When metals combine with nonmetals, the atoms of the metals tend to lose electrons the the atom of nonmetals, creating ionic bonds. They become much more stable and take ~ above the structure of the nearest noble gas. Aspects in groups 3-12.

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Do steels or nonmetals have the greatest propensity to shed electrons and also become hopeful ions?

Metals have the greatest propensity to shed electrons and also become hopeful ions.

Which has actually maximum oxidation number?

The highest known oxidation state is +8 in the tetroxides of ruthenium, xenon, osmium, iridium, hassium, and some complexes entailing plutonium; the lowest known oxidation state is −4 because that some facets in the carbon group. Oxidation states of plutoniumHere, plutonium varies in color with oxidation state.

What is the minimum oxidation variety of silver?


atomic number47
boiling point2,212 °C (4,014 °F)
specific gravity10.5 (20 °C <68 °F>)
oxidation states+1, +2, +3
electron configuration4d105s1

Which one has maximum oxidation number of phosphorus?

The oxidation states of phosphorus in phosphine, diphosphine, metaphosphoric acid and phosphorus acid room −3,−2,+5 and also +3 respectively. Hence, it is maximum in metaphosphoric acid.

What is the maximum and also minimum oxidation?

Maximum oxidation state: +V. Minimum oxidation state −III. This does have actually a basic quantum chemistry explanation. This oxidation states add up to eight, i beg your pardon is precisely the number of electrons that commonly make increase the external (valence) covering — where chemistry happens.

What is the maximum and minimum oxidation state that Na?

of CI is +7 because it has actually seven electron in the valance shell (3s22p5) and also its minimum O. N. Is −1 because it needs only one much more electron to get the nearest (Ar) noble gas configuration.

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What is oxidation number of phosphorus?


What is the oxidation state that phosphorus in H 3 PO 2?

Hypophosphorous mountain or phosphinic acid (H3PO2) is a monobasic acid having +1 oxidation state because that phosphorus. Phosphorus is in +5 oxidation state in phosphoric acid, (H3PO4) i beg your pardon is a tribasic acid.


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