each divide reaction should be either one of this.

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acid�base neutralizationprecipitationredoxnone that the above

Concepts and also reasonThe concept used to resolve this problem is based on chemical reaction.In a chemical reaction, two or more substances combine to form a new substance by forming or breaking a bond.

FundamentalsAcid and base reaction to type salt and also water this is known as acid-base neutralization reaction. Redox reaction is a chemistry reaction which requires the move of electrons between two species. It is likewise called oxidation-reduction reaction.Precipitation reaction is a reaction in i beg your pardon anions and cations incorporate to form an insoluble ionic solid in aqueous solution.

Answer:Part - 1The reaction point out in the inquiry is as follow.


Part 2‎The reaction is none of the above.

A dual displacement reaction is a reaction in which two compounds react and cations and anions exchange their areas to form new compounds.

Part - 3The reaction cite in the concern is as follow.


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Part 3‎The reaction is none of the above.

Part - 4The reaction point out in the concern is together follow.


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Part 4‎The reaction is precipitation reaction.

In this reaction, both reactants react to kind insoluble ionic solid. Therefore, the is a precipitation reaction.

Part - 5The reaction mention in the question is as follow.


In this reaction, nitrous acid acts together an acid and also barium hydroxide acts together a base. So, barium hydroxide and also nitrous mountain react to kind salt and water. Therefore, this reaction is acid-base reaction.

Part 5‎The reaction is acid-base neutralization reaction.

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Acid and also base react to form salt and water this is recognized as acid-base neutralization reaction.