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Ichiro Suzuki.

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Randy Johnson.Ken Griffey Jr. Three skilled baseball players etched right into the Seattle Mariners background books, un-erasable and also forever loved.

Seattle baseball fans may love this guys, but they all had actually women in their stays too. Ichiro married Yumiko Fukushima. “The big Unit” married Lisa Wiehoff. But what around Ken Griffey Jr. AKA the sweet-swinging lefty that made baseball cool?

The Seattle Mariners legend has actually kept his exclusive life under chop wraps, regardless of being the son the a superstar. Griffey Jr. Self is a superstar, plus the parental of three more star children. For this reason how has actually Ken Griffey Jr. Preserved his practically three-decade-long marriage such a well-guarded secret, and also who is his wife, Melissa?

Ken Griffey Jr.’s mam Melissa Griffey

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Melissa Griffey married Ken Griffey Jr. In 1992. Lock reportedly met in ~ an alcohol-free dance club during his rookie year.

Melissa called Sports Illustrated in 2016 the she easily learned how to quickly end an discussion with him.

Once, early on, he upset her in a to buy mall in Bellevue, Wash. ‘I’m v Ken Griffey Junior!’ Melissa shouted. Every son in the mall came running ~ him. Melissa never did the again.” — Sports Illustrated.

The couple has three youngsters together, one of whom is adopted. Melissa herself was adopted. Her adoption story inspired her to adopt one of her own. She love for soccer is her driving influence to end up being the co-owner of one MLS franchise through her husband.

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Ken Griffey Jr. And his wife Melissa Griffey room minority owner of the MLS powerhouseSeattle Sounders. The Seattle Legends bought right into the Founder’s Cup champion in 2020. Other members that the property group encompass Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and also his popular music star mam Ciara, and Seattle-based rapper Macklemore. (Griffey also appearedin a Macklemore music video forDowntown.Twice.)