Roughing in a toilet flange entails measuring for its ar from the perfect wall, cutting the hole because that the restroom flange, and also fastening the flange come the floor.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( June 18, 2012

“Roughing in a toilet flange involves measuring because that its location from the perfect wall, cut the hole because that the toilet flange, and also fastening the flange come the floor,” according to Bob Beall, the most referred plumber in Southwest Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio. Beall says, “The standard location of the center of the flange is a minimum that 12 inches from any finished wall.” Mr. Rooter pipes Pittsburgh and Youngstown offer emergency pipes services come 3.5 million residential and commercial customers. Through the new Mr. Rooter Media Center and also LIVE chat, cost-free daily tips and expert advice ared readily available directly to the consumer.

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“In addition,” Mr. Rooter says, “the bottom of the flange will need to be level v the perfect floor.” If there is a arrangement in place to lay tile, shim the flange up by the linked thickness that the tile and mortar. According to Beall, start by locating the center-line that the flange, then measure and also mark a allude 12 inches native the bottom plate, plus the thickness of any finished wall surface that isn’t set up yet. This measurement will commonly total 12 1/2 inch (assuming 1/2-inch drywall). “That note represents the center of the hole for the flange pipe the goes v the floor. If the hole’s as well small, the pipe i will not ~ fit. If it’s as well large, you i will not ~ have any type of wood to host the screws,” claims Mr. Rooter.

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Tip #1 A CD is close to the ideal diameter and also makes straightforward template. In fact, if utilizing a 3-inch pipeline flange (the most common), and also the flange pipeline bevels, the exterior diameter whereby it meets the floor is around 4 3/4 inch-the diameter that a CD.

Tip #2 because that flanges there is no a bevel, usage the CD to do a referral circle, then center your flange inside the circle to mark the pipe diameter.

Tip #3 Drill a 3/8-inch hole with a twisted drill therefore its edge falls just on the inside edge of the circle, climate insert a rough-cut jigsaw blade and carefully reduced the circle out, turning the saw constantly to keep the tongue on the line.

Tip #4 Insert the flange to verify the proper hole diameter. Orient the flange therefore the horseshoe-shaped cutouts on every side are at dead center–each 12 1/2 inch from the wall behind the toilet. Holding the flange in place, note the place of the flange screws.

Tip #5 Don’t use the arced cutouts top top the flange; lock can enable the key hold-down bolts to spin as soon as you try to eliminate them at some later on date. Eliminate the flange and, using a drill bit about fifty percent the diameter of a #12 through 1 1/2-inch flat-head hardwood screw, predrill the feet at the marks.

Tip #6 Pre-drilling renders driving the screws easier and also keeps the wood from splitting. Heat up the flange therefore the mounting holes match with the bowl hold-down slot parallel come the ago wall, and drive in the screws through a cordless drill.

Tip #7 Install any kind of remaining fixtures and also the finished wall surface and floor. Quite than slide the key hold-down bolts right into their slots and having them loss over together you try and fall the key on the flange, save them vertical through a washer and also nut.

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Tip #8 mountain the toilet.

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