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The setting of Edgar Allan Poe"s "The crow " is revealed mainly by the an initial two stanzas that the poem. Within the an initial two currently of the poem, Poe gives the reader a great deal the information. The "action" the the poem is following "upon a midnight...

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The setup of Edgar Allan Poe"s "The Raven" is revealed mainly by the first two stanzas of the poem. In ~ the very first two currently of the poem, Poe gives the leader a good deal of information. The "action" that the city is occurring "upon a midnight dreary" (1). In other words, it"s a dismal midnight. The narrator is emotion "weak and weary" as he watch "ver many a quaint and also curious volume of forget lore" (1-2). Further, when the crow enters the room in stanza seven, it perches "atop a bust of Pallas" (41). The quantities of lore and also bust that Pallas disclose to the reader that the narrator is in some type of library or study, and that the books number many, and also are antiquated, to the allude of being forgotten through the world. The narrator is perusing works that space no much longer well known. While this might be a hyperbolic reference to the "classics" as they space defined, an additional possibility is that the volumes room things that have truly been forgotten. This would assist to better establish Poe"s motifs concerning memory and legacy. If the narrator is feather at things that were when deemed important sufficient to it is in published, however have since been forgotten, what hope execute we, or the narrator, have of leaving a legacy and also being remembered? In the 2nd stanza, the narrator additionally states the the activity took place "in the cold December," which furthers develops the dismal mood. December is the final month that the year, as soon as things room coming come an end. The weather is colder, and also in many parts that the joined States, nature is beginning a long period of dormancy. Winter is not only coming; winter has actually arrived. Through it come harsh conditions and ice, snow, darkness, and many other things that space often connected with death. This mood continues throughout the remainder the the poem. The bleak, dismal setup is critical in creating the bleak, dismal post of the work as a whole.