The taskmaster in the story of Cupid and also Psyche to be Cupid"s mother, the love goddess Venus or Aphrodite. Venus had actually never liked Psyche, so the possibility of putting her to a collection of tests offered Venus a opportunity to demand the seemingly impossible. In order because that Psyche to win earlier her husband, Cupid, Venus collection 4 seemingly difficult tasks prior to Psyche:

sorting the end a vast pile of seeds retrieving the golden Fleece, filling a flask from the water that fills the flow Styx, and returning from the Underworld through a crate of the beauty ointment the Proserpina (aka Persephone).

Source: What to be the 4 work Psyche had actually to Complete?

There are an ext details behind it and also how she has actually done it.

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There is also this video clip from TED-Ed telling a smaller part of the story. (Which does not incorporate the fourth task, ns don"t understand why but it doesn"t.)

Why did Venus ask she to carry out these specific tests and also what has actually Psyche learned indigenous them? I desire to recognize the an interpretation behind this tests.

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The beautiful mind (soul) just finds satisfied (happiness) in unconditional love (heart).

The heart (unconditional love) an in similar way only finds pleasure (pleasure) in the spirit (beautiful mind).

Diligence is compelled to join the two with each other as one. The mental does many of the work, when the love mainly just waits patiently.

Love being divine, rather naturally and also effortlessly transcends worldly diversions, when the soul needs to put soon real initiative into reaching that state the purity, peace, and also happiness (pleasure).

Seeds - Birth and also childhood. Logically sorting points out mentally. Ant is the teacher or parent.Golden fleece - Youth. Reckless adventure, conference challenges. The reed is intuition or subconscious. This is around the age when plenty of people very first become aware of your subconscious mind. Pure spring water - spirituality development, typically occurs in mature adulthood.Intoxication - The heart encounters death, and also falls asleep, together if drunk on some sweet elixer. No more pain or emotion of any type of kind. A lifetime of striving now ceased.

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But unconditional love apartment in the heart serves to assist the psychic / heart to transcend and also gain win over death. They get in paradise together. Happily ever after.