Parrots room noisy! The range of sound they make is astonishing, and most that it will be happy chatter. Yet make no wrong – sometimes parrots will shout and also scream prefer a kid in a supermarket as soon as Mom and Dad refuse come buy candy! You have to take the rough through the smooth. This ar of the Parrot Guide defines some that the sounds her pet birds will make.

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Parrots love the sound of their own voice – this Blue-fronted Amazons are no exception


This is an additional aggressive sound, a warning to save away or stop doing every little thing irritating thing is being done! Larger varieties have a low, guttural growl; smaller types have a higher, but unmistakably angry, version. Growling way stress, and the angry bird will try to bite anyone who comes as well close. The sound is accompanied by raised neck feathers and dilated pupils.


This is pure mimicry, and is specifically popular amongst cockatoos. Parrots soon discover that humans enjoy the sound the laughter, and also that i do not care an impetus for them to laugh ago at us! it matches their feeling of humour terrifically – they will often use the sound at inappropriate moments, such as once being scolded, and also this ‘breaks the ice’ every time. The birds are really clever and also learn to identify the sound your voice makes before a laugh, and this allows them come ‘pre-empt’ laughter by starting before you do. The result is hilarious if a hoax is being told, together the bird will often laugh together the punchline is delivered!

However, the fun has actually its limits. If a parrot laughs as soon as it has actually bitten someone or struck a cagemate, it might be the an outcome of who laughing at negative behavior during the cultivate period. So, poor behavior must never it is in met through laughter – a wicked sense of humor shouldn’t it is in encouraged, as someone could actually get a nasty bite at some point.

Ring-Necked Parakeet - a purr-fectly contented bird!

Screaming or Shrieking

As in numerous animals, a scream is an alarm call, a warning because that the advantage of all other parrots within earshot (and in the wild that can mean numerous square miles!) that is usually brought about by other the parrot has actually spotted, and also which watch dangerous. It might be a bird of prey passing overhead or it might be the sight of a hated family members appliance such together a vacuum cleaner. Brand-new sights or sounds frequently inspire shrieks too. Afri Greys have a scream that sounds an ext like a very loud growl. This method the very same thing.


Parrots are good singers, and their songs are an ever-changing mixture that the bird’s favourite noises, indigenous gurgles and trills come whistles and also squawks. Some varieties are an ext musical 보다 others, and also some space the bird variation of tone-deaf. This will not protect against them joining in through background music or conversation, and also some (the macaws usually) it seems ~ to take wicked pleasure in singing off-key!

Sweet track or tuneless chorus? This african Grey and Blue and also Yellow Macaw love come “sing”.


This is nothing other than annoying, because that you and for all the various other humans and animals in the house! that is regularly a sign of boredom or the early on stages of anger. The best method to end the squawking is to sell a brand-new treat or toy. Don’t offer numerous attention though, or the parrot will constantly squawk because that attention, and also that’s something no one wants! scream at the birds will not assist either – it will put everyone on edge and also will probably lead to even much more squawking.


This is one add-on come the ‘chatter’ explained above. If a parrot has learned human words and also sounds, that will use them as soon as relaxed and chatty or inquisitive. Parrots soon pertained to realize that humans like come hear these sounds, and also will often use a favored word, phrase or whistle to gain your attention. (For an ext info around talking parrots, check out the to teach Parrots to Talk section of this guide).

Tongue Clicking

This sound is very comparable to that of a person clicking their on the roof of the mouth. The a happy sound, and also is provided when the bird is seek attention. Not all parrots usage the sound, and you’ll hear the most often with cockatoos and cockatiels.

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Another happy sound – parrots never ever whistle when angry. The sound is supplied to acquire someone’s attention. Cockatiels are an excellent whistlers, and also Cockatoos and African Greys frequently have a favorite whistle (sometimes learned from wolf-whistling humans). The whistle regularly becomes a form of comment, and is used if someone enters or leaves or room, or if a auto passes by the window, because that example.