I make this to friends at my work to happen the time. Basically, you room the only human left lively one day. There space corpses everywhere. Every plants and also animals room still alive. No Zombies, no other surviving humans. You have the right to do whatever you want to, yet be realistic around it.

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First thing I would do, as well as worrying around survival, is pack up ~ above guns and also head to the regional zoo.

edit: for easy reference see Eschuk's awesome post on survival.


IAMA Last person Alive AMA


The world's shortest fear story: The last human being alive start an AMA. His envelope turns orangered.


Go come the zoo

Fuck every the woman chimps...

Rebuild civilisation

Create a brand-new religion based upon Battlefield Earth

Die laughing

That insane physician actually acquired women come volunteer to have actually ape semen put inside castle to have a hybrid child?! WTF?

I'm not a survivalist, but I did stay at a vacation Inn Express critical Night.

I've played this end in my head before and also decided there are two lifestyles. Nomadic and also Static. The complying with considers staking out a are for a "home base" where one is secure for the rest of his days. It also assumes "the grid" is down. No power or internet, some pipes works.

Pre-Phase Phase (I'm not good with phases)

Before Anything: Eat Exotic Fresh fruit while they space around. Castle come indigenous so much away that, odds room depending whereby you live, you will certainly never ever before get to have actually Banana, Pomegranite, Starfruit or Mango again in your life. Savor every bite. Do Fruit Leathers and also Freeze what you cannot stomach come consume. You will additionally need to bone increase on Vitamin C when you're act the most work.

Unless you plan on maintaining and protecting cows for the rest of their/your life... You're unlikely to have actually a fresh glass that cold milk ever before again. There space dehydrated milks (Klim) yet it's no the same.

Bacon. Eat all of what you deserve to find. Chef it every up and dehydrate what you cannot stomach. Also if you hate it. You might never have the chance to eat bacon again.

Phase 1 - Fuel for your Future

The people is going to it is in vastly various in only 5-years time. Structures will collapse native non-maintained roofs. Cars and also Trucks won't operate off of stale fuel. Uncut lawns will certainly overgrow and cripple streets together with freeze/rain cycles. Pets will thrive unchecked and also rampant predation will certainly resume. Insects will ascendancy the fields. Over there is no an ext weather channel, internet or food store. It will end up being an unwelcoming world an extremely shortly, you must prepare.

Refined Gasoline and also Diesel will be useless in 2 years. You deserve to make your own fuels (Combustion/Steam, Biodeisel) yet there is a lot much simpler answer.

Propane is everywhere and it's shelf life is longer than yours. Walmarts, house Depots and also Millions that Tanks behind people's homes, fifty percent full native the previous Summer's BBQ Season. Safely, to make reservation the conventional tanks (using trucks while they're still useful) making sure to properly keep them.

If you're lucky enough to be near gas stations v those huge above soil tanks, secure i to them and secure their protection. Sketch every among them in a 50-mi radius. Expend the furthest persons first. O-Rings and valves deserve to corrode and also fail on the traditional ones, however the large boys aren't as likely to fail. Don't ever before think about moving them.

Store canisters away from her domicile however within reasonable street with good ventilation. Keep Oil-Based paint adjacent and paint them every few years to stave off rust.

Go out and also find Propane it is provided Appliances. Forklifts, Bobcats, Refrigerators, Lanterns, Ovens, Weed Wackers, Generators.

Yes, if friend really desire to you deserve to dick approximately with Solar Panels / Wind Turbines and also work ~ above a battery farm and keep some modern-day conventions. DVDs will occupational for 10-40 years depending upon the press and also plastics involved.

Keep expansion down within the compound. The remainder of the world will become overgrown, last point you want room a ton that thornbushes and also poison ivy invading her space. Store your courses clear with weedwackers and machetes. The roadways won't totally overgrow in her lifetime, but at least clear the cars the end of the means with bulldozers while you still can.

Phase 2 - Secure her Food

There's a ton the food still around in the world that'll be an excellent for the following decade. Rice and also Beans, canned Fruits and Veggies. The Average tamed Human relies on these foods and cannot subsist "off the the land."

One that the first things friend should take into consideration doing is gaining a freezer farm yard up and also operating turn off of generators (or utilizing propane freezers which deserve to be discovered for RVs.) Scour the lands for processed meats, hoping the they're tho in a frozen state. Fruits, Veggies, Variety. Nobody will be agriculture these things anymore and odds are, the world will eventually come to be too inhospitable for girlfriend to preserve a farm yard without insects plaguing it.

