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Patricia ann Stratigeas didn’t set out intending to to water the structure for the modern-day women’s division of expert wrestling. In fact, we have to thank the faculty in ~ York university in Toronto for Stratigeas changing careers in the first place ? She was studying biology and also kinesiology in 1997 once the whole staff walk on strike, for this reason she turned her attention to ending up being a fitness model.

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Eventually, her route crossed through Vince McMahon’s wildly-popular human being Wrestling Entertainment. The biggest diva in WWE history debuted in march 2000 under the ring name Trish Stratus.

Trish Stratus’ rings Career

Stratus debuted as valet because that the tag team of Test and also Prince Albert; The group’s T&A moniker doubled together (sorry because that the language, Mom) “Tits and also Ass.” when honing she in-ring skills, Stratus reduced promos for climbing men’s personalities like Val Venis. Stratus operated her means through the ranks, eventually developing a rivalry through Lita top top the Raw and Smackdown! weekly shows.

A kayfabe affair with WWF Chairman Vince McMahon thrived to wild lengths. Stratus was at some point ambushed by McMahon during a tag team complement when the traitorous team covered her in “slop.” McMahon aligned she to a toy he grew tired of play with, leaving her in the ring alone.

The massive face turn was set. The Stratus-McMahon feud finished at WrestleMania X-Seven, and also Stratus became the in-ring stallwart, three-time Babe the the Year, PWI’s woman of the Decade, one-time Hardcore Championship and also seven-time WWE Women’s Championship winner us remember today.

Impact and also Legacy in WWE

Even despite Stratus’ weekly appearances finished in 2006, she’s contended in various matches in recent years. WrestleMania XXVII, 2018 royal Rumble, WWE Evolution, and also various clues on WWE Monday Night Raw offered Stratus’ superstar status to boost developing storylines. Her many recent match came in ~ SummerSlam 2019, shedding by entry to Charlotte Flair.


Stratus has actually appeared in 272 matches, 42 the which come on pay-per-view. She was inducted into the WWE room of fame in 2013 by Stephanie McMahon.

“Right now, over there are an ext women wrestlers than ever before before. There’s much more interesting wrestling characters that the pan are an ext behind,” Stratus stated in 2003. “I’m so dazzling to be affiliated in a time like this. Man, I just hope for bigger and much better things to come in the division.”

During Stratus’ career, the women’s division went from just a sexy sideshow to a legitimate, respected component of the company. Watch no additional than any one of the Bra & Panties matches throughout those early years.

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As Stratus’ star grew within the WWE Universe, so did the clamoring for an ext women in the ring.

Led through Stratus’ athleticism and also Stratusfaction finishing move, the WWE women’s department developed major storylines that turned the company global. Female experienced wrestlers prefer Lita, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, Jacqueline, Jazz, and also Molly Holly helped Stratus usher in a brand-new era the women’s wrestling.

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I’m not certain the WWE Diva the the te really construed the growth a strong women’s department could carry World rings Entertainment, though.