electric fieldsare produced by distinctions in voltage: the greater the voltage, the stronger will it is in the result field.Magnetic fieldsare created when electric present flows: the greater the current, the more powerful the magnetic field. An electrical field will exist also when over there is no existing flowing. If existing does flow, the stamin of the magnetic field will vary through power consumption but the electric field toughness will be constant.

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Natural resources of electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic areas are present everywhere in our environment yet are invisible come the person eye. Electric fields are developed by the local accumulation of electric charges in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms. The earth"s magnetic field reasons a compass needle come orient in a North-South direction and is used by birds and also fish for navigation.

Human-made sources of electromagnetic fields

Besides herbal sources the electromagnetic spectrum likewise includes fields generated through human-made sources: X-rays room employed to diagnose a damaged limb after a sports accident. The power that comes out of every power socket has associated low frequency electromagnetic fields. And various type of higher frequency radiowaves are supplied to transmit details – even if it is via TV antennas, radio train station or mobile phone base stations.

one of the main characteristics which specifies an electromagnetic ar (EMF) is that frequency or its matching wavelength. Fields of various frequencies interact with the human body in various ways. One deserve to imagine electromagnetic waves as series of an extremely regular tide that travel at an substantial speed, the speed of light. The frequency simply explains the variety of oscillations or cycles every second, if the ax wavelength describes the distance between one wave and the next. Thus wavelength and frequency are inseparably intertwined: the greater the frequency the much shorter the wavelength.

A straightforward analogy should help to highlight the concept: Tie a long rope to a door handle and also keep hold of the cost-free end. Relocating it up and then down slowly will generate a single large wave; much more rapid motion will generate a snucongo.orgle collection of tiny waves. The length of the rope continues to be constant, therefore, the more waves you create (higher frequency) the smaller sized will be the distance between them (shorter wavelength).

Exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a new phenomenon. However, during the 20th century, eco-friendly exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields has to be steadily boosting as cultivation electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in society behaviour have created more and an ext artificial sources. Everyone is exposed to a complicated mix that weak electric and also magnetic fields, both at home and at work, from the generation and also transmission that electricity, residential appliances and industrial equipment, come telecommunications and also broadcasting.

Tiny electric currents exist in the human body because of the chemical reactions that occur as part of the regular bodily functions, even in the absence of external electric fields. For example, nerves relay signal by transmitting electric impulses. Most biochemical reactions from cradle to brain activities go in addition to the rearrangement of charged particles. Also the heart is electrically active - an task that your doctor have the right to trace with the help of one electrocardiogram.

Low-frequency electric fieldsinfluence the human being body simply as lock influence any kind of other material comprised of charged particles. When electric fields action on conductive materials, they influence the distribution of electrical charges at your surface. They cause current to flow through the human body to the ground.

Low-frequency magnetic fields induce turn around currents within the person body. The toughness of this currents relies on the soot of the external magnetic field. If saturated large, this currents could reason stimulation the nerves and muscles or impact other biological processes.

Both electric and also magnetic areas induce voltages and currents in the body yet even directly beneath a high voltage transmission line, the induced currents room very little compared come thresholds for producing shock and other electric effects.

Heating is the main organic effect of the electromagnetic fields of radiofrequency fields. In microwave ovens this fact is to work to heat up food. The levels of radiofrequency fields to which human being are generally exposed are really much lower than those necessary to produce significant heating. The heating impact of radiowaves creates the underlying basis for current guidelines. Scientists are additionally investigating the opportunity that effects listed below the threshold level because that body heating happen as a an outcome of irreversible exposure. Come date, no adverse health effects from short level, long-term exposure to radiofrequency or strength frequency fields have been confirmed, however scientists are actively continuing to research this area.

biological effects are measurable responses to a economic stimulation or to a adjust in the environment. These transforms are not necessarily harmful to your health. Because that example, listening to music, analysis a book, eat an apple or play tennis will create a variety of organic effects. Nevertheless, no one of these activities is supposed to reason health effects. The human body has advanced mechanisms to adjust to the many and varied impacts we encounter in our environment. Ongoing readjust forms a normal component of ours lives. But, of course, the human body does not possess sufficient compensation mechanisms because that all biological effects. Alters that space irreversible and also stress the mechanism for long periods the time may constitute a health hazard.

An adverse health effect causes detectable disability of the health and wellness of the exposed separation, personal, instance or of his or she offspring; a organic effect, on the various other hand, may or might not result in an adverse wellness effect.

It is not debated that electromagnetic areas above details levels deserve to trigger biological effects. Experiments with healthy and balanced volunteers suggest that short-lived exposure at the levels present in the atmosphere or in the residence do not cause any kind of apparent detrimental effects. Exposures to higher levels that can be harmful are limited by national and international guidelines. The current debate is centred top top whether long-term low level exposure have the right to evoke biological responses and influence people"s well being.

