Dragonwings Themes

The main themes in Dragonwings are cultural conflicts, the prominence of family, and the price of dreams.

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Cultural conflicts: Moon Shadow experiences a consistent struggle in between the Chinese culture with which he to be raised and the American culture he to meet in san Francisco.The prominence of family: Moon Shadow’s family members in san Francisco gives him v a loyal and supportive community, if the bond between Windrider, Mother, and Moon zero persists across continents.The expense of dreams: The personalities in Dragonwings challenge various trials and also hardships together they pursue their dreams, demonstrating the while desires are important, they frequently come in ~ a price.
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Cultural Conflicts

Moon shadow finds self caught in between the Chinese culture he has actually been increased in and also the American, or “demon,” society of his brand-new home in the joined States. So much differs in between the two, from the means each society determines a person’s age to the way they determine...

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Cultural Conflicts

Moon zero finds self caught in between the Chinese society he has actually been increased in and the American, or “demon,” society of his new home in the joined States. So much differs between the two, indigenous the method each society determines a person’s period to the way they recognize the present year. Moon Shadow’s initiation right into American society establishes the “demons” as a source of conflict when a team of White men throw a brick with the Company’s home window the first night Moon shadow spends in mountain Francisco. Later, Jack and also his friends come to be a further source of conflict. White personalities in the novel regularly talk down to Chinese personalities or even yell at them, together if speak loudly will assist Chinese Americans understand English.

Moon shadow is originally wary the the demons who surround him, yet with his friendships with miss Whitlaw and Robin, the learns that no all White world are to be feared and disliked. In fact, he finds that he can trust miss out on Whitlaw much more than practically anyone else he knows and also that he deserve to turn to her in time of both fear and joy. Moon Shadow and Robin kind a particularly close friendship; she help him learn to review English and also gives him advice top top standing approximately Jack and also his friends. Still, Moon shadow finds self in a land whereby Chinese civilization are not totally trusted; also after shedding their home in the earthquake and also subsequent fire, the residents of the flavor people’s village are not permitted to return home and are instead marched in circles for days. Moon Shadow also realizes the the institution he is sent out to isn’t the same top quality as the colleges designed because that white students. Thus there is a consistent battle between the Chinese society he loves and also the opportunities he is afforded in America. While that realizes the America offers much more than he and his father might possibly expect to achieve in China, Moon zero longs to host onto his Chinese society as he build a new future in a brand-new country.

The prestige of Family

Although Moon Shadow’s parents live on different continents, they continue to be in touch with letters, i m sorry Moon Shadow and Mother take pains to have actually read and also composed for them. Moon Shadow, Mother, and also Wind driver thus present the importance of maintaining family members relationships. They also try to assist each other as lot as possible; Windrider sends mom money, and also when she learns of his claims that the was once the physician to the Dragon King, she supports him wholeheartedly, questioning Moon zero to love and support his father as lot as that can. Moon Shadow and his father type a near bond immediately upon their conference in America, and when Windrider decides that he requirements to leave the agency and seek his desires of flying, Moon zero insists ~ above going through him to help.

Miss Whitlaw additionally proves her commitment to family. When she loser her home to the fire, she protects the money set aside for Robin’s college fund and also finds employed staff so the she can proceed to assistance Robin’s dreams. Also Black Dog, who finds self in continuous trouble and is physically abusive come Moon Shadow, find himself protected by his family. After the holds a knife to Moon Shadow’s throat and then steals the save Moon Shadow and Windrider have actually collected, Windrider notes the “he’s tho our cousin.” characters turn come their households for unwavering support, often finding the toughness to persevere with hardships due to the fact that of the loyalty and also assistance they find in those relationships.

The price of Dreams

The problems various characters experience in Dragonwings show that dreams often come with a price. Windrider left China in order come pursue better opportunities in America; in act so, the was forced to leaving his pregnant mam behind, and he wouldn’t see her again for many years. Moon zero has constantly dreamed of discovering his father, yet as soon as he’s offered the opportunity to join him in America, he has to challenge the ache of leaving his mom behind.

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Windrider believes that he was went to by the Dragon King in a dream and also that the is destined because that greatness; he thus follows his desires of constructing an airplane and pipeline the Company, his family members in mountain Francisco, behind to perform so. Although that achieves his dream, that is physically injured as soon as the aircraft crashes, and he is compelled to realize the his family is more important 보다 his dreams of flying. Miss out on Whitlaw dreams of sending Robin to college, but she should sacrifice her very own comfort by finding a job in order to conserve money for Robin. Since of your dreams, personalities in the novel challenge struggle, endure hardship, and suffer physics separation from the civilization they love most. This struggles present the prominence of both dreaming and making sure one’s dreams are rewarding enough to justify the trials affiliated in afford them.