Islam means
Who ruled Medina prior to Muhammad's trip there?several Jewish and bedouin clans
What was the date of Muhammad's flight from Mecca come Medina?622 C.E.

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The Ridda wars were foughtto suppress competitor prophets and also to reclaim the unified of Islam
The theological and also political faction that supported the Umayyad principle of sequence within Islam were theSunnis.
What was the nature that citizenship in ~ the Umayyad Empire?Only Muslim Arabs were first-class citizens of this good empire.
Unlike the Umayyad Empire, the Abbasid Empirewas common of unskilled job in the countryside and the cities.
What to be the dominion of succession to the office of caliph during the Abbasid dynasty?There was no accepted rule of succession.
How did the Shi'i react to the later Abbasid dynasty?Shi'i revolts and also assassination attempts plagued the dynasty
What was the an outcome of the civil wars following the fatality of al-Rashid?Candidates for the throne well-known the require to develop up personal armies, frequently of servant soldiers.
Which of the adhering to was not a cause of the collapse of the agricultural economy during the Abbasid Caliphate?decline of the cities resulting in falling demand for food supplies
What to be the spiritual affiliation the the Seljuks?Sunni
In what means was the occupation of Baghdad by the Seljuk Turks beneficial to Islam?The Turks revived the ability of the realm to fulfill the difficulties of Fatimid Egypt and also the oriental Empire.
The Turks revived the capability of the empire to fulfill the obstacles of Fatimid Egypt and also the byzantine Empire.

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The Crusaders were successful only because of the political fragmentation the Islam and also the facet of surprise.
In what language was the Shah-Nama written?Persian
Which of the adhering to was a literary figure throughout the Abbasid era?Omar Khayyam
What to be the an initial region the India dominated by the Muslims in 711?Sind
Islam walk not broaden in Southeastern Asia till after the fall of what mainly Buddhist trading empire?Shrivijaya