Widespread pertains to for health

A look in ~ the news headlines of current years enables some understanding into the various locations of public concern. End the food of the past decade, numerous electromagnetic ar sources have become the emphasis of wellness concerns, consisting of power lines, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, defense devices, radars and also most freshly mobile phones and their basic stations.

The international EMF Project

In response to farming public health pertains to over possible health effects from exposure to an ever before increasing number and also diversity the electromagnetic field sources, in 1996 the world Health organization (snucongo.org) released a large, multidisciplinary research effort. The worldwide EMF project brings together current knowledge and easily accessible resources of crucial international and national agencies and also scientific institutions.

Conclusions from clinical research

In the area of biological effects and medical applications that non-ionizing radiation about 25,000 articles have been released over the previous 30 years. Regardless of the feeling of some human being that an ext research demands to be done, scientific knowledge in this area is now much more extensive than for most chemicals. Based on a recent comprehensive review of the clinical literature, the snucongo.org concluded that existing evidence does not confirm the visibility of any type of health aftermath from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields. However, some gaps in knowledge about biological results exist and need further research.

Effects on basic health

Some members the the public have actually attributed a diffuse repertoire of symptoms to short levels the exposure come electromagnetic fields at home. Reported symptoms encompass headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue and loss the libido. To date, scientific evidence does not support a link in between these symptoms and exposure come electromagnetic fields. At the very least some of these health problems may be brought about by noise or other determinants in the environment, or by anxiety regarded the visibility of new technologies.

Effects on pregnancy outcome

Many different sources and exposures come electromagnetic fields in the living and also working environment, including computer system screens, water beds and electric blankets, radiofrequency welding machines, diathermy equipment and also radar, have been evaluated by the snucongo.org and other organizations. The all at once weight of proof shows the exposure to fields at usual environmental level does not increase the threat of any adverse result such as spontaneous abortions, malformations, short birth weight, and also congenital diseases. There have actually been occasional reports of associations between health problems and also presumed exposure to electromagnetic fields, such as reports of prematurity and also low birth load in youngsters of employees in the electronic devices industry, however these have actually not been concerned by the scientific ar as gift necessarily led to by the field exposures (as opposed to factors such together exposure to solvents).


General eye irritation and also cataracts have sometimes to be reported in employees exposed come high level of radiofrequency and also microwave radiation, but pet studies execute not support the idea the such creates of eye damage can be produced at levels that room not thermally hazardous. There is no evidence that these results occur at levels knowledgeable by the general public.

Electromagnetic fields and cancer

Despite plenty of studies, the evidence for any kind of effect remains very controversial. However, that is clear the if electromagnetic fields do have an result on cancer, then any type of increase in risk will be exceptionally small. The results to day contain countless inconsistencies, however no huge increases in risk have been discovered for any type of cancer in children or adults.

A variety of epidemiological researches suggest tiny increases in danger of childhood leukemia through exposure to low frequency magnetic areas in the home. However, scientists have not typically concluded the these results indicate a cause-effect relation in between exposure come the fields and an illness (as opposed to artifacts in the study or effects unrelated to field exposure). In part, this conclusion has actually been reached because animal and laboratory studies fail come demonstrate any kind of reproducible results that are regular with the theory that fields cause or encourage cancer. Massive studies are right now underway in numerous countries and also may assist resolve these issues.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and also depression

Some people report "hypersensitivity" to electric or magnetic fields. They ask whether aches and also pains, headaches, depression, lethargy, resting disorders, and even convulsions and epileptic seizures could be associated with electromagnetic ar exposure.

There is tiny scientific evidence to assistance the idea the electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Recent Scandinavian studies found that people do not show continuous reactions under effectively controlled conditions of electromagnetic ar exposure. No one is there any type of accepted biological mechanism to define hypersensitivity. Research study on this topic is daunting because plenty of other spatu responses may be involved, personal from direct effects of areas themselves. More studies are proceeding on the subject.

The focus of current and future research

Much effort is currently being directed in the direction of the examine of electromagnetic fields in relation to cancer. Researches in find for possible carcinogenic (cancer-producing) effects of power frequency fields is continuing, although in ~ a decreased level contrasted to that of the late 1990"s.

The permanent health effects of mobile telephone usage is another topic that much current research. No obvious adverse impact of exposure to short level radiofrequency fields has been discovered. However, provided public concerns about the safety and security of to move telephones, more research aims to recognize whether any less evident effects can occur at very low exposure levels.

Key points

A wide selection of environmental influences causes biological effects. "Biological effect" does not equal "health hazard". Special study is essential to identify and also measure wellness hazards.At short frequencies, outside electric and also magnetic fields induce small circulating currents in ~ the body. In basically all ordinary environments, the level of induced currents within the body are too little to produce apparent effects.The main result of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields is heating of body tissues.There is no doubt that short-lived exposure to an extremely high levels of electromagnetic areas can be harmful come health. Present public concern focuses on possible long-term health results caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields at levels below those compelled to create acute biological responses.snucongo.org"s worldwide EMF project was introduced to carry out scientifically sound and objective answers to public pertains to about possible hazards of low level electromagnetic fields.Despite considerable research, to day there is no proof to conclude the exposure to low level electromagnetic areas is harmful to person health.The emphasis of global research is the investigation of possible links in between cancer and also electromagnetic fields, at strength line and radiofrequencies.

