If a guy recently texted friend “sweet dreams” this article will show you likely reasons why and what would make every of them much more likely.

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So, what go it average when a guy texts friend sweet dreams? Likely reasons why a man will text you sweet dreams are the he is attracted to you, he wants to watch what you room doing, he is annoyed with you and saying goodbye, he is just being familiar or that he think you room feeling sad.There space actually a number of possible factors why a guy might text girlfriend sweet dreams and it could be as result of a mix of reasons. However, there room some points you can consider to aid figure out the key cause.

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What does it median when a man texts friend sweet dreams?

Below are most likely reasons why a male will carry out it and what would certainly make them more likely.
He is attractive to youThe reason might be the he is attractive to you. This would certainly be much more likely if he likewise does things such as message you sex-related things, ask if you are seeing anyone, message you often and respond come your messages quickly.If that did text you sweet dreams because he is attracted to you climate it would be most likely that the would present signs of gift attracted to you in his body language and behavior as soon as he’s through you in person.
These signs deserve to include:Holding lengthy eye call with youHis pupils become dilated when he is approximately youGetting anxious once you space with other guys your ageWatching girlfriend while you space with other guys your ageSticking around while you are with other men your ageSitting or standing through a more upright posture when he sees youTouching her feet v hisPointing his feet in ~ youLooking at her lipsUncrossing his arms once he sees youAdjusting his hair or garments when the sees youBlinking more frequentlyAsking you the most questions when in a group togetherKeeping his emphasis on you when you and also multiple other world are talkingAsking her friends about youGetting protective when other guys are with you bothBasing his schedule roughly your scheduleStanding closer come you 보다 he does come other world when talking to youTouching you a lot and finding excuses to touch youMirroring your very own body language (for example, that imitates your smile, her laugh, your facial gestures, the means you was standing or her hand gestures)He wants to watch what you space doingAnother feasible reason is that he desires to see what you room doing possibly since he is jealous. This would be more likely if the knows that you were supposed to be hanging out with other world during the night. This would be more likely if he often wants to understand what you space doing and also if he gets jealous when you are about other males in person.
He is just being friendlyIt might additionally be the instance that that was just being friendly. This would be more likely if he stated it after girlfriend have already started message him. It would also be more likely if he additionally shows similar body language v you as he does v his various other friends in person.He is annoyed v youSometimes, world will say “sweet dreams” as soon as they room annoyed with someone and also they space basically saying that they never intend to check out the human again. If he did post you “sweet dreams” after you started messaging him, that might likewise be the situation that he is annoyed with you. This would certainly be more likely if you have actually been saying or he has been make the efforts to distance himself in person.He is do the efforts to do you feel betterThe cause could likewise be that he is make the efforts to do you feel better. This would be an ext likely if the texted you sweet dreams after friend were text massage him other sad or if you to be sad once you experienced him in person throughout the day.

Consider what he texts you

When trying to understand how he feels around you it would be useful to consider the type of points that he texts you.If the was suggesting with you as soon as he stated it, it would be a lot more likely that he said it due to the fact that he was actually saying goodbye.If he regularly texts you points that might be thought about as sexual or points that are regarded you sexually such together questions about your friend or the form of male that friend like, it would be much more likely that he is attracted to you. That would likewise be an ext likely that he is attractive to friend if he is regularly trying to organize meeting up with you once texting you.
If that doesn’t text you any kind of of those things and his conversations with you often tend to be non-sexual in nature, it would be much more likely the he is either trying to find validation socially, the he texts you when he’s boring or that he enjoys talking to you.However, the still can be attracted to you but too worried to display it in his conversations v you so girlfriend should take into consideration if he it s okay nervous around you and if that shows indications of gift attracted to you in his body language about you.

Consider when he messages you

It would likewise be useful to think about the time of once he often tends to text you.
If he has tendency to text you at night, it would be an ext likely the he is attracted to you. Whereas, if he has tendency to message you randomly during the day then it would be much less likely but he could really well tho be attracted to you also if the doesn’t message you in the evenings.

Consider who messages who first

Another point to think about would be who normally texts that first.If that is the one that tends to start the conversation through you, it would certainly be likely that he is attractive to you and you should think about what he texts you and also how that interacts through you in person.
Whereas, if you room usually the one to message him first, it would be less likely the he is attractive to you. However, it might be the instance that he wants you to be the one come ask him out so he can still be attractive to you.If friend both have tendency to text an initial an same amount of time climate it would certainly be vital for you to consider what he texts you, if that tries come organize meeting up v you and if he mirrors attraction once you are with him.

Consider how easily he texts you

Another useful thing to think around is how conveniently he responds to your texts. I have actually written in-depth around what it method when a guy responds conveniently to your messages in the past here.
However, if he tends to respond come your messages quickly, it would certainly be an ext likely the he is attractive to you and also that the is glad the you texted him. If the shows signs of being attracted to you once he is roughly you and also if he messages you sexual type things, it would be really likely that he is attracted to you.If the doesn’t generally text you conveniently , it would certainly be much less likely the he is attracted to you. However, it might be the case that the does the on objective to acquire you come think around him more so friend should consider if he shows attraction in his interactions through you and if the tries to fulfill up v you in his texts.

Think about how he reaction to seeing you

Another useful thing to take into consideration would it is in the method that the reacts once he first sees you.
The way that he reacts to seeing you is beneficial to think about because if he changes his body language noticeably, it would be likely that that has great or negative feelings around you depending upon how he changes it.If he reacts to see you by:Sitting or standing more uprightUncrossing his arms and legsAdjusting his hair or clothingSmilingRaising his eyebrowsHolding eye contactMaking room for youPointing his feet at youPositioning self to be close to youHis college student dilateThen it would be much an ext likely that he texted you “sweet dreams” due to the fact that he is attractive to you.
Whereas, if he reacts to see you byCrossing his armsSquinting at youTightening his eyebrowsTensing his jawPointing his feet away from youAvoiding eye call with youThen it would be an ext likely the he has negative feelings towards you. However, if he texts you often, it would be less likely that he would present these signs.

Think around his interactions through you compared to as soon as he is with other people

When make the efforts to know the means that he feels about you it would also be useful to consider how his interactions through you are various to those with various other people.
If he appears to message other civilization a lot and he shows the exact same body language roughly you together he does about his other friends, it would be much less likely the he is attracted to girlfriend and more likely the he go it for validation or that he likes you as a friend.Whereas, if he only texts you often and also he transforms his body language as soon as he is around you contrasted to once he’s with various other people, it would certainly be more likely the he is attracted to you assuming the he shows indications of it in his human body language.

Consider multiple elements of his human body language

When do the efforts to understand what his human body language is saying it is crucial to look for clusters of body language signs.This way that you need to look because that multiple signs that all suggest the exact same thing.It’s vital to carry out that because he could show a single body language authorize for a variety of different reasons. This would certainly make that more challenging to make specific conclusion on why he is mirroring it.Whereas, he would be more likely to display multiple human body language indicators that indicate the same thing for that specific reason.
If you desire to learn much more about human body language, a book I would certainly recommend would be The Definitive publication of human body Language (on Amazon). It mirrors you exactly how to interpret body language and understand people"s true intentions.

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