This is one over excellent quiz. There are many label quizzes. But just try it the end if you acquire bored or something. Being emo is a gift, a curse, a minority, and also an honor. M(__)m

Are girlfriend an emo in ~ all? are you a depression emo? space you a potato emo????Find out now! simply answer the questions and also you will soon get your result! Dum dum dum!!!

Created by: Sofie

What perform you usually execute at home? Whine and also hit my parentals! >:) Think around lyrics because that my new song.....surf the net, etc. Raid her sister/mom"s closet! reduced my wrists or execute other damages to myself....think about death Go shot to get some special rimmed glasses and also tight pants! Umm.....ew none! :(Do girlfriend wear make-up? Yes and also I"m a male (mascara, lipstick or other) No and I"m a girl No and I"m a guy YES!!! black lipstick and mascara ah!!! Yeah my blood Lipgloss, eye shadow and stuff choose that.

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Music Genres? Pop, rock and/or R&B :) Rock, Metal, and also Progressive Gothic Emo and Thrash 2 and also 3 I prefer classical and also stuff prefer 80"s music music is stupid!Artists? Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Korn, mechanism of a Down....etc. Ashley Tisdale, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, scare at the Disco Michael Jackson, sisters of Mercy, Bahuahs or various other I told you already! MUSIC IS STUPID Therion, 11th Hour, My critical Mistake and also other brand-new bands Jefree Star or various other artists.What carry out you think that Love? it sucks. It"s hot! It"s rare yet beautiful ns don"t know....not sure what it is anymore... It"s cool. My bf/gf is awesome It"s great when you find the best partyHair colors? What"s her opinion? Um...I choose my herbal color... (brown,blonde black color or red) Blonde/Platnium Blonde! It"s the best! black or black with highlight in red or other color I wanna dye my hair a cool shade like blue or wild flower indigenous manic panic It"s already dyed! ns love the I shave it offFAVE COLORS!!!(Sorry yet I had too!) Black and only black! Black and also Red, Black and also Grey or Brown... Midnight Blue or purple Rainbow without ugly black color brown and also grey! Pink and Sky Blue White, gold, silver or otherHmmph......I"m tired....how about you? I"m nocturnal Me too. Lol I never ever sleep I"m tired. I require my beauty, beauty sleep! no me! I simply drank an power drink/coffee/sodaThe End!!!!! last Question!!!Ok how frequently do you take it emo quizzes All the time I have to be emo Not much only as soon as I"m boring Never. Ns was bullied right into this/dared toOk actually this is the last question.....are friend a potato? no no >:( yes :P who cares? sure lol

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Quiz topic: What type of Emo am I???

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