Kierra Sheard Biography

Kierra Valencia “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly popularly well-known as Kierra Sheard is a celebrated American gospel singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress, entrepreneur, and an imaginative director. Sheard is the daughter of gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard and also the nephew of gospel choral manager Mattie Moss Clark.

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Sheard represented her mother, Karen Clark Sheard, in the hit lifetime movie, The Clark Sisters: very first Ladies the Gospel. After featuring on she mother’s and aunt’s albums, Sheard damaged into the music scene with the release of she debut album I fan You in 2004. Her hit single “You Don’t Know” was motivated by she mother practically losing her life to a deadly blood clot.

Kierra Sheard Age

Sheard is 34 years old together of 2021, she to be born on June 20, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan, unified States.

Kierra Sheard Birthday

Sheard celebrates she birthday top top June 20, every year and also her birth authorize is Gemini.

Kierra Sheard Height

Sheard stands at a elevation of 5 feet and 2 customs (1.58 meters). However, details concerning her other body measurements are currently not publicly available. Us will update this section when the info is available.

Kierra Sheard Weight

Sheard Weighs 143.3 lbs (65 kgs). Recognized for she beautiful smile and charming personality, Kierra has brown eyes and the shade of her hair is black.

Kierra Sheard Education

Sheard is one educated and qualified woman. She i graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, with a bachelor’s level in English v a young in psychology.

Kierra Sheard Parents: Family and also Siblings

Sheard was lugged up in the suburb that West Bloomfield, wherein she spent her formative years fastened by the influences of her family, their faith, and their music. In ~ the age of 6, she started singing in the choir in ~ Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, pastored by she father Bishop J. Attracted Sheard.

Still, at a young age, she had actually a preternatural grip on the signature “Clark sound” pioneered by her mother and aunts, implementing high and fast melismata, riffs runs, and also deep, throaty growls periodically referred to as “squalls.”

Kierra Sheard Mother: Karen Clark Sheard

Karen Valencia Clark–Sheard professionally known as Karen Clark Sheard is one American Grammy Award-winning gospel singer, musician, songwriter, and businesswoman. Clark–Sheard is famously well-known as the youngest member of America’s many iconic influential gospel team The Clark Sisters.

Clark–Sheard is also the mother of modern-day gospel singer and also actress Kierra Valencia “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly. She has actually released five solo albums, seventeen with The Clark Sisters, and collaborated with her son J. Attracted Sheard and also her daughter.

Kierra Sheard Husband: Welton Smith and Divorce

Sheard was involved to Pastor Welton Smith ago in 2011. She even revealed the she to be going to obtain married and showed she engagement ring in a video. Their engagement damaged down prior to exchanging vows v Smith. However, the reason has actually been retained confidential. Nevertheless, we are keeping tabs and will upgrade you when this information is available.

Five months after sharing she engagement photos, gospel singer Sheard married the love of she life, Jordan Kelly. She and Kelly announced your engagement in June. Kelly is the owner the a cleaning and also landscaping agency in Detroit, Michigan referred to as Backyard Bullies.

Kierra Sheard Fiance Jordan Kelly: Wedding and Engaged

Sheard has officially bound the knot. In her last Instagram post, Sheard revealed the the pandemic didn’t avoid her from having actually her wedding day and also that she has done her walk under the aisle.

Sheard and Kelly wedded in a little church ceremony attended by your parents, and the bride revealed that they’re planning a larger post-pandemic ceremony when big gatherings room safe.

Kierra Sheard Children: Is Kierra Sheard Pregnant?

As that now, over there isn’t any type of documented report on the public records around Sheard and also her recently wedded spouse Kelly having kids, no one from she previous partnership with minister Welton Smith. Nevertheless, this information is currently under review and also will it is in updated as soon as we get it from a trustworthy source.

Kierra Sheard Salary

According come our reputable sources, Sheard’s annual salary is at this time under review. Nevertheless, we are maintaining tabs and also will update you once this information is available.

Kierra Sheard network Worth

Sheard has actually an estimated net worth of $10 Million dollars together of 2021. This includes her assets, money, and income. She primary source of income is her career as a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress, entrepreneur, and creative director. V her assorted sources that income, Kierra has actually been able come accumulate a an excellent fortune yet prefers to command a usual lifestyle.

Kierra Sheard Measurements and also Facts

Here space some amazing facts and also body dimensions you have to know around Sheard.

Kierra Sheard Wiki

Kierra Sheard PhotoFull Names: Kierra Valencia “Kiki” Sheard.Popular As: Kierra Sheard.Gender: Female.Occupation / Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Sunday best Judge, Fashion Designer, and CEO that Eleven60.Nationality: American.Race / Ethnicity: Black.Religion: Christian.Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Education‎: Wayne State University.

Kierra Sheard Birthday

Age / exactly how Old?: 34 years Old.Zodiac Sign: Gemini.Date that Birth: June 20, 1987.Place the Birth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.Birthday: June 20th.

Kierra Sheard body Measurements

Body Measurements: not AvailableHeight / exactly how Tall?: 5 feet and 2 inches (1.58 meters).Weight: 143.3 lbs (65 kgs).Eye Color: Brown.Hair Color: BlackShoe Size: 6 (US).Dress Size: not Available.Breast Size: not Available.Waist Size: no Available.Hip Size: no Available.

