I know that Smurf lore isn"t limited to simply the cartoon, together there were likewise cartoon strips in newspapers, comics, & perhaps even other materials around Smurfs. Ns haven"t had actually the an excellent fortune to review them all, however, for this reason I"m hope someone rather can assist me prize this:

Where do baby Smurfs come from? We experienced the production of the first female Smurf (Smurfette) through Gargamel, and also it"s made plain that she"s the first of her kind. However, the various other Smurfs (presumably male) fawn over her and act choose they"re romantically interested in her. However, we likewise learn that she isn"t a actual Smurf till Papa Smurf turns her right into one magically.

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Are other Smurfs created magically, or is the lore implying that they"ve constantly been there and are somewhat immortal from period and/or sickness?

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Apparently my very first comment was more or much less correct. Indigenous a Wikipedia web page titled "Baby Smurf", about a story by the very same name:

During a blue moon night, a stork pipeline a baby Smurf at the door the a Smurf house and also leaves. The Smurfs conveniently hand the infant to one one more until he ends up v Smurfette. The next day, all the Smurfs converge to see the baby, conserve for Grouchy Smurf, that hates infant Smurfs. Brainy Smurf asks if the infant is Smurfette"s, i m sorry offends her.

The baby is embraced by every Smurfs (save for Grouchy). Comfortable Smurf makes a bed for the baby, consisting of a device to swing it, yet Papa Smurf opts because that swinging the bed at hand. Greedy Smurf bakes a cake for baby Smurf, yet Smurfette tells him the Baby is too tiny for cakes. Various other Smurfs to wash Baby"s dirty clothes. When Baby look at Grouchy passing, the tries to imitate his gruff expression, which appears to mellow Grouchy down, however he fakes apathy when Smurfette asks the to carry the baby. Brainy asks Papa Smurf where the baby Smurfs come from, but Papa"s prize is so facility that he still doesn"t know anything. In ~ night, baby Smurf"s crying doesn"t let any kind of Smurf sleep.

The following day, the Smurfs prepare a party in infant Smurf"s honor, but the stork arrives through a keep in mind saying that Baby to be a "delivery error" and also must be taken away. Everyone is upset including Smurfette that goes right into a non prevent crying spree, yet they don"t have any type of option but return the baby. However, lock soon uncover that Grouchy Smurf has escaped v the baby. The Smurfs seek for Grouchy and Baby throughout the forest. Grouchy manages to avert gift found, but then that decides to go back to the village after noticing the countless dangers infant would challenge in the forest and Baby Smurf fallout’s ill by capturing a cold.

After the Smurfs provide Baby back to the stork, life in the village turns sad; even Jokey Smurf and the Smurf gaining his trademark explosive present shot to laugh but end crying. That exact same night, the stork returns through Baby, with a keep in mind saying that Grouchy Smurf"s care for the baby has caused the baby to be permitted to remain with the Smurfs.

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Since the infant was a surprise, the would show up that there was no sexual task involved, yet Smurfette acquiring offended when Brainy asks if that is she baby says that the Smurfs know exactly how reproduction commonly works.