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black dialect
i"m editing and enhancing a volume of african-american poetry that supplies black dialect. Usually i am adhering to the dominion for apostrophe v an skip letter -- singin", dreamin", etc. However, i"m confused about the use of an for and. Perform i create it together an" or merely an? also, the poet sometimes uses both forms i

RE: creating slang together
an excellent questions, Dean!1. I"d use the apostrophe wherein it"s noticeable that a letter is missing. It will aid readers follow the dialect so lock can much better understand what the personality is saying.2. If the personality switches ago and forth from dialect to no dialect with direct quotes, that will be

RE: black language
ns would use the apostrophe because that "and" as soon as the poet write it together "an," even if she or that interchanges the finish word v the black-dialect version throughout. The said, ns would check with the author regardless. Poetry is a highly creative form the writing, and messing approximately with the punctuation

RE: Friendly?
A little life in a almost dead horse: ns can imagine a context, probably in fiction, in which a personality is either (as suggested) not a native speaker of English, or speak in a regional or class-specific language in i beg your pardon "friendly" (and various other adjectives) have the right to be offered adverbially."He waved

RE: Apostrophes in language
thanks again, pixna!

RE: editing and enhancing authors who overuse contractions
Fiction? Dialect? Then, let them be.

Apostrophes in dialect
I"m copyediting a romance novel that offers some antiquated language and also pirate dialect. I"ve searched about in miscellaneous sources and found t"was and also "twas, for the convulsion of the was, to add the apostrophe curling both right and also left. What is the exactly form?Sam

RE: I"m kinda stumped...
i think if a writer is going because that a specific dialect, it can work. However if it"s not dialectical, it seems odd and also incorrect (at least to me) to use it as an adjective.

RE: appropriate use of "full"
i agree. Adverbial use of "full" feeling dialectal to me, though ns can"t name the dialect--something British, perhaps?

Lil"? or Li"l
Research indicates that both might be correct. One finds Li"l Abner on Wikipedia, yet "lil" in an digital slang dictionary.

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Wiki shows that the writer of the aforementioned comic strip provided a mock southern language for the dialogue.