Let me start off reminding girlfriend one little bit of info from the ahead Episode: the origins of the Mongolian language are under controversy up till now, in other words —unclear and also uncertain. All we have actually is theories and also speculations. Presenting you to those theories, however, is not the score of this article.

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Langventuring right into Mongolian offers us an opportunity to observe the transforms a language have the right to go through gradually —so much so the its first known version and also the modern one might be different like the sky and also the earth (we can use English to do the very same example, you know, however it is no on our "route")!

Understanding the reality that languages undergo evolution, i believe, is essential for the learning process because then you free yourself native the erroneous belief that all the rules, spellings and pronunciations have the right to be logically explained. It just happens the some have actually deep historical roots, therefore —yes, you have the right to dig deep and explain the factors or you deserve to just expropriate that some points in a language space the means they are due to its history, foreign influences, transforms over time, etc.


The inquiry is: Was the Mongolian, the language talked then? so if you take into the account the variety of tribes Genghis had to deal with, you could understand the pickle he got himself into. When overcoming other areas with such a combined cohort, what execute you say to the conquered regarding who conquered them? would certainly take a when to name all the tribes who participated, currently wouldn"t it? and that"s exactly how one come up with a name for their group! in ~ least, this is one of the theories. Because that Genghis cannes that surname was Mongol —from "mangi-kol"— "the eternal army".

This means that the surname for the Mongolian language, and for the Mongols themselves, was developed to sign up with all the different clans and tribal teams into one, yet it did no exist! Genghis Khan, transforms out, was no a Mongol —but ended up being one, proclaimed self one even. And the Mongolian language was, in fact, a mix that several and also was conceptualized together Mongolian —for political reasons! Well, how about that?

But all those peoples did speak somehow; Genghis cannes did, too! What was the language lock used? as soon as again, the subject is teeming with speculations and opinions. However the usual root found much more often 보다 others is that the language used by that good Mongolian cannes was a Turkic one. The basis for that?

There is a selection of historical papers of Mongol empire from the era in inquiry written in the Turkic language by the means of Uyghur script. The language modern Mongols speak to the Middle Mongolian. And it bears no same to the Khalkha dialect —Mongolian the today! old documents composed in part older variation of the Mongolian language world speak today execute not exist (or were never found). As there is no a predecessor the Khalkha Mongolian, a so dubbed proto-language from which The Khalkha language stems.

In the XIII century, the time as soon as Genghis Khan came onto the politics arena, the majority of the human being in Eurasian steppe, huge flat unforested grassland, to be Turkic. They and the good Khan himself, as the evidence suggests, were making use of a version of Turkic language to communicate —and the is not only amongst themselves, but additionally in diplomatic correspondence and official state documents.


That is the story of how the language of Genghis Khan became Mongolian! just how it got that "Cyrillic look", is a object for an additional Episode. And it surely needs to do something with history, too.

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Mongolian reflects us one interesting ide in a language development —a political side of it, the one human being tend to forget about when discovering a language. The evolution and also the history of a language have quite an importance, which i am certain you recognize now. Therefore sometimes, once you don"t get the logic of this or the rule/pronunciation/etc., remember the the language you space learning could have gone through a lot of change, just as Mongolian did.

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