Smallville debuted in the fall of 2001 top top the WB television Network and ended on may 13, 2011. The display spent 10 years on the air and is the story the Clark Kent before he accepts his superhero gig that Superman. Gibbs Tom Welling portrays the role of Clark Kent during his beforehand years together he attends high school, conserves the town and spends time v his friends. During the first four years of the show, Clark encounters numerous poor guys ~ they become infected by the eco-friendly meteor rocks the arrived with Clark native his house planet that Krypton. Viewers find that Clark has actually a like on Lana Lang, the girl following door who is played by actress Kristen Kreuk, while among Clark


The story of Clark Kent culminates in this epic two-hour collection finale together Clark take away the last action to ending up being the man of Steel.

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In the series finale, Clark Kent reaches his pinnacle when he bring away the last step to ending up being the man of Steel.

When Clark and Lois go to the Fortress to obtain Jor-El"s blessing for your marriage, Jor-El gives them a unique gift - Lois receives Clark"s super powers so she deserve to see what it"s prefer to be him for a day.
Tess discovers that general Slade was discovered unconscious top top a street corner, proof that someone has infiltrated the Phantom Zone"s escape portal and also sent him back.
Following the occasions with the VRA, Lois counsels Clark it"s best to do "Clark Kent" forgettable and also awkward so world don"t suspect he"s The Blur.
Clark Luthor surprises Clark Kent and also and sends out him come the alternative reality whereby Clark meets an angry Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, back in ours reality, Clark Luthor access time Tess and threatens her. Lois asks Emil to aid her bring Clark back.
A miracle gift from Zatanna erases Lois and also Clark"s memories. Attempting to trace their steps, lock both establish they may have actually committed crime they don"t remember.
Desaad"s minions kidnap Chloe and Oliver who are investigating a wire of murders. Desaad make the efforts to infect Chloe through the darkness.
Clark sees Martha ~ above the news speaking at a pro-vigilante rally and also is shocked when a sniper takes she down.
Clark, Oliver, Lois, and also Dinah space released through the VRA after ~ being captured at Hawkman"s funeral yet each the them have flashbacks of Chloe stop them versus their will. As soon as Chloe returns, Dinah advises the others that Chloe may now be a traitor.
In the wake of the VRA"s passage right into law and the spread of the Omega Tattoo, civilians start rioting against vigilantes, including green Arrow. Meanwhile, Slade kidnaps Lois and also Clark transforms to his allies Hawkman and Stargirl for help.
After unintentionally activating a Kryptonian crate that Lionel Luthor as soon as possessed, Clark is sent out to a alternate universe wherein he was raised by Lionel. Meanwhile, the murderous Clark Luthor to take Clark"s place.
Oliver indications up because that the Vigilante it is registered Act to learn what"s yes, really involved, and discovers the it"s a ruse so the a team command by Colonel Slade can trap and also test persons through superpowers.
After see a video of her dead mother, Lois goes to the Fortress to do a fateful decision. Meanwhile, Clark and also Tess investigate a secret orphanage tied to Tess" past, and confront the headmistress, Granny Goodness, and one of she wards, Harriet.
General Lane and also his daughter Lucy concerned see Lois for Thanksgiving, and also meet her brand-new boyfriend. Meanwhile, rick Flagg tries to avoid the basic from initiating the vigilante it is registered act through tricking Lucy into luring Clark far so he can kill she father.
To defend his girlfriend, Clark tricks Lois into leaving town on a story. When she realizes what"s going on, lock argue however an accident strands lock in the center of nowhere. Meanwhile, Tess tries to discover a cure for Alexander, that is experiencing from fast aging since of his unnatural origins.
Thanks to an Egyptian relic, Lois profit superpowers and goes top top a crimefighting spree... Bringing her to the attention of Cat Grant, that assumes Lois is Blur. Meanwhile, Oliver and also Clark have actually no selection but to rotate to tress for aid when dealing with Lois once she it s okay in over her head.
Lois take away Clark to your five-year reunion in ~ Smallville High. His visit ago home reminds that of Lana and also Chloe. Thirty-first Legionnaire member Brainiac 5 travels to his past to show Clark part unknown facts and future predictions of his life.
Kara returns after being sent by Jor-El to avoid a dark force that the believes Clark cannot handle. Meanwhile, Lois confronts a shock jock who threatens green Arrow, however is take away hostage once the guy becomes possessed.
Clark becomes involved in a deadly video game of cat-and-mouse together he tries to defend Lois" replacement at the daily Planet, that is gift targeted by an assassin called Deadshot. Meanwhile, Hawkman introduces Lois, who at this time resides in Egypt, come his wife, Shayera.

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In the season 10 premiere, Lois find Clark lifeless ~ above the ground and removes the blue kryptonite dagger, leaving prior to Clark wakes up. Chloe proceeds to try and uncover Oliver, and Tess wakes up, resurrected in a LuthorCorp lab. Meanwhile, Jonathan Kent come to offer Clark a message.