Why walk the southerly states prefer to purchase manufactured items from Britain quite than from the north states right here at home?
Slavery was financially rewarding to the southern economy. The goods an enslaved human produced carried in at least twice as much money as the price of owning a slave.

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What details define how the secret Railroad had the ability to be so successful in that is fight against slavery?
The underground Railroad to be an organized, an enig system. Both whites and African Americans assisted slaves escape to the phibìc or to Canada.
What is one similarity and also one distinction in the way of life of totally free African americans in the North and slaves in the South?
Different: Many free African american in the North discovered jobs and also bought property. Servants were not paid for their work. Alike: Both slaves and totally free African americans struggled for your freedom.
What was the underlying issue the Missouri compromise was intended to address? was it successful or not?
The Missouri damage was to plan to resolve the problem of balance of strength between cost-free and slave states; it was successful for a while because it maintained the balance by enabling one cost-free state and one slave state to sign up with the Union in ~ the very same time.
Before the outbreak the the civil War, how did president Lincoln balance his see on slavery and his goal for the nation?
Lincoln placed his goal of keeping the nation united over his goal to finish slavery. That announced the he walk not want to separation the country and also that that did not desire the North and the south to it is in enemies.
Jefferson Davis knew that the Northern pressures would be a "powerful opposition" to the Confederacy. The Confederacy had currently taken regulate of most forts and also military residential or commercial property in South, but Fort Sumter was still under Union control and also could be offered as a threat.

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People dealt with hoping to attain different goals. In the Civil war some human being were fighting to finish slavery, some to preserve slavery, and some to keep the Union.

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