1 mole of Kr includes Avogadro"s number of atoms, therefore, to calculation the number of moles containing 9.783 * 10^23 atoms, we will do cross multiplication together follows:number of moles = (9.783 * 10^23 *1) / (6.022 * 10^23) = 1.625 moles1 atm is identical to 101325 Pa, therefore:9.25 atm = 937256.25 Pa

The right gas legislation states that:PV = nRT whereP is the press = 937256.25 PaV is the volume we desire to calculaten is the number of moles = 1.625 molesR is the gas constant = 8.31441T is the temperature = 512 k

Substitute through the givens to gain V together follows:937256.25 V = 1.625 * 8.31441 * 512Volume = 7.38 * 10^-3 liters
7.38 liters

Further explanation


N = 9.783 x 10²³ atoms of Kr p = 9.25 atmT = 512 KAvogadro"s number = 6.02 x 10²³


The volume the Kr (in liters)

The Process:

Step-1: moles of Kr

We use the conversion formula from the variety of atoms to moles.

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Hence, we obtain 1.625 mole of Kr.

Step-2: the volume the Kr

We usage the formula for perfect gas:


p = pressure in atmV = volume in litersn = amount of problem in molesR = right gas constant, i.e., 0.082 together atm/mol K.T = temperature in Kelvin

Let united state calculate the volume.



Thus, the volume that Kr is 7.38 liters.

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Keywords: the volume, Kr, krypton, atoms, avogadro"s number, moles, atm, pressure, temperature, appropriate gas law

The proportion is 3: 2. I.e. C.

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D=m/v =57.9/3 = 19.3 g/cm^3
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