Should ns breed mine dog?

Many owners find the companionship of their dog so lucrative that they want to breed your dog, to proceed the bloodline and/or to keep a puppy. Others, especially first time dog owners, acquire a woman dog with the intent to breed her once she is old enough.

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Whatever the reason, over there are crucial considerations you should think around before embarking upon any breeding program. In this, and several other educational handouts worrying dog breeding, we will rundown some of this considerations.

I obtained my dog from a rescue organization but he is so lovely ns would like a puppy native him. Exactly how do i go about it?

Remember that, similar to people, dogs room individuals and although us say "like father, favor son" this does no necessarily always apply. If friend really are intent on adjustment your combined breed dog, you should remember the female dogs, unlike people, typically have an ext than one puppy in ~ a time. You have to think about how you room going to find good homes for the various other pups in the litter. You also need to consider if her pet has actually a opportunity of passing on a health condition that may impact the puppies and their new owners.

"You have actually to take into consideration how you space going to uncover homes for the other pups in the litter."

The very first step is to find a female dog to mate through your male. The owner the the woman dog will be the person with the main responsibility because that finding homes for the puppies the you do not want. Unfortunately, this is not constantly easy, because of the number of unwanted dogs in animal shelters.

Owners of male mixed breed dogs frequently search for perfect mates among their next-door neighbors or various other members of local dog clubs. If you acquired your dog indigenous a shelter, pets shop, or a neighbor"s litter, think about what will occur to the puppies her pet will certainly produce. Will you be comfortable if some, if not all, the the rest of the litter end up in an pet shelter, puppy mill, or other unhappy home? This is a major decision v the future puppy"s life perhaps at risk. Make her decision wisely and carefully.

If I carry out decide to go ahead and breed my dog, is it most likely that the offspring will have the same preferable traits?

Truthfully, the odds are versus it, although training and environment helps mold puppies just like people. It is rare that the puppies, particularly mixed each other puppies, are identical to either parent, specifically in terms of behavior and personality.

I desire to breed my dog to mitigate his sexual activities. Go this work?

Mating your dog might actually make these actions worse! If your intent is to control or curtail her dog"s sexual behaviors or proclivities, reproduction him will not solve that problem.

What will reduce my dog"s sex-related activities?

Neutering her dog will alleviate some undesirable behaviors, such together roaming to find a mate. The benefits of neutering far outweigh the disadvantages. Neutering your pet eliminates his threat of emerging testicular cancer and also reduces his opportunities of arising prostate disease. That is well-proven that neutering does no cause an adverse behavioral alters in your pet. Neutering will just make your pet healthier and may even save his life!

If I do not each other my dog, how have the right to I get an additional dog with comparable characteristics?

Start through contacting the human or company where you derived your dog. Over there is a great possibility the they may have similar pets that would make great addition to her family.

"Visit a local pet shelter and rescue a homeless pet."

Alternatively, visit a local animal shelter and rescue a homeless pet. You might be pleasantly surprised through what girlfriend find. Finally, talk with your veterinarian. They will be able to direct your search and carry out you with assistance in finding the "perfect pets partner".

I derived my female dog native an pet shelter and they suggested she must be neutered at six months. She has actually turned the end to be together a lovely pet that i would prefer a litter indigenous her. Can I perform this?

Spaying is the right an option for mixed breed dogs. Five to ten million pets are euthanized in shelters nationwide each year.

"The pet overpopulation trouble can only be solved through spaying and neutering programs."

Since every female dog may have six or an ext puppies v each mating and they might mate double a year, the pets overpopulation difficulty can only be resolved through spaying and also neutering programs. Through the diversity of homeless pets needing an excellent homes, you will have actually no challenge adopting a pet with the exact same wonderful characteristics when you decision to include to her family!

I establish that, yet she has actually turned out to it is in so one-of-a-kind that I would really favor a puppy from her.

Dogs, like people, vary greatly. No issue how careful you room in an option of a mate, over there is no guarantee the you will obtain the puppy of your dreams. Is it really worth risking as much as twelve or more additional lives? there is remarkable cost involved when reproduction your dog responsibly: her dog will should be screened for hereditary conditions to try to prevent creating puppies through lifelong medical conditions; you have to be ready for the big financial cost of one emergency result from the breeding or worse, shedding your dog because of this; you need to be available 24 hours a day because that at the very least the first 3 weeks ~ whelping to screen the puppies and administer nursing treatment if needed; and you need to treatment for and socialize every the puppies until you have actually found great homes because that them, including providing veterinary treatment such together vaccinations and also deworming.

Is it possible to mate my mixed-breed mrs dog, quick of letting her operation with any type of dog in the regional park?

Owners of pedigree studs will sometimes enable mating with a non-purebred dog. This is specifically useful if you desire to concentration on a certain characteristic or conformation.

For example, if you have a combined Boxer female, it may be possible to mate her v a purebred Boxer stud. Inquire at your local dog society or each other society, or call the secretary the the ideal breed club. This details is obtainable from the American and also Canadian Kennel Clubs, both the whom have actually websites.

I to be a member that a neighborhood dog-training club and there room many people who would choose a puppy from mine female. Why wouldn"t reproduction my dog it is in a reasonable course of action?

That is fine. Unfortunately, there is a good difference in between initial enthusiasm and also final accept of the puppy. Countless people change their mind in the duration between birth and also weaning and also even an ext lose their enthusiasm when they have actually to address housetraining a puppy. This is the main reason there space so numerous puppies and also young adult dogs in pet shelters everywhere.

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What then, would certainly you suggest?

Have her dog spayed and select a similar type of puppy from her local pet shelter. It is the ideal decision because that you, your dog, and also the numerous dogs in desperate need of adoption. Mental all organization dogs —Guide Dogs, hearing Dogs because that Deaf People, and also Dogs for the Disabled—are sterilized.