Themes in the quick story "The Landlady" through Roald Dahl incorporate deception, naivete, youthful innocence, and also appearances matches reality.

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Theme refers to a global idea or post that operation throughout a story. A story may have much more than one theme, or a significant (central) theme and other sub- or alternate themes, which might or might not be attached to the central theme.

We find a number of themes in the...

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Theme refers to a universal idea or blog post that operation throughout a story. A story may have an ext than one theme, or a significant (central) theme and also other sub- or alternate themes, which may or might not be attached to the central theme.

We discover a number of themes in the story, The Landlady, by Roald Dahl.

The main theme is deception. The landlady shows up to be a good soul, kind-hearted, caring, generous and, most importantly, benign. She quickly deceives Billy Weaver and he is taken in by she seemingly innocuous appearance and also gentle, sort words as illustrated in the adhering to lines:

She was around forty-five or fifty year old, and also the minute she saw him, she offered him a warmth welcoming smile."Please come in,” she claimed pleasantly.

She had actually a round pink face and very gentle blue eyes.

She seemed dreadful nice. She looked precisely like the mom of one’s ideal school girlfriend welcoming one right into the house to remain for the Christmas holidays.

She looked up at him out of the corners of her eyes and gave him an additional gentle tiny smile.

After all, she was not only harmless – there to be no question about that – however she was additionally quite clear a kind and generous soul.


As the story progresses, the leader becomes horribly conscious that the gentle landlady is noþeles but. She is a cold and calculating serial killer, who very closely selects she victims and also like, a spider weaving that is pernicious web, very closely ensnares her favored victim by being especially kind and also caring. The unsuspecting Billy Weaver is quickly trapped and also when he drink her almond-flavoured tea, we the readers, realise to our dismay, the that is more than likely the last cup that anything he will ever have.

Another design template which features strongly is irony.

There are plenty of examples the both verbal and situational irony featured in the story. The instance of deception mentioned above, is one such. A couple of other instances from the text room the following:

Certainly it would certainly be an ext comfortable than The Bell and Dragon.

The truth that Billy to be impressed by the pleasant photo of the apartment, with its yellow chrysenthamums, the fireplace, the parrot and also the "pretty small dachshund", is ironic, since this seemingly comfortable adobe to be nothing prefer it seemed. It to be a place of murder many foul. The would have actually been much better off going come The Bell and also Dragon ~ all. 

He had actually never stayed in any kind of boarding-houses, and, come be perfectly honest, he was a tiny little bit frightened of them.

The irony right here is obvious. If Billy had acted top top his fear, he would have saved his life.

“You see, it isn’t an extremely often I have actually the satisfied of taking a visitor into my little nest.”

Neither Billy or the reader, at this juncture, is mindful of the irony included in these words. The reader only realise later, the implicitly of what the landlady says here. She boarding residence is a veritable swarm for she victims. She preserves and stores your bodies there, just as she had actually done through her dog and also her parrot.

... I"m inclined to be just a teeny weeny bit choosy and also particular – if you see what i mean.”

The verbal irony lies in the fact that the landlady knows exactly what she means, yet the regrettably Billy go not. She very closely selects she victims.

Thirdly, naivete (or inexperience) is likewise a theme.

Since Billy is just seventeen and also therefore lacks much knowledge of the world, the is quite gullible. If he had actually known more, he would have absolutely noticed the tell-tale signs of the landlady"s evil and her intent, together as:

... And her blue eyes travelled progressively all the method down the length of Billy"s body, to his feet, and also then up again.

He noticed that the bedspread had actually been taken off the bed, and also that the bedclothes had been neatly turned earlier on one side, all prepared for who to gain in.

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“I’m so happy you appeared,” she said, looking earnestly into his face. “I was beginning to gain worried.”

He noticed the she had small, white, easily moving hands, and red finger-nails.

But i think he was a trifle much shorter than you are, in truth I’m sure he was, and also his teeth weren’t fairly so white. You have the many beautiful teeth, mr Weaver, did you understand that?”

There wasn’t a blemish top top his body.”“A what?” Billy said.“His skin was similar to a baby’s.”

It is tragic that Billy hadn"t i found it the particular and very specific attention the the landlady payment him and also that she was so precise when speaking around her previously guests, or also that her wearing red nail polish was incongruous. In his naive estimation, she