which of the adhering to terms is offered to describe a systematic, organized series of actions that ensures maximum objectivity and consistency in researching a problem.a. Clinical methodb. Experimentc.value neutralityd.social science
i beg your pardon of the following is NOT included into the simple principles that the code of principles for sociology?a. A required number of data sourcesb. Disclosure of sources of financial supportc. Respect for topics privacyd. Acknowledgment of research collaboration
Ethnography is the most common type of ________ research, which depends on what is seen in the field and in naturalistic settings more than it does on statistical data.a. Observationalb. Quantitativec. Experimentald. Qualitative
Sociologists conduct a “review of the literature” to.a. Refine the difficulty under studyb. Eliminate or minimize the number of avoidable mistakes castle makec. Clarify feasible techniques to be offered in collecting datad.all of this answers are correct
A research style is a(n)

a.indicator the attitudes, behavior, or qualities of world or organizations.b.speculative statement about the relationship between two or an ext variables.c.explanation of an abstract concept that is particular enough to enable a researcher to measure the concept.d.detailed plan or method for scientifically obtaining data.

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A research measure that provides continual results is considereda. A scaleb. Validc. An indexd. Reliable
when a researcher collects information around a group through straight involvement and also inspection, this is known asa. An additional analysisb. Observationc. One experimentd. A survey
A variable isa.the unintended influence that observers or experiments have the right to have on their subjects.b.a measurable trait or characteristic the is subject to adjust under different conditions.c.a dangerous statement around the relationship in between two traits.d.the degree to i m sorry a measure provides continual results.
one operational definition isa.a relationship between two variables by which a change in one coincides with a change in the other.b. A dangerous statement about the relationship between two variables.c.the level to i beg your pardon a measure provides constant results.d.an explanation of one abstract concept that is details enough to allow a researcher to measure up the concept.
D. One explanation of one abstract ide that is certain enough to enable a researcher to measure up the concept.
A study, usually in the form of one interview or a questionnaire, that provides sociologists v information worrying how world think or action is well-known asa. Second analysisb. A surveyc. Observation researchd. One experiment
What is typically the 2nd step in the clinical method?a. Picking the study designb. Reviewing the literaturec. Collecting and examining datad. Specifying the problem
Validity ad to.a.he exact measurement the the phenomenon under study.b.the honest standards that are adhered to by sociologists.c.the delivery of consistent results.d.independent, quite than dependent, variables.

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“Value neutrality” in social science study was initially referred to as for bya. W.E.B. DuBoisb. Max WeberC. Wilhelm ZellnerD. Emile Durkheim
~ a sociologist evaluate the literature, what is the next step in the process?a. Generate principles for future researchb. Specify the problemc. Pick a study designd. Produce a hypothesis
In one experiment, the group that is no exposed to the independent change is dubbed thea. Study groupb. Speculative groupc. Regulate groupd. Representative group
The variable that is hypothesized to cause or influence one more variable is described by social scientists as a(n)a. Independent variableb. Spurious variablec. Dependency variabled. Operational variable
i m sorry of the adhering to is consisted of in the code of ethics for sociology?a.protection of research study subjects from personal harmb.maintaining confidentialityc.objectivity and also integrity in researchd.all of these answers room correct
If you were interested in studying the relationship between date and also acquaintance rape victims and also the characteristics of the rapist, your an initial step would be toa. Define the problemb. Evaluation the literary works on date and acquaintance rapec. Create a hypothesisd. Select a research design
A researcher finds the those who have kids at a young period are significantly much more likely to have actually lower level of education and learning as a an outcome of early childbearing. This would be an example ofa. A correlationb. A hypothesisc. One effectd. Casual logic
Sociology 101 thing 2. (2019, january 30). Retrieved indigenous http://snucongo.org/sociology-101-chapter-2/

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Sociology 101 thing 2. (2019, january 30). Retrieved from http://snucongo.org/sociology-101-chapter-2/

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