Andrea Bocelli and also Andrea Brightman performing “Time come Say Goodbye”

Both versions are generally sung in Italian. Later, a Spanish variation entitled “Por Ti Volaré” with considerably different lyrics was introduced. Regardless of the language, the music is powerful and feels much bigger than the moment. Bocelli and Brightman’s other-worldly voices take it you come another aircraft as the sentimental melody swells v emotion. The track feels as if that were written to cry to. The location itself, even if it is it’s the English version, “Time come Say Goodbye,” or the Italian “Con te Partirò” (which literally converts to “I’ll leave through you”), also indicates a theme of loss and also goodbyes.

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When it comes to the lyrics…that’s another story. I execute not understand Italian, yet there space plenty the English translations the end there.

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The song starts with:

“Quando not like that soloSogno all’orizzonteE mancan le paroleSì lo so che non c’è luceIn una stanza quanto manca il soleSe no ci sei tu con me, con me”

“Whenever I’m lonelyI dream past the horizonAnd all the words space missing.Yes I recognize there is no lightIn a room where the sun is missingIf you’re not here with me, with me”

The first stanza seems clear, however following that, the Italian come English translate into doesn’t make much sense. But I to be OK through that, and it seems as if countless others are, too.

If you want to mark any significant moment of adjust with a song, even if it is it’s a death, a move, or an additional kind the goodbye, i recommend seeking out “Con dare Partirò/Time come Say Goodbye” for an incredibly powerful experience.