Geraniums room a popular and also beautiful tree to placed in her front garden for every to see, yet less for this reason if yellow pipeline on your geranium do it unsightly.

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It is no wonder that this plant is really drought-tolerant and easy to care for, since it is, after ~ all, a aboriginal of Africa. Geraniums have lovely blooms that come in clusters 4-5 inches large if cared because that properly and also different varieties can bloom at any time the the year.

What causes Yellow leaves on Geraniums?

Perhaps one of the most typical problems that cause yellow leaves on geraniums is overwatering. You need to remember that these tree lean much more towards being dryness resistant.

A pair of the indicators that overwatering might be the culprit room that the yellow pipeline seem to be mostly at the bottom that the plant and also that a couple of of the leaves might have pale water spots on them.

Another common reason the can reason your geranium leaves to start turning yellow is too lot cold. Geraniums grow in the warmer climates and having a cold snap or frost can damages a geranium if not cared for.


Not sufficient light can likewise cause a yellowing of pipeline if over there is too much shade. However, there is a limit of the amount of light and heat a geranium have the right to handle and, if the temperature at night is staying above seventy levels during the summer, her geranium could start come wilt.

While geraniums are drought tolerant and are much more likely come complain about too lot water than as well little, they quiet do must be watered top top occasion. Too small water can also be a cause of geranium leaves transforming yellow.

If you have actually been farming your geranium in a tiny pot, or if it has actually been cultivation in the same place for a few years, the leaves might start to revolve a pale-green sort of yellow. The many likely cause of this is the it is doing not have in the nutrient it needs.

There are likewise a few different type of wilts and also rots that can affect your tree by do the leaves on the geranium to revolve yellow. These can be led to by bacteria and funguses, one of the much more common ones being rust.

Rust causes the geranium leaves to rotate yellow and also brown and the underside the the pipeline to have a powdery substance the looks favor rust.

Ways come Fix and Prevent Yellow leaves on Geraniums

A couple of the best ways to avoid your geranium leaves from transforming yellow is simply to not over or under water your plant and also to bring your plant within or protect it throughout cold weather.

When you bring your tree inside, or if friend are maintaining your plant within year round, climate you need to make sure that you provide it enough sun by placing that in a sunny window.


To prevent your geranium leaves from transforming yellow as result of too lot sun and heat, shade your plant during the hottest component of the day and give the soil roughly the plant an extra-thick class of mulch.

Also, remove any kind of leaves that get infected by rust fungi and any various other fungi or bacteria as conveniently as you view them. This will assist prevent the condition from spreading to the remainder of your plant.

Fertilize your plant consistently in tiny amounts to help it replenish the nutrient it uses up to do its blooms. However, beware the spraying herbicides near your geranium since they space sensitive to herbicides and also can dice right in addition to the weeds.

If girlfriend think that your plant has actually a bacter infection and also you have tried every little thing else, then you might have a case of verticillium wilt. This is a nasty an illness that can cause the entirety plant to it must be or just seem to influence a part of it. It lives in the soil and also enters the plant by the roots, causing yellow, red, and brown pipeline on your geranium together the tree dies.

Most plants through that have actually been infected with verticillium wilt die, however by pruning off all the dead and also dying parts, fertilizing, and building up your plant together much possible you deserve to increase her geraniums opportunity of living.

Transplanting her plant and also carefully rinsing all the dirt off of the roots is additionally an option, death the it must be in the soil by solarization ~ the plant has actually been moved.

Other advice for your Geranium Plant

In stimulate to gain the maximum quantity of blooms from your plant, pinch off the flower as shortly as they begin to noticeably wilt. Also, geraniums choose sun in the morning much far better than having actually sun in the evening, therefore try to setup for her plants to it is in on the east side that the home or garden.

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When winter comes around it is not essential to lug the entirety pot in or come replant her geranium in a pot so friend can carry it indoors, you have the right to simply take it a cut from that to tree come spring.