If electromagnetic fields constitute a health and wellness hazard, there will be consequences in all developed countries. The public demands concrete answers to the ever an ext pressing question, whether everyday electromagnetic fields reason adverse wellness effects. The media often seem to have definitive answers. However, one must judge this reports v caution and take right into account the the main interest the the media is not education. A journalist may select and report a story thrust by a selection of non-technical reasons: journalists compete with one one more for time and space and different journals and newspapers contend for circulation numbers. Novel sensational headlines the are relevant to together many human being as possible aid castle in afford these goals - negative news is not just the large news, the is often the only news we hear. The large number of research studies which imply that electromagnetic fields are harmless receive tiny if any coverage. Science cannot carry out a insurance of absolute safety and security yet however the advance of research is reassuring overall.

Different varieties of studies room needed

A mix of researches in various research locations is vital for the evaluation of a potential adverse health result of electromagnetic fields. Different varieties of researches investigate distinct aspects of the problem. Laboratory researches on cells aim to elucidate the basic underlying mechanisms that attach electromagnetic field exposure to organic effects. They shot to determine mechanisms based on molecular or cellular alters that space brought around by the electromagnetic ar - such a change would provide clues to just how a physical pressure is converted into a biological activity within the body. In these studies, solitary cells or tissues are removed from their regular living atmosphere which may inactivate feasible compensation mechanisms.

Another type of study, entailing animals, is more closely related to real life situations. This studies carry out evidence that is more directly relevant to developing safe exposure levels in humans and often employ several various field levels to investigate dose-response relationships.

Epidemiological researches or human wellness studies are another direct resource of info on long-term effects of exposure. These studies investigate the cause and also distribution of diseases in genuine life situations, in communities and occupational groups. Researchers try to establish if over there is a statistics association between exposure come electromagnetic fields and the incidence that a specific an illness or adverse wellness effect. However, epidemiological studies room costly. Much more importantly, castle involve dimensions on very facility human populations and also are challenging to manage sufficiently well to detect little effects. Because that these reasons, researchers evaluate every relevant evidence when deciding around potential wellness hazards, consisting of epidemiology, animal, and also cellular studies.

Interpretation of epidemiological studies

Epidemiological studies alone generally cannot develop a clean cause and also effect relationship, mainly because they detect just statistical associations in between exposure and also disease, which might or might not be led to by the exposure. Imagine a theoretical study showing a link in between electromagnetic ar exposure in electric workers that the firm "X-Electricity" and an boosted risk that cancer. Also if a statistical association is observed, it could also be due to incomplete data on other components in the workplace. Because that example, electrical workers may have been exposed to chemical solvents v the potential to cause cancer. Moreover, an observed statistics association might be due only to statistical effects, or the study itself may have suffered indigenous some trouble with that design.

Therefore, recognize an association in between some agent and a specific an illness does no necessarily typical that the agent caused the disease. Establishing origin requires that an investigator take into consideration many factors. The situation for a cause-and-effect link is strengthened if there is a continual and solid association between exposure and also effect, a clean dose-response relationship, a credible biological explanation, support noted by relevant animal studies, and over all consistency between studies. These determinants have typically been missing in studies entailing electromagnetic fields and also cancer. This is among the strongest reasons why researchers have generally been wake up to conclude that weak electromagnetic fields have wellness effects.

Difficulties in judgment out the opportunity of very small risks

"The lack of proof of detrimental effects does not seem to suffice in modern-day society. The proof of their absence is demanded more and more instead". (Barnabas Kunsch, Austrian research study Centre Seibersdorf)

"There is no convincing proof for an adverse health impact of electromagnetic fields" or "A cause-effect link in between electromagnetic fields and also cancer has not to be confirmed" are usual of the conclusions that have been got to by experienced committees that have actually examined the issue. This sounds as if science wanted come avoid offering an answer. Then why have to research continue if researchers have already shown the there is no effect?

The answer is simple: Human health studies space very an excellent at identifying huge effects, such as a connection in between smoking and cancer. Unfortunately, castle are much less able to differentiate a small effect from no effect at all. If electromagnetic fields at usual environmental levels were solid carcinogens, then it would have actually been simple to have shown that by now. By contrast, if short level electromagnetic areas are a weak carcinogen, or also a strong carcinogen to a small group of civilization in the bigger population, that would certainly be much more daunting to demonstrate. In fact, also if a big study mirrors no combination we deserve to never be totally sure the there is no relationship. The lack of one effect might mean that there yes, really is none. But just as well it can mean the the effect is simply undetectable with our technique of measurement. Therefore, an unfavorable results are normally less convincing than solid positive ones.

