Every villager in Konoha is conscious that Naruto has actually the Kyuubi sealed inside of him.

Is anyone in the village or in other places (other than Kakashi and also Jiraiya, that i remember knew) aware that he is the kid of Minato and Kushina?My key doubt being: do they know that that is the child of the fourth Hokage?


Most of lock didn"t know. It was a secret to protect Naruto. Simply a couple of people knew it. I discovered proof on this site:

Suddenly orphaned, Naruto to be left to prosper up learning nothing that his parents, receiving just his mother"s critical name since the 3rd Hokage believed that that was best that no one knew the he was concerned the 4th Hokage.

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They discovered it here: Naruto chapter 440, web page 5



girlfriend forgot the third Hokage (and some other Anbu"s).

IMO castle aren"t.After all you deserve to see just how everyone that knew that information treated that entirely various from the rest.

Edit: together Madara said,It yes, really was TABOO not to talk about it in the village (About the demon inside Naruto etc).Nevertheless, I do not think it was so complex inform those who require to understand that.


Yes. After your names were revealed, it appears as if "suddenly" anyone knew around it. Even Gai, and even the Raikage discussed his parents there is no them being mentioned earlier.

That leader me to think that people knew, and also it was part of the taboo no to speak of the (or Kishimoto still hadn"t thought about it then :D)


Obviously lock don"t. That was commemorated after defeating Pain, not due to the fact that he"s the Fourth"s son, but rather since he became the hero of the village.Btw, ns think Naruto is happier to be identified as a hero since of his acts and also not since he"s the boy of a former Hokage. The just persons the knew around the reality were: Jiraiya, Sarutobi, perhaps Kakashi (we witnessed a the majority of time that Kakashi imagines he"s teacher and also mentor in Naruto, possibly he establish the relationship, yet he didn"t recognize that from the beginning), and a few ANBU members who were at that ar when Naruto was born.

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Kakashi would have been among the few who knew since one the his assignments together ANBU was to it is in a mystery body guard for Minato"s mam while she to be pregnant. Together for why world who knew that Minato married didnt placed two and also two together once suddenly this boy who looks oddly similar to the fourth ended up being born in their village and happend to it is in the one cursed to carry the burden of the price that was payment to save the village.

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Why didn't world of the Leaf town want to get closer come Naruto if the is the son of the 4th Hokage?
Why didn't people of the Leaf town want to acquire closer to Naruto if that is the son of the 4th Hokage?
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