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The Owner, Admins, and Editors can add or edit the reference. Viewer access or greater is forced for the sheet being referenced.

Perform calculations on data that is save in one more sheet through cross-sheet formulas. 

For example, usage the VLOOKUP function to discover a value from a lookup table top top a different sheet girlfriend have access to. Or, usage the SUMIF formula to acquire the sum of values you have stored on a separate sheet.

To develop cross-sheet formulas, see create and edit formulas in

Required Permissions

Before friend learn how to occupational with cross-sheet formulas, review what each user have the right to do in source and destination sheets:







View and also reference data in the resource sheet

Insert a formula in the destination sheet

Edit a referral in the formula

Delete paper references supplied in cross-sheet formulas

















If you have actually a permission to edit a sheet, be mindful in deleting paper references. Any kind of sheet reference you delete will also be removed from customers who have access to the file you changed. When this happens, the data in cells with cross-sheet formulas will certainly be affected.


Before you reference data 

Ready to work-related with cross-sheet formulas? keep these things in mind:

A paper can include no an ext than 100 unique cross-sheet references. A reference selection can encompass a preferably of 100,000 inbound cells.The following attributes don’t support referrals from an additional sheet: CHILDREN, PARENT, ANCESTORS. Using a referral from an additional sheet through these attributes will an outcome in an #UNSUPPORTED CROSS-SHEET FORMULA error in the cabinet containing the formula. 

Reference Data from one more Sheet

You can only recommendation data from a single sheet. To traction data from separate sheets, develop multiple references:

In the desired cell, construct your formula.For example, kind =VLOOKUP(. After ~ you type the duty name and the left parenthesis, the formula aid card will certainly appear above or listed below your cell. In the card, click Reference another sheet., float over any reference in the list. Then, click Edit Reference to adjust the name, referenced cabinet range, or resource sheet. 

If the referral you are modifying is in use, every its instances in your formulas will certainly be update in real time.

Duplicate Reference

To make a copy of a reference, click Menu > Duplicate Reference

The name of the duplicate recommendation will it is in Copy of_original reference name.

Delete Reference

To delete a reference, click Menu > Delete Reference

If the deleted recommendation is in use, the formulas might return #INVALID REF errors.


Edit a Reference directly in your Formula

You can modify a reference straight in your formula without opened the Sheet recommendation Manager. 

You must have Editor-level share or greater permissions top top a paper to edit the reference. You must additionally have Viewer-level sharing permissions or better on the paper that includes the data you want to reference.

Select the cabinet that includes your formula. A an introduction of the formula shows up in the left or ideal of the cell.
 Click the surname of the recommendation that you’d like to edit. 

Once you in the Reference one more Sheet dialog, friend can change the referral name, or select a brand-new sheet or cell range.  When you modify a reference, all its instances in the paper will update in genuine time.

Tips for working v references

Set your reference data. as soon as you select a sheet and see the variety picker, girlfriend can choose the individual cell, cell range, or finish columns you’d favor to reference.Don’t include any data friend don’t must see in the destination sheet. All details in the reference range is accessible and may appear in the location sheet. Ensure brand-new rows room in the referral range. Rows included below a referenced selection will no be included. To encompass all rows, select the columns as the reference.Use lot of references to other sheets in the very same formula, if needed.Edit the formula to usage a referral you created. you don’t have to open the Reference another Sheet dialog to use an present reference. In the brand-new formula, add braces ; then, form or paste the recommendation name in them. References are unique to the sheet where they were created. You have to make new references for each sheet.. Open the Reference another Sheet dialog v the in-line assist card. hover over the reference name while editing a formula. Then, click the link in the Edit Reference section.Organize or clean your references. modify Broken references, or eliminate them from your formula/s. Delete Unused references too, if you don’t setup to usage them.Add one Unused referral in her formula, if necessary.

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type a formula in a cell. Then, include braces and put the Unused reference’s surname in them.