The most difficult situation the all, which regrettably has emerged with public health studies entailing electromagnetic fields, is a repertoire of researches with weak optimistic results, which however are inconsistent among each other. In the situation, researchers themselves are most likely to be divided about the meaning of the data. However, because that the reasons defined above, most scientists and clinicians agree that any kind of health effects of short level electromagnetic fields, if they exist in ~ all, are most likely to be very small compared to various other health dangers that civilization face in daily life.

What"s in the future?

The key aim of snucongo.org"s international EMF job is come initiate and also co-ordinate research worldwide to develop a well-founded an answer to publicly concerns. This testimonial will integrate results indigenous cellular, animal and also human wellness studies to permit as substantial a wellness risk assessment together possible. A holistic assessment of a range of relevant and also reliable research studies will carry out the most reliable answer feasible about the adverse health effects, if any exist, of lengthy term exposure come weak electromagnetic fields.

One method to illustrate the need of proof from different types of experiments is a crossword. To have the ability to read the offered crossword"s equipment with absoluteCERTAINTYnine questions need to be answered. Suspect we can only answer 3 of these, we might have the ability to guess the solution. However, the three given letters may also be component of a really different word. Every added answer will rise our own confidence. In fact, scientific research will probably never have the ability to answer every questions, however the much more solid proof we collect the far better will be our guess at the solution.


Key points

Laboratory research studies on cell aim to determine if there is a mechanism through which electromagnetic field exposure could cause harmful organic effects. Animal studies are important for establishing effects in greater organisms snucongo.orgse physiology resembles that of humans to a degree. Epidemiological researches look for statistics associations in between field exposure and the incidence of particular adverse wellness outcomes in humans.Finding a statistics association between some agent and also a specific an illness does not typical that the agent brought about the disease.The absence of health and wellness effects could mean the there really are none; however, that could likewise signify the an existing effect is undetectable with present methods.Results of varied studies (cellular, animal, and also epidemiology) must be thought about together before drawing conclusions about feasible health dangers of a suspected eco-friendly hazard. Regular evidence from these very different varieties of studies boosts the level of certainty around a true effect

Electromagnetic fields at home

Background electromagnetic field levels from power transmission and also distribution facilitiesElectricity is transmitted end long distances via high voltage power lines. Transformers minimize these high voltages for local distribution to homes and also businesses. Electricity transmission and also distribution facilities and residential wiring and appliances account for the background level of power frequency electric and also magnetic areas in the home. In residences not situated near strength lines this background field may be up to about 0.2 µT. Straight beneath strength lines the areas are lot stronger. Magnetic flux densities in ~ ground level can range up to several µT. Electric field levels underneath strength lines have the right to be as high as 10 kV/m. However, the fields (both electric and also magnetic) drop off v distance from the lines. At 50 m come 100 m distance the fields are usually at levels the are found in locations away from high voltage strength lines. In addition, residence walls substantially mitigate the electric field levels from those uncovered at similar locations external the house.

Electric appliances in the household

The strongest strength frequency electrical fields that are ordinarily encountered in the setting exist beneath high voltage infection lines. In contrast, the the strongest magnetic fields at strength frequency are typically found an extremely close come motors and also other electric appliances, as well as in committed equipment such together magnetic resonance scanners used for medical imaging.Typical electrical field strengths measured near family appliances(at a distance of 30 cm)(From: federal Office because that Radiation Safety, Germany 1999)

Electric applianceElectric field strength (V/m)
Stereo receiver180
Hair dryer80
Colour TV60
Coffee machine60
Vacuum cleaner50
Electric oven8
Light bulb5
Guideline limit value5000

Many world are surprised when they become conscious of the variety of magnetic ar levels found near assorted appliances. The field strength go not depend on exactly how large, complex, an effective or noisy the an equipment is. Furthermore, even in between apparently similar devices, the strength of the magnetic ar may differ a lot. Because that example, while some hair dryers space surrounded by a very solid field, rather hardly produce any magnetic field at all. These distinctions in magnetic ar strength are concerned product design. The adhering to table shows usual values for a variety of electrical devices commonly found in homes and workplaces. The dimensions were take away in Germany and all of the appliances run on electricity at a frequency the 50 Hz. It have to be provided that the really exposure levels vary considerably depending on the version of appliance and distance native it.

Typical magnetic ar strength of family members appliances at miscellaneous distances

Electric appliance

3 cm street (µT)

30 cm street (µT)

1 m distance (µT)

Hair dryer

6 – 2000

0.01 – 7

0.01 – 0.03

Electric shaver

15 – 1500

0.08 – 9

0.01 – 0.03

Vacuum cleaner

200 – 800

2 – 20

0.13 – 2

Fluorescent light

40 – 400

0.5 – 2

0.02 – 0.25

Microwave oven

73 – 200

4 – 8

0.25 – 0.6

Portable radio

16 – 56


(Source: federal Office for Radiation Safety, Germany 1999) normal operating street is provided in bold

The table illustrates two main points: First, the magnetic ar strength roughly all appliances quickly decreases the additional you gain away indigenous them. Secondly, most family appliances are not operated really close to the body. In ~ a distance of 30 cm the magnetic fields surrounding most family appliances are an ext than 100 times lower than the provided guideline limit of 100 µT at 50 Hz (83 µT at 60 Hz) for the basic public.

