Which of the complying with statements defines what wake up to a molecule that attributes as the reducing agent (electron donor) in a redox or oxidation-reduction reaction?A. That gains electrons and gains potential energy.B. It loser electrons and gains potential energy.C. It gains electrons and loses potential energy.D. It loser electrons and also loses potential energy.

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What happens to a glucose molecule once it loser a hydrogen atom as the an outcome of an oxidation-reduction reaction?A. The glucose molecule is oxidized.B. The glucose molecule is an oxidizing agent.C. The glucose molecule is hydrolyzed.D. The glucose molecule is reduced.
When a molecule the NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) gains a hydrogen atom (not a proton), the molecule i do not care ________.A. ReducedB. RedoxedC. OxidizedD. Dehydrogenated
Why are carbohydrates and also fats generally considered high-energy foods?A. They contain plenty of electrons linked with hydrogen atoms.B. They contain no nitrogen atoms.C. Lock contain countless oxygen atoms.D. Lock are solid oxidizing molecules.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released throughout which the the complying with stages of moving respiration?A. Fermentation and glycolysisB. Glycolysis and the oxidation that pyruvate come acetyl CoAC. Oxidation the pyruvate come acetyl CoA and also the citric mountain cycleD. Oxidative phosphorylation and also fermentation
Which that the following statements ideal describes the primary function played by oxygen in to move respiration?A. The serves as an acceptor because that carbon, creating CO2 in the citric acid cycle.B. It yields power in the type of ATP as it is passed down the electron transport chain.C. It serves together the last acceptor because that electrons native the electron transport chain.D. It oxidizes glucose to type two molecule of pyruvate.
Water is just one of the end commodities of aerobic respiration. What is the source of the oxygen atom provided in development of the water? A. Pyruvate (C3H3O3-)B. Molecule oxygen (O2)C. Glucose (C6H12O6)D. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Which of the complying with metabolic processes take place in the cytosol that a eukaryotic bio cell?A. Fermentation and chemiosmosisB. Glycolysis and fermentationC. Citric mountain cycleD. Oxidation the pyruvate come acetyl CoA
In the lack of oxygen, yeast cell can achieve energy by fermentation, which outcomes in the production of i beg your pardon of the adhering to sets that molecules?A. ATP, CO2, and also ethanol (ethyl alcohol)B. ATP, CO2, and also lactateC. ATP, NADH, and ethanolD. ATP, CO2, and acetyl CoA
Which that the adhering to statements defines a primary role of both alcohol fermentation and also lactic mountain fermentation? A. Palliation of FAD come FADH2B. Hydrolysis the ATP come ADP + iC. Oxidation the NADH to NAD+D. Reduction of NAD+ to NADH
An organism is found that thrives in both the presence and lack of oxygen. Interestingly, as oxygen is gotten rid of from the organism"s environment, the rate of sugar consumption increases when the growth rate decreases. What perform these monitorings suggest about the likely identity of this organism? A. It is an unremarkable eukaryotic bio organism.B. That is a facultative anaerobic organism.C. It is a photosynthesis organism.D. It is an obligate anaerobic organism.
Why is glycolysis taken into consideration to be one of the an initial metabolic pathways to have evolved?A. The is current in prokaryotic cells but not in eukaryotic cells.B. It calls for the visibility of membrane-enclosed cell organelles found only in eukaryotic bio cells.C. The produces much less ATP 보다 does oxidative phosphorylation.D. The does no involve organelles or dedicated structures, go not require oxygen, and also is current in most organisms.

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D. It does no involve oribelles or specialized structures, does not need oxygen, and also is present in most organisms.
13 Yeast cells that have defective mitochondria incapable of respiration will have the ability to grow by catabolizing i beg your pardon of the following carbon sources for energy?A. Amino acidsB. Fatty acidsC. GlucoseD. Cholesterol
Even despite plants cells bring out photosynthesis, castle still use their mitochondria because that oxidation that pyruvate. Under what conditions will plant cabinet mitochondria be energetic in this process?A. Just in cell that keep glucose in the kind of starch and also only in the darkB. Just in photosynthetic cell in the light, if photosynthesis wake up concurrentlyC. In photosynthesizing cell in the light, and in other cells in the darkD. In all cells, v or without light
Which metabolic pathway is typical to both fermentation and also cellular respiration that a glucose molecule?A. The electron transport chainB. Reduction of pyruvate to lactateC. The citric acid cycleD. Glycolysis