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select the best possible answer come the complying with questions about vital Concept 2 "Detrital sedimentary rocks." breccia

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What minerals are most common in detrital sedimentary rocks and why? choose all the apply. calcite – it is the many abundant product the precipitation from warmth ocean water
clay – that is the most abundant product of chemical weathering of feldspar
halite – the is a usual product of evaporation the lake water
quartz – the is extremely durable and resistant to chemical weathering
2.Match the complying with detrital sediment types with the main mode the lithification into sedimentary rock:Using the pulldown boxes, enhance each article on the left to the corresponding item at right.
A. Compaction and also water expulsion
B. Cementation and also compaction
Choice AChoice B
mud (mudstone)
Choice AChoice Bsand (sandstone)
3.What is the main basis because that distinguishing amongst various detrital sedimentary rocks? Why?
rock dimension – a useful observation indicating the quantity of mechanically weathering
mineral composition – one indicator the the resource of the sediment
particle dimension – a useful observation describe the environment of deposition
particle form – a valuable observation denote the quantity of mechanically weathering
4.Detrital grains of part mineral(s) are extremely rare in detrital sediments. I m sorry minerals and why?
feldspars – they occur only in granite
quartz – that is very hard and also insoluble in water
calcite – it is soft and relatively soluble in water
clays – they space rare in soils and also regolith layers
5.Match the detrital rock through the ideal description:Using the pulldown boxes, complement each items on the left to the matching item at right.
A. Well-sorted, medium-size (up come 2 mm) particles, huge pore spaces, accounts for about 20% that sedimentary rocks
B. Silt- and clay-size particles, tiny pore spaces, accounts because that > 50% the sedimentary rocks
C. Quartz, feldspar and also rock pieces dominate, poorly sorted, angular grains
D. Angular large particles that room poorly sorted, few pore spaces
E. Gravel- and also sometimes boulder-sized corpuscle that are poorly sorted and also rounded, few pore spaces
Choice AChoice BChoice CChoice DChoice E
Choice AChoice BChoice CChoice DChoice Econglomerate
Choice AChoice BChoice CChoice DChoice Egraywacke
Choice AChoice BChoice CChoice DChoice Equartz sandstone
Choice AChoice BChoice CChoice DChoice Eshale
6.If shale is such a usual rock in the sedimentary rock world, why isn"t it together prominently exposed at the surface ar as sandstone?
Shale crumbles easily, causing increased mechanical weathering, whereas sandstone resists weathering an ext effectively.
Shale resists weathering an ext effectively, conversely, sandstone crumbles easily, causing boosted mechanical weathering.
Shale has conveniently broken, highly reactive minerals, vice versa, sandstone has actually harder-to-break minerals.
Shale dissolves in water, conversely, sandstone dissolves just if sufficient carbonic acid is current in the water.
7.Select the answer that lists the usual detrital sedimentary rocks in bespeak of boosting particle size.
sandstone, conglomerate, shale
conglomerate, sandstone, shale
shale, conglomerate, sandstone
sandstone, shale, conglomerate
shale, sandstone, conglomerate

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Label the layer with the proper rock form based on just how the layer has weathered and also mass-wasted:For every item below, use the pull-down menu to choose the letter that labels the correct component of the image.