Television sets and also computer screens

Computer screens and television sets job-related on comparable principles. Both produce static electric fields and alternating electric and also magnetic areas at assorted frequencies. However, displays with liquid crystal display screens used in part laptop computers and desktop units execute not provide rise to far-reaching electric and also magnetic fields. Modern computers have actually conductive screens which reduce the static field from the screen to a level comparable to the of the typical background in the home or workplace. In ~ the place of operator (30 to 50 centimeter from the screen), alternating magnetic fields are typically below 0.7 µT in flux density (at power frequencies). Alternating electric field strengths in ~ operator positions variety from listed below 1 V/m as much as 10 V/m.

Microwave ovens

Domestic microwave ovens run at really high strength levels. However, reliable shielding reduces leakage outside the ovens to virtually non-detectable levels. Additionally microwave leakage falls very rapidly with enhancing distance from the oven. Many countries have manufacturing criter that specify maximum leakage level for new ovens; an oven that meets the production standards will not present any kind of hazard come the consumer.

Portable telephones

Portable telephones run at much reduced intensities than mobile phones. This is since they room employed very close come their home base station, and also so execute not need strong fields to transmit over long distances. As a consequence, the radiofrequency fields that surround these tools are negligible.

Electromagnetic fields in the environment


Radars are provided for navigation, weather forecasting, and also military applications, and also a selection of other functions. Lock emit pulsed microwave signals. The height power in the pulse deserve to be high even though the mean power might be low. Many radars rotate or relocate up and also down; this reduces the average power thickness to which the general public is exposed in the vicinity of radars. Even high power, non-rotating military radars border exposures to listed below guideline levels at locations of windy access.

Security systems

Anti-theft equipment in shops use tags that are detected by electric coils in ~ the exits. Once a acquisition is make the sign are removed or permanently deactivated. The electromagnetic areas from the coils do not normally exceed exposure guideline levels. Access control systems work-related in the same method with the tag included into a crucial ring or identity card. Library defense systems usage tags that can be deactivated as soon as a book is borrowed and also reactivated as soon as it is returned. Metal detectors and also airport defense systems collection up a solid magnetic ar of approximately 100 µT the is disturbed by the visibility of a metal object. Close to the frame of the detector, magnetic ar strengths might approach and occasionally exceed tip levels. However, this does not constitute a wellness hazard, as will be debated in the ar on guidelines. (see space exposures above the accuse harmful?)

Electric trains and also trams

Long-distance trains have one or an ext engine cars that are separate from the passenger cars. For this reason passenger exposure comes greatly from the electrical power supply to the train. Magnetic areas in the passenger cars of long-distance trains deserve to be number of hundred µT close to the floor, with reduced values (tens of µT) elsewhere in the compartment. Electric field strengths might reach 300 V/m. World living in the vicinity that railway lines may encounter magnetic fields from the overhead it is provided which, depending upon the country, might be equivalent to the fields produced by high-voltage power lines.

Motors and traction tools of trains and also trams are usually located under the floors that passenger cars. At floor level, magnetic field intensities may amount to 10s of µT in regions of the floor just over the motor. The fields loss off easily with distance from the floor, and exposure the the upper bodies of passenger is much lower.

TV and also radio

When picking a radio station on your stereo at home, have you ever wondered what the familiar abbreviations AM and FM stand for? Radio signals are defined as amplitude-modulated (AM) or frequency-modulated (FM) depending upon the way in i m sorry they bring information. To be radio signals can be supplied for broadcast over an extremely long ranges whereas FM waves cover much more localized areas but can offer a better sound quality.

AM radio signals space transmitted via big arrays of antennas, which deserve to be tens of metres high, on sites which space off-limits come the public. Exposures really close come antennas and feed cables have the right to be high, however these would affect maintenance workers rather than the general public.

TV and FM radio antennas are lot smaller 보다 AM radio antennas and are mounted in arrays at the optimal of high towers. The towers us serve just as supporting structures. As exposures near the foot of these towers are listed below guideline limits, public accessibility to these locations may be possible. Small local TV and radio antennas are sometimes mounted on the height of buildings; if this is the instance it may be necessary to control access to the roof.

Mobile phones and also their basic stations

Mobile phones allow people to be within reach at all times. These low-power radiowave gadgets transmit and also receive signal from a network of fixed low strength base stations. Every base station provides coverage come a offered area. Relying on the number of calls being handled, basic stations may be from only a few hundred metres personally in major cities to numerous kilometres apart in landscape areas.

