Over the course of 10 seasons, many of Clark Kent"s (Tom Welling) friends, love ones and enemies discovered his an enig identity either by accident or by Clark revealing the truth.

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It has actually been 15 years due to the fact that The WB Network-turned-CW’s very first Superman (Tom Welling) started living a double life ~ above Smallville, hiding his abilities indigenous the human being while likewise using those capability to conserve lives.

The series chronicling the man of Steel’s origin story very first premiered on Oct. 16, 2001, and also aired because that 10 years until the collection finale bowed on may 13, 2011. End the course of 10 seasons, Clark Kent did his best to hide the truth that he to be an extraterrestrial from Krypton. That constantly lied come his friends, hiding his powers and never taking any credit for repeatedly saving people’s lives. Keeping the fact a secret cost him a lot, from finishing his relationship to souring friendships and also even resulting in him to make enemies specialized to exposing him come the world.

But during those 10 seasons, no matter how hard Clark tried to store everyone in the dark, some human being in his life managed to uncover the truth around his origins. Those moment were some of the ideal of the series, as they constantly made because that a game-changing, epic episode that stood the end from the rest.

To memory Smallville’s15th anniversary, The Hollywood Reporter rounded up the peak 10 times Clark revealed his secret.

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Season 2, illustration 3: “Duplicity”

After Clark’s finest friend Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) found his spaceship, Clark and his dad (John Schneider) stole that back. But Pete captured Clark in the act and also threatened come tell everyone around how Clark is a thief, for this reason he was forced to finally tell that his secret. That did no go well.

Pete’s early stage reaction to be to instantly become afraid of Clark and also his powers, and act as if Clark to be no longer the same person he had actually grown up with. ~ he pertained to terms through Clark’s origins, Pete was constantly beat up and threatened by human being who were trying to acquire to Clark. Eventually, Pete establish that learning Clark’s secret put him in ~ risk, and he didn’t want to be the one to reveal Clark accidentally, so he finished up relocating away fromSmallville. Shedding his finest friend because of telling him the reality inspired Clark to not open up up to anyone else about his mystery for a an extremely long time.

Season 4, episode 12: “Pariah”

When Clark’s girlfriend Alicia Baker (Sarah Carter) was hurt that he didn’t believe her when she to be being framed for part attacks, she believed she needed to “help” Clark through revealing his secret to his finest friend Chloe (Allison Mack). Alicia wanted Chloe to create a story around it and expose Clark come the world so the wouldn’t have to hide anymore, definition that he would know Alicia. She teleported Chloe and also made Clark think she required him to save her indigenous a automobile crash, and also Chloe witnessed Clark catching a speeding auto with his bare hands. She likewise saw that superspeed away, yet he had actually no idea the she was there. Chloe didn’t call Clark the she knew around his powers, but that intended that she believed he to be meteor-infected, and didn’t actually find out his true origins until the next season.

Season 5, episode 1: “Arrival”

After dropping hints and subtle sarcastic remarks for half a season, Chloe never ever told Clark that she knew around his powers. Yet after she was accidentally transported to the Fortress of Solitude v him, Clark was required to use his superspeed to obtain her come a hospital to save her life prior to she froze come death. He was shocked to uncover out the she currently knew around his abilities. That’s once Clark finally told Chloe the complete truth about being an alien from Krypton when in the hospital in the Yukon. Her reaction was every little thing he hoped it would be, since it to be the exact opposite the Pete’s a few years ago. She experienced him because that the hero the he was, no the “freak” he constantly feared people would check out him as.

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Season 5, episode 12: “Reckoning”

In the milestone 100th episode, Clark can tell that his girlfriend Lana (Kristin Kreuk), his longtime love, to be pulling far from their relationship because she might tell he was hiding something indigenous her. That inspired him to lastly tell her the truth to end all the lies pushing them apart. Clark take it Lana come the Fortress that Solitude and proposed to her after telling her his secret, however after she passed away in a car crash the made his father Jor-El (voiced by Terence Stamp) take it him ago in time therefore he might do things differently. He determined not come tell her the reality the 2nd time roughly to save her life, but instead, she damaged up v him and also his father died, for this reason he finished up shedding both his fiancée and his dad in one dropped swoop.

Season 6, episode 16: “Promise”

Fed up through all the lies gift told come her, Lana made decision to ultimately take matters right into her very own hands on the morning of she wedding come Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) to discover out the truth around Clark. Lana locked Chloe in the alcohol cooler, discovering that she would call Clark for help, and so Lana hid and also witnessed Clark usage all his strength to save Chloe. She also heard both him and also Chloe talk about how he really feels about Lana, confessing his love, before he used hissuperspeed to run away. While she was immediately ready to contact off she wedding to Lex to be with Clark,Lex’s father Lionel (John Glover), realizing the Lana now knew the truth around Clark, threatened to kill Clark using his one weakness uneven Lana went through with it. A upper heart Clark was compelled to watch Lana marry Lex, unaware the she was doing that to save his life.

Season 7, episode 20: “Arctic”

After years of do the efforts to number out Clark’s secret, and a season of acquiring to the bottom that the Veritas mythology neighboring the critical Son/Traveler, Lex finally determined that Clark to be the extraterrestrial at the facility of everything. After getting manipulated through Brainiac (James Marsters) posing as Clark’s cousin Kara (Laura Vandervoort), Lex supplied the Veritas orb to find the Fortress that Solitude. He confronted Clark inside the Fortress for no trusting him v his secret, and also then provided the orb to lug the Fortress down through them still grounding inside, believing that he was supposed to kill the Traveler in stimulate to save the remainder of the world.


Season 8, episode 15: “Infamous”

When Clark was gaining blackmailed through someone who was walk to expose his identification to the world, he made decision to take his fate into his own hands and have Lois roadway (Erica Durance) call his story come the human being instead. At an initial she didn’t believe him that he was the Blur, however after reflecting off his supervisor strength, she was a believer. She created his life story and published it in The day-to-day Planet, however the human being turned ~ above him and also his friends, and also he realized he make a wrong in revealing his mystery identity. He offered his Legion ring to go back in time and also decided no to call Lois, or the world, this time around.

Season 8, episode 22: “Doomsday”

After Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) helped save Clark indigenous a kryptonite arrow, he observed Clark’s cut healing instantly. Clark lastly came clean and also confessed the he was the Red Blue Blur, i beg your pardon Jimmy had actually put together previously in the season, however Clark had actually Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) help him trick Jimmy right into believing he was wrong about his theory.

Season 9, illustration 22: “Salvation”

General Zod (Callum Blue) pretended to be the Blur and worked v Lois until she realized she was being tricked. Zod then attacked her, and also Clark conserved her life together the actual Blur. He climate kissed her before superspeeding off, and she well-known him together Clark automatically from the kiss. However, she didn’t phone call him the she knew his mystery until he determined it was time to expose it to her fifty percent a season later.

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Season 10, illustration 5: “Isis”

In the last season, Clark finally decided to phone call Lois the he’s the Blur since he knew castle couldn’t share a life with each other if that couldn’t it is in himself roughly her. The twist: She already knew his secret, and was overjoyed that he ultimately felt choose he might trust her fully. This time, there was no time travel or memory wiping, and Lois remained in on the secret for good. She reaction was everything he hope it would be.

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