Homes follow me the road from Korat come Chiang Mai, Thailand, in summer, 1970. (Photo by Spec. 5 Wayne Eusanio, U.S. Army)
The room of Defense has actually released a new list the locations external Vietnam whereby herbicides prefer Agent Orange to be tested and also stored, a compilation that could provide some veterans proof of exposure required to support their VA handicap claims.

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But the list, published Jan. 27 through the department of Veterans Affairs, omits an ext than 40 areas previously provided as exposure website by DoD in 2018 — deletions that might undermine other veterans’ pending claims.

The brand-new DoD list contains virtually 150 testing and storage locations, v updates the include specific dates of release or containment, and also 26 additions, including places prefer Aberdeen proving Ground, Md., Dugway proving Ground, Utah, and also Johnston Atoll in the central Pacific Ocean.


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But it deletes or transforms at least 50 previously figured out locations, removing part dates and also omitting testing sites like Hawaii, wherein the DoD formerly said ar tests to be conducted, Puerto Rico, wherein herbicides were sprayed in forests in between 1956 and also 1967, and locations in Korea where components were stored.

And if the new list includes six areas in Thailand, that adds a new clarification to those locations’ descriptions: “No herbicide to be sprayed in Thailand.”

The explain is in direct opposition to Defense Department files that clearly state herbicides were sprayed in Thailand in the at an early stage 1970s to protect bases from counterinsurgency attacks.

According come DoD spokesman lining Prichard, the brand-new list replaces the one native 2018 and also is “the an outcome of DoD’s thorough review of the records for use, storage and also testing of certified dealer Orange and also other tactical herbicides external of Vietnam.”

“Information within those records was assessed versus stringent joint VA-DOD criteria because that what constitutes a location where tactical herbicides were tested, used and also stored,” Prichard said.

According come Prichard, places were selected or deleted based on criteria consisting of the visibility of an main record, to incorporate government reports, forms, unit histories, shipping logs, contracts, scientific reports or photographs. The location must have actually been a DoD installation, land under manage of DoD or a non-DoD place where service members were present during testing, application, transport or storage.

The new list covers tactical herbicides consisting of Agents Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, Blue, White and also their active ingredients. Also, castle must have actually been provided in applications at test sites, in labs or greenhouses, while being transported on vehicles or ships or stored.

Prichard said places where exposure emerged under conditions already granted presumption the exposure such together Vietnam and also the korean DMZ to be not included on this list.

It likewise does no include any places wherein the U.S. Room of Agriculture, academia, chemical companies or rather tested or stored the chemicals if business members weren’t involved, nor areas where trained DoD personnel involved in vegetation management and control in accordance with the DoD Pest monitoring Program.

Several veterans services organizations told military Times their analysts are compare the old list, which dates to September, 2018 and was released by the federal government Accountability Office in November, 2018, and also the new version.

In that is report, GAO called the perform “inaccurate and incomplete,” and also urged DoD to update the publication, which hadn’t to be updated in much more than a decade.

The office recommended the the Pentagon refine the list so the it to be “as complete and accurate as available records allow,” develop a procedure for to update the list, construct criteria for determining locations and work through VA to save veterans notified of the information.

But Ryan Gallucci, director of national Veterans company for the Veterans of international Wars, said the new list does no “live approximately the guidance and recommendations that the GAO report.”

“We have actually a many questions … two specific locations the GAO established aren’t had on DoD’s brand-new list and particular ones that seemingly had actually verified spraying ~ above the old perform are now off the list,” Gallucci said. “With the GAO report, DoD compelled come come up with a more comprehensive list, no go ago and revise what they currently confirmed.”

Veterans who served on the ground in Vietnam, top top inland rivers or particular Navy ships engaged in combat operations and who have actually one or an ext illnesses assumed to be led to by exposure to certified dealer Orange and other defoliants have presumptive standing for handicap benefits, meaning they only have to prove the they offered in the theater to receive wellness care and compensation.

But veterans with one of the 14 diseases provided as agent Orange-related problems who to be exposed exterior Vietnam challenge the burden of proving exposure. The DoD list is important in help support numerous of these veterans’ claims.

“Our article to VA would be that they should approve benefits if a veteran has any evidence demonstrating that the spraying may have actually occurred, and also that would certainly be if over there is an old list wherein DoD shown that there was storage or spraying,” Gallucci said.

VA Secretary Robert Wilkie claimed the upgrade was “necessary to boost accuracy and also interaction of information.”


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“VA relies on DOD to carry out information regarding in-service ecological exposure for impairment claims based on exposure come herbicides external of Vietnam,” Wilkie stated in a statement.

Defense Secretary note Esper included that the new list will be updated together “verifiable info becomes available.”

“DOD will continue to be responsive to the needs of ours interagency partners in every matters concerned taking treatment of both current and former service members. The to update list includes Agents Orange, Pink, Green, Purple, Blue and also White and also other chemicals,” used to develop the defoliants, Esper stated in a release.

Editors note: This story was updated to include further input from the room of Defense.

Patricia Kime is a an elderly writer covering military and also veterans health care, medicine and also personnel issues.


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