Mobile phone basic stations are usually placed on the tops of buildings or on towers at heights of between 15 and also 50 metres. The level of transmissions native any details base station are variable and depend on the variety of calls and also the callers" street from the basic station. Antennas emit a very narrow beam the radiowaves which spreads out nearly parallel to the ground. Therefore, radiofrequency fields at ground level and also in areas normally accessible to the public are numerous times listed below hazard levels. Indict would only be exceeded if a human were to approach to within a metre or two directly in former of the antennas. Until mobile phones became widely used, members of the general public were greatly exposed to radiofrequency emissions indigenous radio and also TV stations. Even today, the phone towers us add small to our full exposure, together signal toughness in areas of public accessibility are normally similar to or reduced than those from distant radio and TV stations.

However, the user that a mobile phone is exposed to radiofrequency fields much greater than those uncovered in the general environment. Mobile phones are operated really close come the head. Therefore, rather than looking at the heating effect across the entirety body, the circulation of absorbed energy in the head the the user need to be determined. From innovative computer modeling and also measurements using models that heads, it shows up that the energy absorbed from a mobile phone call is not in excess of existing guidelines.

Concerns around other so-called non-thermal effects developing from exposure come mobile call frequencies have additionally been raised. These include suggestions that subtle impacts on cells that can have an result on cancer development. Results on electrically excitable tissues the may influence the function of the mind and nervous organization have likewise been hypothesized. However, the in its entirety evidence easily accessible to date does not suggest that the use of mobile phones has any type of detrimental impact on person health.

Magnetic areas in day-to-day life: room they really that high?

In current years, nationwide authorities in different countries have performed many measurements to investigate electromagnetic ar levels in the living environment. No one of this surveys has concluded that field levels can bring around adverse health and wellness effects.

The commonwealth Office for Radiation safety in Germany freshly measured the daily exposure to magnetic fields of around 2000 individuals throughout a range of occupations and public exposures. All of them were equipped with personal dosimeters for 24 hours. The measure up exposure differed widely however gave one average daily exposure the 0.10 µT. This value is a thousand times reduced that the typical limit the 100 µT for the public and also five thousand times lower than the 500 µT exposure border for workers. Furthermore, the exposure of human being living in the centres the cities showed that there are no drastic differences in exposure between life in rural areas and also life in the city. Even the exposure of world living in the vicinity that high voltage power lines different very tiny from the mean exposure in the population.

Key points

Background electromagnetic ar levels in the house are mainly caused by the transmission and also distribution framework for electrical power or by electric appliances.Electrical appliances differ greatly in the stamin of fields they generate. Both electric and also magnetic ar levels decrease swiftly with distance from the appliances. In any type of event, areas surrounding family members appliances usually space far listed below guideline limits.At operator location the electric and also magnetic fields of tv sets and also computer display screens are thousands of thousands times listed below guideline levels.Microwave ovens conference the standards space not hazardous come health.As lengthy as nearby public accessibility to radar facilities, broadcasting antennas and also mobile phone basic stations is restricted, exposure guideline limits for radiofrequency areas will not be exceeded.The user the a mobile phone call encounters ar levels that are much greater than any levels in the common living environment. However, even these raised levels carry out not show up to create harmful effects.Many surveys have demonstrated the exposure come electromagnetic ar levels in the living environment is very low.

criter are set to defend our health and are renowned for plenty of food additives, for concentrations of chemicals in water or wait pollutants. Similarly, ar standards exist to border overexposure come electromagnetic field levels current in our environment.

snucongo.org decides on guidelines?

Countries collection their own nationwide standards for exposure come electromagnetic fields. However, the majority of these national standards attract on the guidelines collection by the worldwide Commission top top Non-Ionizing Radiation security (ICNIRP). This non-governmental organization, formally well-known by snucongo.org, evaluate scientific outcomes from everywhere the world. Based upon an thorough review the the literature, ICNIRP to produce guidelines recommending boundaries on exposure. This guidelines space reviewed periodically and updated if necessary.

Electromagnetic ar levels vary with frequency in a complex way. Listing every worth in every standard and also at every frequency would be complicated to understand. The table below is a review of the exposure guidelines because that the three locations that have become the focus of windy concern: electricity in the home, mobile phone basic stations and microwave ovens. These guidelines to be last update in April 1998.

Summary that the ICNIRP exposure guidelines

European power frequency

Mobile phone base station frequency

Microwave cooktop frequency


50 Hz

50 Hz

900 MHz

1.8 GHz

2.45 GHz

Electric field (V/m)

Magnetic field (µT)

Power thickness (W/m2)

Power density (W/m2)

Power density (W/m2)

Public exposure limits

5 000





Occupational exposure limits

10 000




ICNIRP, EMF guidelines, health and wellness Physics 74, 494-522 (1998)

The exposure guidelines may differ through a aspect of much more than 100 between some former Soviet countries and Western countries. Through the globalization that trade and the rapid introduction of telecommunications an international there is a need for universal standards. As plenty of countries from the former Soviet Union are currently considering new standards, the snucongo.org has recently released an initiative to harmonize exposure indict worldwide. Future requirements will be based on the results of the snucongo.org"sInternational Electromagnetic field Project.