Kierra Sheard Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Bishop. J. Drew.Mother: Karen Clark SheardSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): J. Drew Sheard II.Marital Status: Married.Husband / Spouse: Married come Jordan Kelly.Dating / Divorce: Was date Pastor Welton Smith.Children: None.

Kierra Sheard Networth and Salary

Net Worth: $10 Million dollars.Salary: Under Review.Source of Income: Ministry.

Kierra Sheard House and also Cars

Place that living: To be Updated.Cars: auto Brand to it is in Updated.

Kierra Sheard Career


Sheard made her skilled stage debut once she to be 10 years old, performing on two tracks on her mother’s debut solo album finally Karen in 1997. Among those songs to be “The will certainly Of God”, created by Evangelist Richard White together the standout closeup of the door track.

The will certainly Of God song won a stellar Award for best Children’s Performance. In the following years, Sheard honed and also matured her an abilities as a performer and also vocalist.

She started singing together a elevator vocalist for she mother, her aunt Dorinda Clark-Cole and also the Clark Sisters. She was featured on her aunt Dorinda’s self-titled debut album in 2002.

The following year, Sheard performed two tracks again on her mother’s third album, The Heavens space Telling. On The Heavens space Telling, Sheard to be featured through her mommy on a well-known cover the Jill Scott’s “He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)”. EMI Gospel won a bidding war amongst several record companies in 2003, to sign Sheard come her very first recording contract.

Kierra Sheard, ns Owe You

On September 7, 2004, she debut album, i Owe You, to be released. The 11-track collection included production and also songwriting from together luminaries together Warryn Campbell, Rodney Jerkins, Erica and Tina Campbell of mar Mary, J Moss, and Tonéx.

The album also acted together the production debut for her brother J Drew. On respectable 2, 2005, EMI i was delegated a repertoire of remixes entitled just Until… The stopgap’s title relax was abbreviation from its functioning title, “Just until The following Record”.

Just until The next Record had a surprise global hit in the Godson ide remix of “Let Go”. The optimistic gospel single, released just in Japan, raced to the peak of the mainstream R&B charts and also remained there for some weeks.

Kierra Sheard This is Me

Sheard readied her second album, This Is Me, quickly after graduating native high school. It was released on June 27, 2006, and debuted in ~ #1 top top Billboard’s peak Gospel Albums graph when.

The Fred Jerkins III-produced “Why Me?”, a midtempo pan favorite, wherein it’s was liked as the lead solitary for the album. Sheard shooting her an initial music videos because that two succeeding singles native the album “This Is Me” and also “Yes”. In December 2006, the album was nominated for the Grammy Award because that Best modern-day R&B Gospel Album.

In enhancement to performing in ~ the stellar Awards (“Why Me?”) in 2007, she appeared on BET’s celebration of Gospel, stand in because that pregnant confidence Evans in “Endow Me” (as popularized by Sheard’s aunts) along with Lil’ Mo, Coko, and also Fantasia. Sheard also sang in addition to her mommy for A Tribute come Aretha Franklin.

Kierra Sheard Graceland

In 2013, Sheard exit the solitary “Trumpets Blow” and “2nd Win” to be a track played top top SoundCloud in 2014. Sheard’s fifth album, Graceland, to be released on July 22, 2014. This album hit #1 overall on iTunes and also at the 2015 stellar Awards, it to be nominated because that multiple awards.

Kierra Sheard Songs

GEI – cave On ft. Kierra SheardKierra Sheard – IndescribableKierra Sheard – FreeYour Spirit, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Kierra SheardI obtained You (Always and Forever), opportunity the Rapper, Kierra SheardWorth It, Lecrae, Kierra SheardIndescribable, Kierra SheardDo it Again, key Collective, Kierra SheardFree, Kierra SheardYou Are, Kierra SheardFlaws, Kierra SheardGod In Me, mar Mary, Kierra SheardDesire, Kierra Sh

Kierra Sheard Discography


2004: i Owe You2006: This Is Me2008: Bold ideal Life2011: Free2014: Graceland2015: LED


2005: just Until…2009: KiKi’s Mixtape2011: my Kierra Sheard Playlist

Frequently request Questions about Kierra Sheard

Who is Kierra Sheard?

She is an accomplished gospel singer, fashion designer, and actress. She is renowned as the daughter that gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard and also the granddaughter of gospel choral director Mattie Moss Clark.

How old is Kierra Sheard?

She is an American national born on 20th June 1987, in Detroit, Michigan.

How tall is Kierra Sheard?

Sheard stands in ~ a elevation of 5 feet and 2 customs (1.58 meters).

Is Kierra Sheard married?

Yes, Sheard is married come Jordan Kelly. Kelly is the owner the a cleaning and also landscaping company in Detroit, Michigan referred to as Backyard Bullies.

How much is Kierra Sheard’s worth?

Sheard has an approximate network worth that $10 Million dollars. This amount has actually been accrued from she leading functions in the music and acting industry.

How lot does Kierra Sheard make?

According to our reliable sources, her yearly salary is under review. Nevertheless, us are keeping tabs and will upgrade you once this information is available.

Where walk Kierra Sheard live?

Because of security reasons, she has not shared her specific location that residence. We will immediately update this information if we acquire the location and images of her house.

Is Kierra dead or alive?

She is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of she being noble or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Kierra Now?

Sheard is and also has been creating music because that a long time, having her last music exit on YouTube in march 2020.

Kierra Sheard society Media Contacts

Tiktok: Pending UpdateWebsite: Pending Update

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