers:

When you started learning exactly how to drive, just how did you figure out the remote spots around your vehicle?

In various other words, how did you figure out an are and place and moving the car successfully for the objectives of learning how to drive and for the purposes of a road test? leave a comment down in the Comment ar there.

All of that helps the end the brand-new drivers learning exactly how to drive.



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I"m Rick through Smart drive Test.

Thanks an extremely much because that watching.

Good happy on your roadway test, and also remember, choose the ideal answer, not necessarily the right answer.

Have a good day, taking leave now.


At 7/8 the your road test is in a front motion.

1/8 that the road test is slow-speed maneuvers.

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Unfortunately it"s the 1/8 that the roadway test that"s walk to offer you the most challenge and the many challenges.