What room guidelines based on?

An important point to do is the a guideline limit is not a an exact delineation between safety and hazard. Over there is no one level over which exposures become hazardous to health; instead, the potential risk to human being health progressively increases with greater exposure levels. Guidelines show that, below a offered threshold, electromagnetic ar exposure is for sure according to clinical knowledge. However, that does not automatically follow that, over the offered limit, exposure is harmful.

Nevertheless, to it is in able to set limits ~ above exposure, scientific studies require to identify the threshold level at which an initial health effects become apparent. As people cannot be offered for experiments, guidelines critically count on pet studies. Subtle behavioural changes in animals at low levels often precede more drastic transforms in health at higher levels. Abnormal action is a very sensitive indicator the a biological an answer and has actually been selected together the lowest observable adverse health and wellness effect. Guidelines recommend the avoidance of electromagnetic field exposure levels, at which behavioral changes become noticeable.

This threshold level for behaviour is not equal come the guideline limit. ICNIRP applies a safety factor of 10 to derive job-related exposure limits, and a element of 50 to obtain the tip value for the general public. Therefore, because that example, in the radiofrequency and also microwave frequency ranges, the maximum levels you could experience in the atmosphere or in your residence are at least 50 times reduced than the threshold level at which an initial behavioural transforms in animals become apparent.

Why is the safety aspect for work-related exposure guidelines reduced than for the basic public?

The occupationally exposed population consists of adult snucongo.org typically experience known electromagnetic field conditions. These workers are trained to be conscious of potential risk and to take suitable precautions. Through contrast, the basic public is composed of individuals of every ages and also of varying health status. In numerous cases, these room unaware of their exposure to EMF. Moreover, individual members of the public cannot be supposed to take it precautions to minimization or protect against exposure. These room the underlying considerations for more stringent exposure restrictions for the basic public than for the occupationally exposed population.

As we have seen earlier, short frequency electromagnetic areas induce currents in the human being body (see What happens as soon as you room exposed to electromagnetic fields?). Yet various biochemical reactions in ~ the body itself generate currents together well. The cells or tissues will not be able to detect any induced currents listed below this lift level. Therefore, at short frequencies, exposure indict ensure that the level of currents induced by one electromagnetic fields is below that of natural body currents.

The main result of radiofrequency power is the heating of tissue. Consequently, exposure guidelines because that radiofrequency fields and also microwaves are collection to stop health effects caused by localized or snucongo.orgle-body heating (see What happens once you room exposed to electromagnetic fields?). Compliance with the guidelines will certainly ensure that heating impacts are sufficiently tiny not to be harmful.

What guidelines can not account for

At present, speculations about potential long-term health effects cannot kind the basis for the issuing of guidelines or standards. Including up the outcomes of all clinical studies, the overall weight of proof does not suggest that electromagnetic fields reason long-term health results such together cancer. National and also international bodies collection and update requirements on the communication of the latest scientific understanding to protect versus known wellness effects.

Guidelines are collection for the average populace and can not directly deal with the requirements of a decimal of potentially more sensitive people. Air pollution guidelines, because that example, room not based upon the impairment of asthmatics. Similarly, electromagnetic field guidelines are not designed to protect human being from interference v implanted clinical electronic gadgets such as heart pacemakers. Instead, advice about exposure cases to it is in avoided have to be sought native the manufacturers and from the clinician implanting the device.

What are common maximum exposure levels at home and in the environment?

Some practical information will help you to relate to the worldwide guideline values provided above. In the following table girlfriend will uncover the most typical sources that electromagnetic fields. All values room maximum level of windy exposure – your own exposure is likely to be lot lower. For a closer watch at ar levels approximately individual electrical appliances, please view the section usual exposure level at home and in the environment.


Typical maximum public exposure

Electric field (V/m)

Magnetic flux thickness (µT)

Natural fields


70 (Earth"s magnetic field)

Mains power

(in houses not nearby to strength lines)



Mains power

(beneath huge power lines)

10 000


Electric trains and also trams



TV and also computer screens

(at operator position)



Typical maximum public exposure (W/m2)

TV and also radio transmitters


Mobile phone basic stations




Microwave ovens


Source: snucongo.org local Office because that Europe

How room guidelines put right into practice and also snucongo.org check on them?

The duty to investigate fields approximately power lines, mobile phone base stations or any kind of other sources easily accessible to the general public lies with government agencies and also local authorities. They have to ensure the compliance v guidelines is maintained.

With electronic devices, the manufacturer is responsible for complying with the traditional limits. However, as we have seen above, the nature of most gadgets ensures that the emitted fields are well below the cut-off values. Furthermore, many consumer associations lug out tests on a consistent basis. In case of any particular concern or worry, call the manufacturer directly or enquire v your local public wellness authority.

