Since one ionic compound consists of equal number of positive and an unfavorable ions, the overall charge of an ionic link is zero.

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But why is the variety of positive and an adverse ions equal?

Can’t one ionic compound can have an unlike number of an unfavorable and positive ions? Why or why not?



Sodium demands to shed 1 Electron to attain stable electronic configuration and also chlorine needs to gain 1 electron to stable electronic configuration.

In a huge picture, the electron was transferred from salt to chlorine in the very same neutral crystal. No electron was provided to the decision from outside, it was already in the same mechanism before and also after the development of NaCl.

If the system before formation that NaCl to be neutral climate it will be neutral also after the development of NaCl crystal. That may be the reason.


Well, if the no. Of optimistic and an adverse ions to be unequal, climate the ionic types would have actually a network charge, i.e., there would certainly be fee separation. Now because electrostatic forces (the pressures that tie the cations and also anions in one ionic compound) are very solid over brief distances (as uncovered in a compound), very large amount the work has to be excellent to different the charges. Thus, power required will be really high.

However, usually a mechanism tends to be in the lowest energy state. So, unless you provide vast amounts of heat or part other exterior work to separate the charges, the ionic link will have equal variety of cations and anions


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