Cardcaptors Sakura is among the finest Shoujo series from the 1990s. The Clamp group developed Sakura and Syaoran as the main protagonists of Cardcaptors Sakura. Sakura and Syaoran initially started as enemy enemies, ended up being comrades in the search for the Clow Cards, to be even competing for affection native the exact same person, and lastly fell in love. The journey of Sakura and also Syaoran was beautiful and makes girlfriend wonder; carry out Syaoran and also Sakura finish up together? It would certainly be sad if they didn’t. Sakura and also Syaoran room really cute and shy, their transition from adversary turned lovers was no cliche and that’s among the best things in Cardcaptors Sakura.

Sakura was chosen by Keroberos together a candidate to search for the Clow Cards. ~ the search started, Syaoran Li came from Hong Kong looking for the cards and also deem Sakura worthy of gift a candidate. There to be hostility and competitiveness between Syaoran and Sakura, the naive one simply tried her ideal to get in addition to Syaoran. Indigenous Syaoran’s perspective, his actions were justified, however not entirely.

Is Li in love through Yukito?


There was a point, both Sakura and also Syaoran liked Yukito. However, later it was explained that Syaoran’s favor was more of attraction as result of Yue’s affinity come the moon and his strength deriving indigenous the moon.

Yukito politely rejected Sakura’s confession and explained what Sakura feel was no romantic love but familial love. As soon as Sakura ended up being the master passing the final judgment, Syaoran no hold any kind of bitterness in the direction of Sakura and also acknowledged her. Syaoran had actually fallen for Sakura eventually and broke off she engagement with his fiance Meiling.

When go Sakura fall for Syaoran?


Sakura got rejected by Yukito. She cure Syaoran prefer a friend, however it’s obvious he liked her even before that. Sakura slowly starts to loss in love through Syaoran because of his little actions and care the stirred the heart of Sakura and slowly mended her damaged heart.

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When go Li start liking Sakura?


Syaoran Li to be conflicted v his feelings in the direction of Yukito. Yet after getting a proper explanation, it renders sense because that Syaoran. He started liking her without even realizing it. It might have started from the point Sakura became the master of Clow Cards. The was an alleged to go ago to Hong Kong, yet he delay it together he wanted to help Sakura adjust the Clow Cards. He deep cared about her and delayed leaving because he knew it will put Sakura in danger.

Why go Syaoran start liking Sakura?

There’s no factor for no liking or liking someone. The same rules apply to Sakura and Syaoran. Syaoran could have fallen because that Skura’s kindness and also gentle disposition. Sakura and Syaoran are meant come be and also one of the best couples in the Clamp universe. Syaoran noticed his feelings because that Sakura and patiently waited for her. Sakura and Syaoran did begin as rivals, however it wasn’t yes, really surprising for them to fall in love.

Who go Sakura Kinomoto finish up with?


At the finish of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime, after Sakura finished transforming the last Clow Card into a Sakura card, Syaoran determined to return back to Hong Kong. In the series, Sakura and Syaoran separated and that’s just how the collection ended.

However, there to be an extension in the type of the second movie wherein he comes ago temporarily and also they both confess and also acknowledge your feelings. So, it’s for sure to to speak Sakura finished up through Syaoran, even though they parted again later. It’s a type of long-distance connection for Sakura and Syaoran.

Do Sakura and also Syaoran finish up together?


Sakura and also Syaoran room clumsy and also shy, together the young pair is tho discovering around love. Syaoran returns ago to Sakura in the Clear map arc. Sakura and also Syaoran space together in the series, and also in every various other Clamp collection as a true couple. Syaoran and also Sakura had a crazy adventure and a heartwarming relationship.

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they cherish each other and truly care about each other. Ofcourse, Sakura’s brothers Touya no all the happy through Syaoran however he no protest explicitly. Touya knows the Sakura and also Syaoran will certainly be happy together and also won’ meddle in the affairs.