Are exposures above the indict harmful?

It is perfectly safe to eat a pot of strawberry jam as much as the expiration day – but if girlfriend consume the jam any type of later the manufacturer can not guarantee good food quality. Nevertheless, even a few weeks or months after the expiration date, it will commonly be safe to eat the jam. Similarly, electromagnetic field guidelines ensure that, within the offered exposure limit, no well-known adverse health effects will occur. A huge safety element is used to the level recognized to reason a health and wellness consequence. Therefore, also if friend experienced ar strengths number of times greater than the provided limit value, her exposure would still be in ~ this security margin.

In day-to-day situations, most human being do not endure electromagnetic areas that exceed the reminder limits. Usual exposures space far listed below these values. However, there are occasions whereby a person"s exposure may, because that a quick period, strategy or even exceed the guidelines. According to ICNIRP, radiofrequency and also microwave exposures need to be averaged in time to address cumulative effects. The guidelines specify a time-averaging period of six minutes and short-term exposures over the borders are acceptable.

In contrast, exposure to short frequency electric and also magnetic areas is no time-averaged in the guidelines. Come make things even an ext complicated, an additional factor called coupling comes right into play. Coupling refers to the interaction between the electric and also magnetic fields and also the exposed body. This relies on the size and shape of the body, the type of tissue and also the orientation the the body loved one to the field. Guidelines need to be conservative: ICNIRP constantly assumes preferably coupling that the ar to the exposed individual. Hence the reminder limits carry out maximum protection. For example, even though the magnetic ar values for hairdryers and electric shavers appear to exceed the recommended values, extremely weak coupling in between the field and the head avoids the induction of electric currents that can exceed pointer limits.

Key points

ICNIRP worries guidelines top top the communication of the present scientific knowledge. Most countries draw top top these international guidelines for their own nationwide standards.Standards for short frequency electromagnetic areas ensure that induced electric currents are below the typical level of elevator currents within the body. Criter for radiofrequency and microwaves stop health effects caused by localized or totality body heating.Guidelines carry out not protect versus potential interference v electromedical devices.Maximum exposure levels in daily life are commonly far below guideline limits.Due to a huge safety factor, exposure above the guideline borders is not necessarily harmful to health. Furthermore time-averaging for high frequency fields and also the assumption of maximum coupling for low frequency areas introduce second safety margin.

With more and much more research data available, it has come to be increasingly unlikely the exposure come electromagnetic areas constitutes a serious health hazard, nevertheless, some apprehension remains. The initial scientific discussion around the interpretation of controversial results has actually shifted to come to be a societal as well as political issue.

The public conflict over electromagnetic fields focuses top top the potential detriments of electromagnetic fields yet often ignores the benefits connected with electromagnetic field technology. There is no electricity, society would involved a standstill. Similarly, broadcasting and telecommunications have come to be a an easy fact of modern life. An evaluation of the balance in between cost and also potential hazards is essential.

Protection of public health

International guidelines and also national safety standards because that electromagnetic fields are emerged on the basis of the existing scientific knowledge to ensure that the fields humans encounter space not harmful come health. Come compensate uncertainties in understanding (due, for example, to experimental errors, extrapolation from pets to humans, or statistics uncertainty), large safety determinants are incorporated into the exposure limits. The indict are consistently reviewed and updated if necessary. It has actually been said that taking added precautions to deal with with continuing to be uncertainties may be a beneficial policy to take on while science boosts knowledge on health consequences. However, the form and extent of the cautionary plan chosen critically counts on the toughness of evidence for a wellness risk and also the scale and nature the the potential consequences. The cautionary response should be proportional to the potential risk. For more information, view the snucongo.org Backgrounder on Cautionary Policies.

Several policies promoting caution have been arisen to resolve concerns around public, occupational and also environmental health and also safety issues linked with chemical and also physical agents.

What have to be excellent while research study continues?

One the the missions of the international EMF task is to aid national authorities weigh the benefits of utilizing electromagnetic ar technologies versus the possibility that a wellness risk might be discovered. Furthermore, the that will issue recommendations on safety measures, if they might be needed. It will take part years because that the forced research to be completed, evaluated and published. In the meantime, the people Health Organization has issued a collection of recommendations:

Strict follow to existing nationwide or global safety standards: together standards, based on current knowledge, are emerged to protect everyone in the population with a large safety factor.Simple security measures: obstacles around strong electromagnetic ar sources help preclude unauthorized accessibility to areas where exposure borders may it is in exceeded.Consultation with neighborhood authorities and the public in siting new power present or mobile phone base stations: siting decisions room often compelled to take right into account aesthetics and also public sensitivities. Open interaction during the planning step can aid create publicly understanding and greater accept of a brand-new facility.Communication: an effective system of wellness information and also communication amongst scientists, governments, industry and the public can help raise basic awareness that programmes taking care of exposure come electromagnetic fields and reduce any mistrust and fears.

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For additional information, check out thesnucongo.org reality Sheets top top Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health.