The adjacent Ocean may come to be tarnished in 2-5 years together runoff native humanity's downfall pours turn off the coasts and also out the the unmaintained sewers. If you're a sailor and also can sail the end a pair miles for some mahi-mahi come freeze, that's awesome. Also, ~ the fatality of Gasoline, you can probably rig a Propane-Powered Weed-Wacker to be an Outboard Motor because that a boat.

Hunting is advantageous if you understand what you're doing. Avoid protein poisoning by eat fats. Cook well-done, always. There's no cure for food poisoning now.

Find a nearby river whereby no humanity is upstream for her water source. Usage a Propane Forklift to bring a water back in a big container. Act it with Chlorine Dioxide, Bleach or use Ceramic Filters. There's most likely still usable water in water towers however no informing if every little thing killed humanity has actually contaminated those.

Incinerate her leftovers (there shouldn't it is in any...) to keep down top top insect infestation.

Phase 3 - house Compound

Insects and animals will grow plentifully without humans now. Wild Dogs, Bears, Coyotes, hill Lions, Feral Cats room all currently the enemy. Malaria, Lymes Disease, Bebesia can be carried by insects and also with Rabies, will likely grow out of control without human being intervention.

Secure an area, preferably in ~ a high-walled an ar to keep bears and other predators away. Chain link Fences need to be painted to avoid rusting. Paint them with motor oil a pair of times in the summer (if you don't offer a rat's ass around the setting now)

Drive Vehicles end to her Compound if they quiet work. Mobile Homes, institution Buses, Fire Engine Tankers & Ladders, electrical Contractor Cherry Pickers (for hunting Blinds), Flatbeds, crate Trucks.

If you can do the singlehandedly, carry the biggest few Yachts friend can discover to her compound. Ever see the inside of those things? home away from home. Can be a nice place to spend the night if you need to feel choose you're polite again.

Construct a cinder-block-based shelter away from Hurricane-Prone or Earthquake prone Areas. Something very secure that'll survive tough rains, winters, and can store out animals and insects, but straightforward to maintain and also secure.

Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors hooked as much as a battery system. All this propane will certainly generate Carbon Monoxide.

If you can remove the septic tank, use RVs because that their bathrooms then journey out v the forklifts and also dump it somewhere... Downwind.

Phase 4 - self Preservation

Stockpile Medicine. Most pills will lose performance after 2 years. Painkillers should be kept nearby. Doxycyclene because that Lymes condition will (effectively) last 2 years. Part Pharmacies may have actually Mepron which is for Malaria.

Treat every wound as if it's going come infect and kill you. Alcohol Wipes and also Topical Antibiotics in little packets are long-lasting as well.

ALWAYS BRUSH her TEETH. Learn to brush her teeth v Baking Soda. Toothpastes will certainly inevitably harden in your tubes or liquify into an unusable congealment. There are no dentists anymore. If you gain a cavity, you're probably screwed bigtime and also will have to take care of the yourself.

Hone her skills. You're now the people only Mechanic, Electrician, Farmer, Hunter, Gatherer and also Doctor. Books are a exceptional resource.

Phase 5 - Recreation

Find the the next highway and also burn every the gasoline you deserve to syphon the end of all the cars roughly in a Maserati, Ferrari or Ford focus by risking her fucking life. This insane exercise might help you store some sanity... But in 2-years-time gasoline will have actually gone stale and most cars will sit wherein they were.

There space some propane based cars and also Go-Karts. Offhand, ns don't recognize where I'd discover one about here for this reason I'm in a bad position... The internet will it is in down and also "propane go-karts" won't be discovered in phone books.

Phase 6 - save your mental busy

Write around what you've done. Every day. Create your thoughts, her transgressions, your hopes, your angers. As you to fill books, put them in some long-term enclosure the sorts, sheltered native the elements.

Gather increase Atlases, clinical Books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, put them every in the exact same place. Who knows what development has in store? perhaps in a pair hundred million years, some badger learns to make fire and read. It's her legacy and you can't expropriate the truth that this is the finish of intelligent life. Write for them. Describe what transpired. If just to keep your mind busy and your heart steady.

Final Phase - Seal your fate.

You room the critical of your kind. Development may replace human beings with one more Sentient Creature qualified of interpreting the past, however for now, this is it. As representative for humanity, you perform not desire to suffer. No sense in bleeding to fatality over the course of several days pinned under a mountain of rubble.

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Always have the capacity to death yourself nearby. Holster a classy 6-shooter in her shoulder, at her ankle or her hip at every times.